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Babe,you don't love me like I love you. Keep that in that little mind of yours.

I am a cat.

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this blondie d:
Yo! this is Natalie xD and I stole Arno's password in my own way,not like he gave it to me or something whaaat!,yeah anywayss so Arno is my besterst friend in here cx he's really one of the sweetest guys i've ever met!:) <333 but DO NOT MESS WITH HIM!!! cause if you did I'LL FUCKING CUT YOUR HEAD OFF AND PUT IT IN MY CLOSET AND LAUGH AT YOU EVERYTIME I GO TO BED!! so you better think before anything okay?:D anyway,back to Arno,i love how you always listen to me,and i love how you can make me smile and laugh,and find me a backgrounds ;o but most of all i love you!! :3 even tho you're mean and diva sometimes xD but yeah,dont you ever listen to what ppl say about you cause i think you're an amazing person c: <33 I know,I suck at this .-. okay bye xD

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Thank god she does! d: <3


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