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About Me

Have done so many things in my life..but singing was my everything except i never tried to get in the business...came very close. I am also a good dancer..We owned 3 successful businesses... I am happily married for 25 yrs and have a great son and a son from a previous marriage. I consider myself to extremely intelligent. I am kind, sympathetic and compassionate. I am a black belt. Love to swim, love the beach and my pool. I love cars, especially Mustangs. I am a nite owl...

love swim love beach pool love cars mustangs nite owl love swim love beach pool love cars mustangs nite owl love swim love beach pool love cars mustangs nite owl

I'd like to meet

Way too many ppl....


Swimming, bike riding, motorcycle riding, walking, boating...shooting pool and playing poker. Watching movies on DVD. Thrift shopping...


Music..hunting on the beach with a metal detector, collecting rocks and shells. Indians. Science, medicine and History. Cars. Boats. Crafts. Politricks...Movies...Billiar...

Favorite Music

Doo wop, i love harmony. Motown...any dance music..hard rock, some metal.

Favorite TV Shows

House, Gray's Anatomy, Forever, Resurrection, Walking Dead, Vikings, Game of Thrones, Dancing with the Stars...

Favorite Movies

Way too many, i like horror/scifi, action and drama...Love all Mafia movies.

Favorite Books

Steven King...Anne Rice...biographies, Charles Panati

Favorite Quotes

Life is a bitch and then you die..You have to learn what i forgot...Growing old is a privilege denied many...Kiss my ass in Macy's window..

Favorite Heroes

My husband and 2 sons...all the soldiers from every single war.


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