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ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......ask me......or keep reading about the other stuff.........THEN ask me.....ok?........good.

I'd like to meet

Christofer Drew
Andy Sixx
Amy Lee
Dahvie Vanity
David Schmitt(i just did!!! 6/26/10)
Taylor Lautner
Nicholas Jonas
Shane Dawson
My Chemical Romance
Avril Lavigne


Love Stories

Favorite Music

-Breathe Carolina[:
-Black Veil Brides(ANDY SIXX!!)
-My Chemical Romance(///~)
-I Set My Friends On Fire \m/[///-]\m/
-Bullet For My Valentines
-Simple Plan
-Right On Cue
-Run Doris Run
-Good Carlotte
-Blood On The Dance Floor<3
-Marilyn Manson
-Jeffree Star
-Green Day
-Avril Lavigne
-Forever The Sickest Kids
-The Summer Set
-The All-American Rejects
-Escape The Fate
-A Skylit Drive
-Tokio Hotel
-Family Force 5
-We The Kings
-All Time Low
-Christofer Drew!<3

Favorite TV Shows

Ghost Hunters
Scariest places on Earth

Favorite Movies

Paranormal Activity
Twilight Saga: New Moon
The Unborn
The Uninvited
Prom Night
...Horror Movies basicly
The Hangover
Twilight Saga
Blades Of Glory
Balls Of Fury
..and more funnny ones i cant think of right now

Favorite Books

Vampire Kisses Saga
Twilight Saga
House Of Night Saga

Favorite Heroes


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