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I'm Mila.

I could be insane if I knew where the limits of sanity are.

mila insane limits sanity understand people ive succeded losing

I'd like to meet

Ah, a lot of people on here, especially my Top SodaHeads.


Being bad at playing the guitar
Watching anime
Talking to myself
Imitating an apathetic zombie


I really love art but I'm not sure about its feelings towards me.

Favorite Music

A Perfect Circle
White Stripes
The Melvins
etcetera, etcetera

Favorite TV Shows


Favorite Movies

Metal: A Headbanger's Story
Revolutionary Road
I'm Not There
The United States of Leland
Forest Gump
Almost Famous

Favorite Books

My attention is usually caught by historical books, based on the culture area, which have no concrete storyline.

Favorite Quotes

Care is naught but a slower suicide.
Despair is kind in that it allows everyone to experience it.

Favorite Heroes

Kudos to Dark Demonic™ ★ The Original SodaHead Guru ★ for the image, who really is the original SH guru.


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  • ṃεταllïс_ḋќ[сhατвøχ]
    That's great!Maybe it will reach 120F(idk what that is in Celsius,stupid American) and you will know what true heat is :D
    You clearly don't understand how most of California works :b Most of California is heat so no snow here in a long time.Does fog count?
    Muah! ;)
  • ṃεταllïс_ḋќ[сhατвøχ]
    Das gut!I didn't expect things to directly affect you,but Putin is an ingenious bastard!
    Haha yes,I was actually remembering that.You were telling me that you wanted to be a journalist! :b And stop apologizing,it's all cool beans!!
    I'd expect it's beautiful!I'm betting the snow is disappearing,or at least starting to.
  • ṃεταllïс_ḋќ[сhατвøχ]
    Sorry for being annoying,but I just heard what Putin wants to do with Moldova.Is everything alright?
  • ṃεταllïс_ḋќ[сhατвøχ]
    I still think it was awkward that time we Skyped :p
  • ṃεταllïс_ḋќ[сhατвøχ]
    Close enough!Either way I do remember :p It has,the less time I spent here the faster time went by.It's sad and nostalgic but getting past that is part of life :P So you HAVE found someone that knows me better than you?Ha
    Very true,maybe a nature related tattoo!I kinda feel intimate with squirrels ;P Just kidding
    Yeah,it means you feel cuties and tickles for a certain person, I believe
  • ṃεταllïс_ḋќ[сhατвøχ]
    Ha!I still remember that actually xD T'was New Year's Eve...4 years ago?I remember being in my front yard,you sounded a bit excited as well :p
    I might recognize something!I know what te iubesc means haha And it is a good idea,better than mine at least!I was planning on getting the ZoSo on the back of my shoulder
    I really liked that picture,I feel like it sums you up pretty well actually!I've missed you too (:
  • ṃεταllïс_ḋќ[сhατвøχ]
    I'm 19!Yet I still feel like I'm 16 :p So you're actually like a year younger,I think.
    That's actually really cool!I didn't think you were capable of being so philosophical ;P
    Reminds me of Lateralus and the whole spiral idea,that the spirals signify infinity.
  • ṃεταllïс_ḋќ[сhατвøχ]
    Really!?For some reason I always thought you were two years younger than me.
    The picture didn't work :l Anyways,why that?
  • ṃεταllïс_ḋќ[сhατвøχ]
    Awesome!Where and what? :D
  • ṃεταllïс_ḋќ[сhατвøχ]
    I keep forgetting you're younger,are you still 16?
  • ṃεταllïс_ḋќ[сhατвøχ]
    I've been fine,I'm at that point in life where I don't care what I do anymore haha!Maybe you can relate.And I've had that background for about a year already!Where you hiding from me for that long?
    How are you "old lady"?
  • ṃεταllïс_ḋќ[сhατвøχ]
    If it's working then technically I'm not trying ;P

    It depends,as far as I know I'm only into seeing women's.You on the other hand might go both ways :b
  • ṃεταllïс_ḋќ[сhατвøχ]
    What,I never thought Moldova was actually that small.Unless the cities are probably pretty far from each other. That's good,I still remember that several years ago you almost didn't give a fuck about your future :p

    Bleh,sounds like a constraining thing,the winter x) I prefer to be shirtless running around the house while rubbing ice cubes on my body during the summer.Well everything eventually disappears so what's the point?Just kidding,you should send it in a freezer :D

    It sure is!Especially if you like looking at butt-cracks.
  • ṃεταllïс_ḋќ[сhατвøχ]
    I'd love that!I'd actually just keep it there and probably just use the seeds ;P

    Most definitely!You know a person has drastically changed when they cut their hair and dye it red.Do you want to move to another city or where you thinking of something completely different?

    Well excuse me Shakespeare!You sure seem to know about the ocean yet you don't live near one :b
    Isn't the snow cool!?I've never touched snow,that's why i'm asking.You'd probably make a
    good snow devil ;P
    Sadly that's true,complaining doesn't change a thing now does it?Talking about bricks,my roommate bought a Pink Floyd poster and he doesn't even know who they are,he just liked it.
  • ṃεταllïс_ḋќ[сhατвøχ]
    That's awesome,you should send some one of these days! ;p I kid of course.

    Now why would you want to move away from your loving family who has loved you for 18 lovely years?It's good to hear that you're at least following your dreams and not following the "dark" path :b I'm fine,weed isn't really addicting so it's not hard to kinda regulate myself.But boy do I like eating food high!

    Weather over here at Santa Barbara is beautiful all around.I have an ocean view so it's amazing waking up to the waves crashing every morning( I probably sound like a poet). And just because I live by the ocean don't assume I'm some snotty egotistical rich kid.
    Ah,I've always hate the cold so I understand your hate. Is it snowing over there?
  • ṃεταllïс_ḋќ[сhατвøχ]
    Not exactly,just good enough grades,I was really never much of a dedicated or organized person.University level work is not the same,but not too difficult either.
    Oh really,what do you work as nowadays?And that's lovely!I'm glad you're looking to getting into a university,are you still studying journalism?Why the sudden change,do you want to get away from your wonderful parents?
    It's been pretty good,I'm still going to school but I am really relaxed and I like how I waste my time too,usually chilling with friends.I only have one bad thing,which is I tend to smoke weed once a week :l usually for fun of course and to listen to some Pink Floyd,maybe play some video games
  • ṃεταllïс_ḋќ[сhατвøχ]
    I can't really sum up how I've been in a couple of sentences but overall good.Finished with my first year of college and it was a bitch.How have you been eh?
  • ṃεταllïс_ḋќ[сhατвøχ]
    Well if they charge you more because I text you then I'll stop :p

    Ah,them Germans getting excited with the Euro Cup and such.Fine,i have my limit though.
  • ṃεταllïс_ḋќ[сhατвøχ]
    Stop raving my shit!!
    pissed off face
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