You Just Won $5 Million Dollars. OUTSIDE YOUR FAMILY, Who Is The First Person You Would Give Money To..... Without Any Conditions To Pay You Back ?

7leads 2009/07/19 23:51:45
I would give money to.........
No doubt, it would be.......
I don't get the question 7leads....
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Hopefully you have someone outside your family that is a great friend or just a good person. Who would you give money to outside your family ? Charity, Politics, Churches...are all fair game......
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  • highdesertgemini 2009/07/20 06:13:32
    I would give money to.........
    I have a couple of friends who could use a boost... There are some good charities, and there are some good causes, but those two friends would come first after family.

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  • Alexia 7leads 2009/07/20 01:28:52
    So does mine!
  • The Sane One 2009/07/19 23:55:50
    I would give money to.........
    The Sane One
    The first charity would be the local German Shepherds Rescue organization.

    The 2nd charity would be the Surfrider Foundation.
  • 7leads The San... 2009/07/20 00:44:22
    Never heard of the German Shepherds Rescue organization , but that makes sense...I didn't expect some of these answers...wow..many different places to give.
  • The San... 7leads 2009/07/20 00:59:18
    The Sane One
    The breed rescue folks target only those specific breeds-- they know how to handle some of the more poorly trained animals; know the problems inherent with each breed, etc.

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