Yeah I'm kinda emo. So what?

Lydia 2011/10/08 03:35:25
It's not that I'm exactly like that, but I am a very emotional person. I'm not sad all the time. And I don't hate life, I love life! It's beautiful. But I admit I do cry like 10 times a day and yes I do cut myself. But I'm not like that sad but I can be a little depressing... Oh god, I'm so boring, I have to go before i bore you to death bye.
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  • ShinyUmbreon01 2011/10/08 23:00:09
    How does inflicting pain upon yourself help any? I never understood that.
  • Alex Lee ShinyUm... 2011/10/13 00:50:58
    Alex Lee
    Yes, physical pain and replace emotional pain. I on the other hand stabs instead of cut as it is much easier to hide. Also when the blood flows out of the body you will better thanks to certain psycological effects. Not only that sometimes having too much blood can cause some sort of disorientation.
  • ShinyUm... Alex Lee 2011/10/13 03:40:52
    Well duh, loosing blood can kill you. Anyone who is stupid enough to cut themselves needs to get help immediately.
  • Lydia ShinyUm... 2011/10/13 03:44:11
  • ShinyUm... Lydia 2011/10/13 03:45:26
    I'm sorry you feel that way.
  • Lydia ShinyUm... 2011/10/13 03:47:50
  • ShinyUm... Lydia 2011/10/13 03:50:20
    I hope things get better for you then. :(
  • Alex Lee ShinyUm... 2011/10/13 06:23:09
    Alex Lee
    loosing too much is harmful...yes. But I make sure I have enough blood before and after cutting. It is just a way to relieve one's stress and pain
  • ShinyUm... Alex Lee 2011/10/13 09:53:28
    No, getting counseling is. I don't think you realize how dangerous it is.
  • Ira 2011/10/08 14:06:43
    Obvious cry for help. Sincerely hope you find out soon that you are worth the investment in your future to share this with your folks. If you care one iota about your family, you will give them the chance to find the appropriate assistance you need to gain confidence in your self. Try doing things that distract you from yourself like volunteer in a homeless shelter or similar. It will give your life perspective.
  • User Deactivated 2011/10/08 04:22:07
    User Deactivated
    There is nothing wrong with being emotional sweetheart. Emotions are meant to be felt to their fullest and taken in the best way we can. I really wish you wouldn't cut yourself, but if it helps relieve some sort of emotional or mental pain that you can better deal with physically, then no one can really fault you because they do not know what you have dealt with in your life...though I really wish, as a previous cutter, you would find another way to relieve that pain >.< *hugs tight* if you ever need to talk(or rather type) please feel free to message me. I'll listen any time I am available.
  • Loverofcountry 2011/10/08 03:48:10
    There is more than one emotion. Besides sadness, there's joy, happy, fear, loneliness, sorrow, guilt, to name some.
  • hannah banana 2011/10/08 03:43:05
    hannah banana
    I do the same but im sad 98% of the day I cut if nothing helps trust me its all ganna be okay
  • Lydia hannah ... 2011/10/08 14:12:41
  • Alex Lee Lydia 2011/10/13 00:52:21
    Alex Lee
    Well you should search for the source and root of the sadness. I mean unless you are intoxicated to feeling sad you should try to end it as soon as possilbe.
  • Feria~Badass of PHAET~ 2011/10/08 03:37:11
    Feria~Badass of PHAET~
    Cutting solves nothing. Trust me on that.

    As for being depressed, sometimes, you just have to make your own happiness. That's what I'm having to do right now.

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