Yaoihaven.wetpaint.com is gone forever?!

Lydecho Rain (Лидия) 2013/01/18 14:39:58
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It says "website blocked by wetpaint"
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  • Toya Kazaki 2013/02/01 03:27:04 (edited)
    Toya Kazaki
    I found this site and by the look of things there creating yaoi haven again yaay, but at the moment its under construction but anyways here's the link.

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  • Steph 2014/11/03 06:22:50
    to let you yaoi haven fans know i just went to that site and all i have to say is...
    IT'S ALIVE! :)
  • Steph 2014/11/03 05:55:05
    I love this show, i think it has good comedy in it, love how Piper can't make up her mind about Alix, if she loves her or hates her when she sees her in the same prison as her

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  • Steph 2014/11/03 05:24:16
    Here is something for all you homosexual hatting people, in a art class that's for people of the right age to do a nude portrait of a man and a woman, there are men and woman in the class that have to do the painting while the man pose's and leaves when the woman comes in and pose's and leaves too, when the men are painting the nude man posing for the art class, does this make the men gay? and when the women paint the woman does it make them gay too? answer no it dose not, just because an artist likes to do nude paintings of people it does not make them gay, same goes for people who hang around gays, just because a man that hangs around a gay does not make him gay, gays like to hug there friends when they are sad because.
    1 everyone needs a hug now and then when they are sad to let them know that someone else feels there pain and cares
    2 showing your emotions does not make you gay or weak, it shows that you have a good strong, loving and kind heart
    3 most gays have caring hearts and they don't hold back on show there emotions
    4 and also they feel like they are a woman that was given a mans body, which is why they can be good to talk to if you ask them about how to let a woman you love know that you love her but you are to shy or you have trouble telling them, they will not only give advice but also give you the courage to do it, just like your mother or sister would
  • Steph 2014/11/03 04:44:37 (edited)
    Homosexuals should be hated and treated like criminals, the world needs to know that by treating someone like a criminal, it slowly push's them into being a criminal to where they become a criminal, as for people that get treated like there gay because there friends gay, all it does is hurt the person inside and you end up with 50 to 50 chance that they will ether hide from others while his gay friend gets ignored by him, or he goes and attacks the ones that called him gay, to those who do this you need to stop, before you create a monster out of yourself and the one you teased
  • Steph 2014/11/03 02:05:57
    It's a shame that gay people are treated like there evil or that they are an illness, i find nothing wrong with them, i just don't like the ones that can't keep there hands to them self's when you tell them you are gay or bi, I'm bi to let you know, i like to wait until my friends have known me for a long time like 2 or more years then i tell them, the friends I've told are okay with it and i am a man that keeps his hands to himself, even my mother knows because i told her when i was 15 or 16 years old, i sure did have guts to do that, but something told me in my heart that she would be fine with it and she was, all gays, bi's and lesbians should be treated no different then strait people, I'm not a fan of sexist, racist, and cult people because they can be very cruel.
  • iceshard.glaceon 2013/06/21 01:00:31
    i love yaoi its awesome
  • mylo 2013/04/10 15:43:44
    thats sooo sweet and I am a boy who likes yaoi
  • Lydecho... mylo 2013/04/10 17:27:54
    Lydecho Rain (Лидия)
    Cool :). Some of my friends who are boys like yaoi too. And yes Wolfy knows
  • mylo Lydecho... 2013/05/13 18:14:17
    is it cold in russia? and i still need to make an account on the new heven
  • Lydecho... mylo 2013/06/25 20:45:30
    Lydecho Rain (Лидия)
    It is often cold
  • mylo 2013/04/09 12:18:30
    has anyone talked to wolfy^_^ about this
  • lestyon 2013/04/07 04:43:25
    No hablar ingles. :D
  • Shojo Stewart 2013/03/10 07:14:15
  • quincy ... Shojo S... 2013/03/17 22:34:09
    quincy gotz
    I agree with you and keep going makers of yaoihaven
  • kailynn.principe 2013/03/09 18:43:12
    T-They took my heaven...away f-from me..
  • Lydecho... kailynn... 2013/03/10 18:21:39
    Lydecho Rain (Лидия)
    Don't worry, yaoihavenreborn.com is their new site and it's almost ready. Also, go to something called "wayback machine" and type in yaoihaven.wetpaint.com and it will be there
  • Steph Lydecho... 2014/11/03 02:13:10
    I like Yaoi Haven, e621's art work and other furry site's, Yaoi Haven should call there new site yaoihaven.furry.com because i found a site called wetpaint.com while trying to find yaoihaven.wetpaint.com, thinki thats way it got blocked or banned, i don't know, but I miss the site.
  • iceshard.glaceon 2013/02/28 11:41:48
    I support yaoi haven all the way
  • iceshard.glaceon 2013/02/28 11:38:32
  • Rahul Islam 2013/02/23 11:10:27
    Rahul Islam
    I want yaoi
    i need to play the animation games and keep growing up
  • PatchGrey 2013/02/22 20:03:53
    I'm so glad the site is being made again ^.^
  • DeathTo... Lydecho... 2013/02/22 23:06:57 (edited)
  • Lydecho... DeathTo... 2013/02/23 02:44:53
    Lydecho Rain (Лидия)
    There are lots of pornography sites on the internet, I'm sure you're going to try to shut them all down? Adult art should be able to be viewed by anyone who is mature enough.
    At least yaoi doesn't use actual people and turn them into sex objects, it uses nicely drawn art instead to show passion and love, with an actual story instead of just sex. It is delicate yet passionate, and generally just really enjoyable, not just for the sex (although that's a good part too) but also for the expression of love between the two characters.
  • DeathTo... Lydecho... 2013/02/23 05:18:33
  • Lydecho... DeathTo... 2013/02/23 05:25:01
    Lydecho Rain (Лидия)
    Give me one legitimate reason why Yaoihaven should go away (other than homophobic stuff, that's a whole other argument. I want to know what you have against the site)
  • DeathTo... Lydecho... 2013/02/23 06:29:11
  • Lydecho... DeathTo... 2013/02/23 06:53:06
    Lydecho Rain (Лидия)
    Yout first reason is a lot better than the next two, so I'll just ignore those homophobic rants. I'm so sorry about what happened to you, I've never taken part in those chatrooms. To the others, you really only complained about how it was gay art, which I already explained. Also, why don't you all just let the site be? You have the right to hate it, but we like what we like.
  • YaoiFurry Lydecho... 2013/02/23 19:50:09
    Lysenko Rain, I'm deciding to leave this group and support YaoiHaven again. (I'm the guy who still loves Yaoi ow<) I can't be with people who seriously hate yaoi, but remember, everyones different, and you cant change who they are. Love can come in many forms, when it's from a woman, or from a man. I believe in love with the same gender, because I experience it everyday, and I don't know why! Yaoi art isn't just for reference to get you off once in awhile. (Dont act like you don't do it. ow<) I sometimes use it for it's anatomy, because Im an artist. (Not a Yaoi artist by the way.) But when I see an artwork or when I'm reading a doujinshi, Theres something I find so fascinating that I can't explain it. I can experience love within two guys beyond reality. (And furries!) And Wolfy made all of this possible, thank you. I wish you good luck rebuilding your site, and I look forward to coming back. And thank you Lydecho Rain, for convincing me. X3
  • Lydecho... YaoiFurry 2013/02/24 03:31:54
    Lydecho Rain (Лидия)
    I am glad that I could help you :) Good luck in your art
  • naruto ... Lydecho... 2013/03/15 18:55:31 (edited)
    naruto kyuubi
    That's right ... I was treated like a lifeless puppet ...
    Being ignored and bad treated just got me extremely cold hearted, I'm 17 years old (I went to yaoi haven a loong time ago) and I'm still a cold hearted person but only to bad people, to my friends I only show ki dness, to some who I just met, I show them understanding, you're not the only one you had a very bad experience, but ... that doesn't mean you have the right to take something that is precious to other people, like the site for example
  • Lydecho... DeathTo... 2013/02/23 06:53:24
    Lydecho Rain (Лидия)
    Yout first reason is a lot better than the next two, so I'll just ignore those homophobic rants. I'm so sorry about what happened to you, I've never taken part in those chatrooms. To the others, you really only complained about how it was gay art, which I already explained. Also, why don't you all just let the site be? You have the right to hate it, but we like what we like.
  • DeathTo... Lydecho... 2013/02/23 07:01:53
  • Lydecho... DeathTo... 2013/02/23 07:08:23
    Lydecho Rain (Лидия)
    My parents don't even know I like yaoi. Also, we aren't sick, we just have different tastes, and there isn't anything wring with being gay.
  • DeathTo... Lydecho... 2013/02/23 07:18:53
  • Lydecho... DeathTo... 2013/02/23 17:23:55
    Lydecho Rain (Лидия)
    My parents support gay people so I doubt it, first of all. Second of all, I am not gay, I am a female who likes boys. I'm a yaoi fanGIRL. Some oft best friend's are gay males and they have emotions and thoughts just like any other people, they don't "just care about sex", that is just one part of their life, and it truly is none of you'd business what they do behind closed doors
  • naruto ... DeathTo... 2013/03/15 19:03:18 (edited)
    naruto kyuubi
    Pls , what can you do ? Nothing, you can't meedle with other peoples tastes
    Your the one who should be ashamed of yourself, ahahah your nothing but a scum bag who interferes with other people's lives now
  • Steph Lydecho... 2014/11/03 02:46:20
    Gay is only wrong when you are acting like a stalker, or a peeping tom, other then that, i would say no, i say be what you and live happy, i tried to live like i was strait, i was not happy with living like someone else, so i started to live my life as a bi and i found myself happy because i was being me.
  • DeathTo... Lydecho... 2013/02/23 06:38:16
  • naruto ... DeathTo... 2013/03/15 19:06:36
  • DeathTo... Lydecho... 2013/02/23 06:43:51

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