Would You Take Diet Pills Laced With Prozac?

Living 2010/10/14 22:00:00
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Next time you reach for that bottle of herbal weight loss pills, you might want to be careful. Even though you think you’re taking natural supplements, a recent study shows that some of these botanical remedies are actually laced with man-made chemicals.

The study in Hong Kong showed that 81 supposed "natural" weight loss products caused 66 patients to be treated for poisoning. But U.S. experts are saying the problem has hit close to home as well. According to a My Health News Daily article, the Food and Drug Administration has alerted the public to over 70 supplements that contain traces of substances like sibutramine and fluoxetine, which is better known as Prozac.

So before you take your next herbal diet pill, you might want to ask yourself the question -- do you believe your supplement is chemical-free? We think we’ll stick to eating healthy and going to the gym, just to be safe.
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  • Mikhelle Prout 2011/10/09 08:17:12 (edited)
    Yes, it's worth the risk
    Mikhelle Prout
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  • anggrek icsada kebidanan 2010/10/28 02:38:30
    anggrek icsada kebidanan
    dietary use chemicals can damage the cause negative effect to the body, such as tissue damage, immune system damage, and nerve cells work, then we should choose which way natural diet, such as sport.
  • SuperAnon 2010/10/17 19:36:06
  • tatilee(: 2010/10/17 15:34:49
    No, I’ll stick to the gym and dieting
    ahh! why would you put yourself through that risk when their a much easier way to do it! its called hitting the gym! goshh people are so lazy these days that they rather put their health on the line than just working out
  • irish 2010/10/17 12:47:49
    food is laced with chemicals. whats the difference?
  • mysticmatriarch 2010/10/17 11:16:09
    No, I’ll stick to the gym and dieting
    I am not surprised though. Even our food has trace amounts of chemicals on them.
  • Aubbles the Dorkocent one o... 2010/10/17 08:06:08
    No, I’ll stick to the gym and dieting
    Aubbles the Dorkocent one of PHAET
    Diet pills and plastic surgery are for the lazy. (If they do it to look better or lose weight.)
  • me~♥KP♥~ 2010/10/17 06:50:12
    No, I’ll stick to the gym and dieting
    i rather work out
  • Julia Anne 2010/10/17 01:31:08
    No, I’ll stick to the gym and dieting
    Julia Anne
    I did the most idiotic thing. I took these pills for dance so it would be faster for me to fit into the the costumes. Boy I was wrong I fated in druing class. It's called hydroxycut. Wrost stuff you could ever take. I was in the hospital for a week. What it says it will do isn't ture.
  • bob h. 2010/10/17 00:23:20
    No, I’ll stick to the gym and dieting
    bob h.
    Diet pills are not laced with chemicals. Diet pills ARE chemicals.
  • betty189 2010/10/16 21:52:53 (edited)
    No, I’ll stick to the gym and dieting
    wow first time i heard this, have to look up more info on it, but prozac should be called pro-fluoride as thats the main ingredient,lots of meds have fluoride compounds,
  • NarcolepticGoat 2010/10/16 19:33:39
  • Koatz 2010/10/16 17:03:07
    No, I’ll stick to the gym and dieting
    sounds dangerous.
  • kurosaki-kun 2010/10/16 06:06:50
    No, I’ll stick to the gym and dieting
    All those pills that say herbal, doesn't mean it's safe I've always thought of that. I've been prescribed Prozac before I don't like it, in fact I really don't like pills of any kind only aspirin.
  • Robbb kurosak... 2010/10/17 05:02:35
    And regardless of how little aspirin you take it will make the lining of your gut bleed so even that should be used with discretion.
  • kurosak... Robbb 2010/10/17 15:21:40
    Thanks good to know. I only take it when I really feel the need for it.
  • Damaris 2010/10/16 03:04:15
    Yes, it's worth the risk
    I'm going out to buy some now xD
  • Yuliya 2010/10/15 23:43:34
    Yes, it's worth the risk
    I have taken the full dose prescription strength stuff for the same reason, I don't see what harm a mini dose will cause, herbal substances are not regulated hence take at your own risk.
  • bad-day 2010/10/15 23:11:33
    I might need some prozac, but all diet pills are geared towards women. Women need to quit taking this crap and be comfortable with themselves. If a man don't like your size who gives a rats ass move on.
  • Ash-the-empress 2010/10/15 22:09:54
    I have no need for them. A couple hours of hardcore dance classes every day and a naturally small body does wonders.
    couple hardcore dance classes naturally body
  • Liza Jane 2010/10/15 19:29:35
    No, I’ll stick to the gym and dieting
    Liza Jane
    No. I've stopped taking all pharmaceuticals with the exception of organic vitamins. I also haven't had a headache, an infection, a virus, much back pain at all (spinal cord injury) since I've stopped taking them. I even quit smoking without side effects very easily thanks to a vitamin regimen.

    People need to wise up to the medical industry's goal; they want to keep you sick and needy so that you'll buy more "supplements" and need to go to the doctor more often. Break the cycle yourself and you'll feel so much better!
  • KittyC 2010/10/15 10:52:14
    No, I’ll stick to the gym and dieting
    I stay well clear of any and all types of "diet pills".
    Let's just say that I've had a run in with diet pills before and it was not a pleasant encounter.
    It came way too close to ending me.
    Never again! Ever!
  • Nabael 2010/10/15 05:07:45
  • H3R3T1CG0D 2010/10/15 04:38:35
    Yes, it's worth the risk
    those pills dont hurt you! wanna ride bikes? wanna fly kites? fire fire fire!!! I feel fine!
  • Toria 2010/10/15 03:25:52
    No, I’ll stick to the gym and dieting
    That's just plain aweful. Why on earth doesn't the Food and drug adminstration oversee this area ? They watch over so many other items, Why do these get off without oversight, Is someone paying for the FTA to look the other way? I wouldn't ever consider taking anything like those. Do the weight loss the old fashioned honest way.
  • Raithere Toria 2010/10/15 05:27:26
    Because the dietary supplements industry ("natural", herbal, homeopathic, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc.) lobbied powerfully to restrict FDA regulation. As long as they do not make direct medical claims for their product (though strong inference is allowed), they are merely regulated as food not medicine. As such, they do not need FDA approval nor are they generally regulated except if they are found to be unsafe after they are on the market.

    Generally speaking they are untested, unproven, unregulated, ineffective, improperly used, and mostly a waste of money.

  • Robbb Raithere 2010/10/18 08:50:22
    Sort of like glucosomine it was presented through news programs as news the new miracle drug that cured arthritis, However the truth is that it does absolutely nothing and there is not a shred of evidence that it works, however reputable chemists all sell it. the company's flogging the stuff just have too much clout in high places.
  • Raithere Robbb 2010/10/18 17:14:33
    Yes. What often happens is that companies grab onto even the tiniest bit of research and go full tilt into production and marketing, eager to be the first into a new market.

    It's not all driven on the corporate side though, consumers and media do it as well... particularly if it's espoused by some celebrity. The acai berry fad is a good recent example but there are many others.

    Of course, why anyone takes ANY kind of advice from a celebrity is utterly beyond my comprehension, you might as well ask a bus driver as far as getting a qualified medical opinion.

    The problem with all of this is that it takes well founded research to really prove efficacy which costs a lot of time and money. People don't want to wait, they want the quick easy fix and there is always someone just waiting to sell you something you don't really need. Caveat emptor.
  • Just Jenn for Now 2010/10/15 03:00:33
    No, I’ll stick to the gym and dieting
    Just Jenn for Now
    Ugh, screw the chemical processed junk, the only way to get healthy is eating right and exercising. It's that simple, but so many people look for a quick fix these days, it's really annoying.
  • Robbb Just Je... 2010/10/18 08:51:59
    that is easy for some one that is really healthy to say. sometimes you just cant get out of it believe me.
  • Robbb Just Je... 2010/10/20 19:59:13
    Granted eating healthy and getting a reasonable amount of exercise is important for health however that alone wont necessarily keep you that way. From my own point of view I am stuck with a pretty nasty autoimmune disease that was genetically acquired and all the good eating and exercise in the world wont control it, so I constantly take drugs with some pretty nasty side effect for which I take other drugs, with out them I would be stuffed. and I do eat healthy and I do get a lot of exercise. Chemicals do have a place where there is no alternative.
  • GinaMagini 2010/10/15 02:40:22
    No, I’ll stick to the gym and dieting
    Our food is laced with substances that cause obesity. Look up MSG and aspartame. See what I mean.
  • Char. Limit 2010/10/15 01:34:49
    Char. Limit
    These people need to learn the proper definition of chemical.

    The vast majority of chemicals are man-made. Tylenol is man made. YOUR SUPPLEMENTS are man-made.
  • Raithere Char. L... 2010/10/15 05:34:05
    I think you need to find out yourself. A chemical is any substance of a specific composition. Pure water, pure salt, pure iron are all chemicals. Most things are made up of many chemicals. Some supplements are man made, some are not, but they ALL contain chemicals.

  • Char. L... Raithere 2010/10/15 05:36:38
    Char. Limit
    I know exactly what a chemical is. I'm a Chemistry major.
  • Raithere Char. L... 2010/10/15 05:53:14
    Then why did you say "the vast majority of chemicals are man-made"?

    I'm not bringing it up just to be an ass. There is a popular mind set out there that thinks, "chemical = man-made = bad for you" and "natural = good for you". When the reality is that anything you ingest that has a physiological effect can be good or bad depending on many variables. Carrots, for example, are generally good for you. But you can also eat too many and give yourself vitamin A toxicity.

    There is a risk with Tylenol too (as with any NSAID) but just suggesting that it has chemicals and is therefore bad is incorrect.
  • Char. L... Raithere 2010/10/15 06:06:06
    Char. Limit
    I didn't mean to suggest that. In fact, I meant to suggest the opposite.

    Also, I meant that "the vast majority of chemicals [in supplements] are man-made", to show people that the chemicals in supplements aren't actually dangerous.
  • Raithere Char. L... 2010/10/15 06:13:39
    Then we're on the same page I just hear so much of the opposite opinion I mistook your meaning. My bad for jumping to conclusions.
  • Char. L... Raithere 2010/10/15 06:15:02
    Char. Limit
    It's no problem.
  • kurosak... Raithere 2010/10/16 06:09:33
    I agree most people think natural=good for you, man made=bad for you.

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