Would You Spend $1,200 on a Pair of Jeans?

Living 2011/11/21 15:21:34
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We don't know about you, but spending three figures on a pair of jeans feels like a lot to us. And now, some celebs and other wealthy New Yorkers are paying four. 3x1 in New York City's SoHo makes custom jeans that range from $1,200 to $1,500 -- and basketball players Tony Parker and Steve Nash are scooping them up.

3x1 owner Scott Morrison previously launched Paper Denim & Cloth and Earnest Sewn, high-end denim brands known for their $200 price tag (which seemed insane a decade ago). And even though these new "bespoke" jeans are made from scratch, the cost is pretty outrageous, especially given the current state of the economy.

"You want them to look good, but I find it crazy when jeans get it up in the hundreds, even $200," celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch told The New York Post. "Is there cashmere in them? Is there gold in them? Is there silk in them? Does Taylor Lautner come in them?"

It's even more ridiculous when you consider that you can get a pair of jeans at Uniqlo for $9.99 -- Taylor Lautner not included.

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  • funguy11 2012/04/16 05:59:20
    Yes, if I had the money
    Love it
  • Emptiness is Crowding. 2012/04/15 19:41:29
    No way
    Emptiness is Crowding.
    Someone is on crack .
    AND ITS NOT ME, ...Yet.
  • Scooter 2011/12/14 05:58:33
    No way
    No way! I need groceries, gas, electricity, etc. way before a 1,200 dollar pair of jeans.
  • Jeremiah 2011/12/13 22:03:17
    No way
    Then again I wouldn't get jeans unless you paid me. Still, $1,200 is way too much money to be spending on pants. Do something USEFULL with the $1,150 you are wasting, like donate to charity or something. Anyone who has that much money and can't think of anything better to spend it on should be giving it away anyway.
  • Cricket 2011/12/09 03:26:30
    No way
  • El Guero 2011/12/08 22:27:37
    No way
    El Guero
    I grumble when I have to spend $35 on a pair of jeans.
  • skull+crossbones 2011/12/07 20:15:21
    Yes, if I had the money
    SURE I WOULD!!! XD x Lol not kidding btw XD x
  • Erin Innocent 2011/12/04 15:45:55
    No way
    Erin Innocent
    my parents "way of shopping" has rubbed off on me-- look for the cheapest thing, even if it's one size to big/small. i'd rather use that kind of money on saving up for college, or traveling.
  • *The Gentle Giant* 2011/11/30 17:45:05
    No way
    *The Gentle Giant*
    Why so much for something that can get ruined or torn up.
  • I am me 2011/11/30 17:34:59
    No way
    I am me
    Not as long as it would equal 1 paycheck anyway... It had better have thread of gold and buttons made of diamonds for that.
  • Aqua Surf BTO-t-BCRA-F 2011/11/30 05:15:25
    No way
    Aqua Surf BTO-t-BCRA-F
    Not even if I were rich. That's just dumb.
  • Curmudgeon 2011/11/29 21:02:19
    No way
    Sounds like a waste for a pair of jeans that the casual observer couldn't tell from a discounted pair.
  • Zila 2011/11/29 14:58:07
    No way
    It'd take a pretty fantastic pair of jeans to even get me to spend $12, considering that I'm used to thrift shop prices.
  • katt 2011/11/28 23:18:32
    No way
    just yesterday i was looking online at a great pair of jeans that i really liked and just about choked to death when i saw the $285 price. i shop thrift stores and yard sales. i won't waste money like that.
  • OL69 2011/11/28 23:08:28
    No way
    Id have to be very rich to to waste money like that
  • Jazzyy 2011/11/28 21:06:20
    No way
    I like high quality jeans but thats a little on the expensive side..
  • Sky Sky 2011/11/28 15:58:45
    No way
    Sky Sky
    psssssh I dont really care about pants that much they do not matter that much to me.
  • DDogbreath 2011/11/28 00:50:02
    Yes, if I had the money
    I would Pay $1,200 for this pair of jeans if she came with them. jeans
  • Jeremiah DDogbreath 2011/12/13 22:05:55
    Yes, that would be reasonable.
  • Deborah 2011/11/27 18:16:03
    Yes, if I had the money
    But they would have to make me look really great in them and wash themselves and come when I call them.
  • Mini Twuby 2011/11/27 03:25:34
    No way
    Mini Twuby
    XD XD I'm gonna spend $1,200 on a pair of jeans made out of some idk ferret stuff xD LOLZ yeah ummm I rather buy jeans that are made out of okay fabric then some kinda awesome expensive kind XD ferret dont skin me
  • Kaname ... Mini Twuby 2011/11/28 17:20:23
    Kaname Kuran
    i want that picture
  • Mini Twuby Kaname ... 2011/11/29 00:51:29
    Mini Twuby
  • Jenna ☮♡ッ 2011/11/27 03:22:00
    No way
    Jenna ☮♡ッ
    How stupid. Couldn't you think of anything better to do with that money besides buy a pair of jeans?
  • Brittany Foxx 2011/11/26 02:36:59
    No way
    Brittany Foxx
    No, because I can get way better jeans for less than 1/10 of that.
  • richtex4 2011/11/24 14:02:03
    No way
    What could possibly make a pair of jeans worth that kind of money? It would be wasted money. Even if I was rich, I would not waste money on extreme jeans.
  • Klea 2011/11/23 19:30:36
    No way
    NEVER, EVEN IF I WAS super rich.
  • Suni 2011/11/22 21:01:19
    Yes, if I had the money
    if i had the money there no telling what i might do :-)
  • ART 2011/11/22 20:49:02
    No way
  • Mini Twuby ART 2011/11/27 03:25:54
    Mini Twuby
  • Dax 2011/11/22 20:01:52
    No way
    When there are kids starving in the world, I'd feel like a pile of crap spending such ridiculous money on jeans, of all things.
  • DS in Oak Ridge NC 2011/11/22 19:20:51
    No way
    DS in Oak Ridge NC
    I'd sooner pay $50 for jeans and $1,150 for liposuction to look really great all of the time, but that wasn't an option or even a very good ideal. Time for some exercise... I'll walk to the fridge to get a fresh tub of bacon-horseradish dip for my bag of chips 8- )
  • MOMMA THOMAS 2011/11/22 19:12:15
    No way
  • Ang74 2011/11/22 19:09:42
    No way
    People who waste that kind of money on stupid things like this should be shot!
  • bob h. 2011/11/22 18:51:28
    No way
    bob h.
    Obviously, they're worn by someone who doesn't know what size he is.
  • MercuryZero 2011/11/22 18:21:43
    No way
    Hmmm. Maybe...if they were bulletproof. :P
  • wow-really 2011/11/22 18:07:08
    No way
    Wow! $1,200 to $1,500....Really?
    Only a materialistic douche bag would find it necessary to waste money on something so stupid...They should take that money and buy themselves a clue and or a new brain cuz it's obvious the one up their arse is out of order!
    fashion douche bags
  • DANNY_B0i♛ 2011/11/22 17:21:51
    No way
    The most I've ever spent on jeans is 44 dollars for Levi's. And they were on sale. lol
  • Time Traveler 2011/11/22 17:15:23
    No way
    Time Traveler
    Does it stop bullets?
  • Bulanova (Team Hargitay) 2011/11/22 17:10:13
    No way
    Bulanova (Team Hargitay)
    "It's even more ridiculous when you consider that you can get a pair of jeans at Uniqlo for $9.99 -- Taylor Lautner not included." Ah, now there's the REAL reason for this adv- err, I mean "poll"
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