Would you recommend splat hair dye?

crazychic4u 2010/02/17 22:46:58
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  • Jaci 2010/08/20 21:44:09
    i dyed my hair red and i took a shower,now it has big chunks of my natural brown hair in it. i didnt bleach it,but my hair was light brown,almost blonde to begin with.

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  • rookie 2013/01/20 10:40:41
    HI! i have a question....i'm thinking about using splat hair dye to dip dye the ends of my hair? will it be affective or just fade straight away? and if i already have blonde hair do i need to bleach it?
  • jenii rookie 2013/01/21 00:24:48
    yes it will be effective, no you won't need to bleach it depending on the level of blond you are. anything sandy blond or lighter will take just fine. the bleach is just to get that extra pop of color.
  • rookie jenii 2013/01/22 07:00:24
    thanks! also will it wash out or fade if i go swimming?
  • Torie rookie 2013/06/25 10:27:48
    Yes it will fade. I wouldn't go swimming with this stuff in your hair. i use it alot. And i haven't been swimming. It's a semi permanent color which means it fades fast.
  • klshnktty 2013/01/09 18:25:27 (edited)
    Splat is awesome. Buy some of those yellow cleaning gloves though because the packaged ones suck and IT WILL STAIN! Also, make sure that you want to keep the hair color for a long time. I dyed it lusty lavender in Aug. 2012 and still have it on (Jan. 2013)! I'm now trying to get it to fade so I can dye it again with another color.

    Overall, I would recommend splat to people who want to dye unnatural for the first time, and even to veterans who are fed up with the crappy hold (and price!) of dyes like manic panic.

    Very important: The amount of time you process with the color will increase the hold of the color. Ex: the first time I dyed it, I left it on for almost 2 hours. it was a lovely purple for about 3 months and it began to fade. When I redid the purple about 4 months after the first, I left it on for 30 mins. This time, it faded in about a month and a half.
  • Sahira 2013/01/04 00:15:14
    My cousin used it and it was a REALLY pretty red but I have a question if I don't bleach my hair (it's black) and I put it on will it be like an auburn color or atleast look pretty??
  • klshnktty Sahira 2013/01/09 18:26:45
    Yes, it'll probably give you a nice red tint to your hair. And it won't damage it like a regular box dye will.
  • kathy s... Sahira 2013/01/18 01:22:33
    kathy sargent
    I tried that (i have jet black hair) thinking i would get a nice purplish kind of tint, even if it was just in the sun. And i couldn't have been more wrong. Purple poured out of my hair for atleast two months and u couldn't see any purple at all. It was just black as ever. But it was my fault. I bought another box and fully intend to use the bleach this time.
  • hilaria... Sahira 2013/04/02 00:16:20
    Yep just a tint ive tried that still dark bt made me hair look redish brown
  • sarah hilaria... 2013/04/27 06:16:54
    It is a just dye. Not like normal box dyes with "lighteners". Its just going to dye the color you already have. Whatever shade of hair you have it will be that "shade" of dye. If you want it to show on black hair you MUST bleach it! :) good luck
  • makaela berube 2013/01/02 20:02:32
    makaela berube
    i got the splat that came with the red, blue, and purple...the purple turned very light pink, the blue turned baby blue, and idk bout the red. but the very minute i washed the color dyes out of my hair it was terrible looking. i will stick with manic panic from now on. you can leave the color in overnight and it is vibrant and lasts very long
  • sarah makaela... 2013/04/27 06:18:48
    You can leave splat in over night too! :) The longer you leave it on the better color you will get! And its cheaper than manic. But if youve found a productbthat works for you thats great! Manic never lasted for me.
  • randomnesslely 2013/01/02 01:54:57
    OMG! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE !!!!!!!! I'm using the fetish pink color and I swear my hair shines bright like a pink diamond lol it's such a beautiful color I've had it on for about 1 1/2 months before it started to washout but I didn't wash my hair everyday that will make the dye fade out faster
  • Minduffle randomn... 2013/07/01 07:16:45
    I want to dye my hair that pink, but I am unsure how long to leave the bleach and product on. My roots are dark brown almost black, and the rest of my hair is a medium brown. I want it to be vibrant but I want to know how long to leave everything in.
  • meaganrose.michielli 2012/12/30 15:01:24
    I have always used splat for coloring my hair. Yes they do fade quickly if u wash ur hair everyday and if u wash with hot water. It's not healthy for ur hair anyways to wash ur hai everyday under hot water. So far my fav color from splat is the blue. I love the blue because its a really cute blue and when it fades it starts to look like snow sort of. Soon I am using the red color from splat without bleach because to me the color is too bright. I used the bleach last time and I looked funny. So I'm going for a darker red look.
  • Jenna Harrington 2012/12/28 00:21:49
    Jenna Harrington
    i have only used the blue envy in my hair and i say it worked really well. i dyed it in september it is currently december and i still have some blue in my hair! i was not expecting it to last this long. it did fade hpowever about 2 weeks later but it didnt turn green it turned to a bluish gray and it was still really pretty. My hair is naturally really light so i didnt bleach my hair and it still came out really blue. im going to dye my hair again very soon. im going to dye it with the lucious raspberries and pink fetish on the underneath. i have never seen the way im going to dye it done so hopefully people will think its cool and never seen before.. :P
  • Taylor 2012/12/27 22:05:16
    I have never used splat before but I need to re-dye my hair and I don't want to go to the salon because they don't give me the red im looking for.
    So if I already have a red tint hair do I need to bleach it again? or will it come out bright red again?
  • meaganr... Taylor 2012/12/30 15:04:16
    It depends if u want it light or dark. If u want it light then yes bleach ur hair just remember it is damaging. If u want a darker look then don't bleach ur hair.
  • Morgan 2012/12/13 21:20:33
    I've used lusty lavender and blue envy both on my unbleached medium brown/auburn hair and have had great results with a very gradual fade out so my hair stays purple tinted for a long time and remains even until it all but completely fades out. Then I just do it again! Love Splat, lasts way longer than any of the other dyes I've used but it does bleed onto fabrics and stuff if I don't dry my hair after each wash but that usually stops after the first week or so.. So overall, I recommend it.
  • Cindy 2012/12/08 02:31:00
    I just dyed my hair a few hours ago.
    I used the Luscious Raspberries kit, bleached it until my hair turned about an orangey blonde, and dyed it.
    It's a bright, BRIGHT red, perfectly satisfying my once-never-ending-obsession over red hair.
    If the color ever turned out pink for anyone, that's because you didn't dye it light enough. I've talked to a sales associate, and she specifically told me that that would happen if you didn't bleach your hair to a light enough color.
    I covered the floor with newspaper, and prepared a can of Magic Scrub bubbles, ready for any staining that could happen.
    This product DOES stain REALLY badly, and if any gets on your skin, wipe it off with a baby wipe or something, as soon as you can. My hands are still magenta, from washing the color out.
    I only had one regret, which was that I didn't have enough for ALL of my hair, so there are some spots where it's a darker red than the others, but it's barely noticeable.
    The bleach did kill my hair, but I had dyed it 4 times in the past month, not ever satisfied with the results of other permanent hair dyes, which was probably why.
    Overall, I'm REALLY satisfied with the result, and I will be buying from them again :)
  • cassie.... Cindy 2012/12/12 17:26:33
    Hi,i really wanna dye the underneath of my hair pink,and i bought splat to do it but my only concern is that EVERYTIME your hair gets wet the color will stain,idk if thats true so i wanna ask someone who has used it also my hair is naturally light blonde so do i still have to bleach to get a vibrant pink?:)
  • Torie cassie.... 2013/06/25 10:31:16
    If your hair is blonde then no. It does stain everything when your hair gets wet.!
  • brittney Cindy 2013/01/18 16:57:49
    This will be my first time using red. and my hair is brown so should i use bleach to make it look bright like ariana grande's hair.
  • Emily1126 2012/12/02 20:30:22 (edited)
    It is the only one I will use.

    Everyone who is saying it faded too quiccly either a)tried to put the color onto dark hair without bleaching like an idiot (unless that's the look they were going for) b)didn't leave the bleach/oxide/color in long enough (read the damn box...) Or c) is just a complete fucctard (probably this one.) However, the best one I have used is called "Colour Rays" & can be purchased at your local Walmart.
  • Ashlen Assasnation 2012/11/25 20:54:08
    Ashlen Assasnation
    I'm dying my hair blue envy right now and it's AMAZING! I LOVE splat... It has never faded on me before or anything!
  • 2012/11/14 20:30:19
    Splat is a very great type of hair dye it comes out wonderful and bright ^ __ ^
  • briana 2012/11/08 20:46:41 (edited)
    Helll no i hated splat i used splat red raspberry and it washed out about two days after after two washes. Plus it destroyed my hair its comparably damaged now. Its frizzy and no matter what i do to it the damage is still noticeable. Please if your thinking about using splat read this and just go to sallys and and get loreal and use developer because splats bleach sucks and the stainer is very weak and fades very quickly
  • Emily1126 briana 2012/12/02 20:25:37
    You obviously didn't do it right.
  • kkiely01 2012/10/30 05:31:38
    i decided to use the purple and do layered highlights with it. When im rinsing it will it bleed on the rest of my hair?? Im scared to rinse my hair all at once :/
  • courtney kkiely01 2012/12/11 05:45:12
    Ya, it definitely might....realistically, it probably will...you might want to just keep it seperate, and just rinse out what you want dyed....so, like, keep your hair seperate, lay the dyed parts in the sink, and rinse like that....maybe even do it ATLEAST a couuple, if not a few or more times....considering.the splat will continue to rinse out of your hair until it is completely washed out...but after a few seperate washes, it should be alright, I would doubt it would bleed into the rest of your hair with the ability to dye it, potentially

    On the product, splat...awesome product
    I've used splat countless times, and was always satisfied . The color is always vibrant, usually matching the box. But be weary...I have had to stop using the product. Because, as someone else mentioned, it does damage your hair...I'm bot sure if it's the bleach they use, or the dye itself, or perhaps just a combination of the two...butt, and I have very thin hair, almost baby fine, so the damage was irreparable, for me. I had to cut it, eventually.
    I have used ALMOST every color that splat has out...purple, most recently. And it was awesome, as always.
  • Torie kkiely01 2013/06/25 10:32:39
    Just rinse it in COLD water. it wont mix.
  • Kendra 2012/10/22 02:04:12 (edited)
    I have used many products and this one sucked. I used the red splat. It bled every time I washed my hair and I mean it bled ALOT. Because it bled alot it faded pink. It lasted longer than manic panic but if you want something more permanent then get RAW at hot topic or on their website for a better color selection. It holds color longer smells like bubblegum is soft and conditions your hair. It's 12.99 and is very worth it. I used splat because I didn't have enough to get RAW at the time. Also, to make color last longer I left it in for 2 hours blow dried the color in my hair until it was dry left on my hair dry for an hour then rinsed it out. It doesn't hurt to blow dry any color in just don't do it with bleach. I used less than half a bottle of RAW to do my whole head. To make any hair color stretch if the bottle is almost empty put warm water in it and shake it. I have been dying my own hair for years so I hope this helps :)
  • courtney Kendra 2012/12/11 05:50:25
    +1 rave for the dying suggestions , not the review...disagree with that, but must try the tips . I wonder if they truly make a difference, or not...
  • margo burton 2012/10/10 06:53:21
    margo burton
    Here is how mine turned out. I used revlon frost & glow highlight kit (sans cap.. applied it to all of my hair) then used the bleach that came with splat to even out my mistakes(was the first time I've ever bleached). I'm going to get some more dye tomorrow because I don't think I had enough and it came out magenta(was going for red). If another box isn't enough dye and it's still magenta, then screw it, I'll rock the magenta!

    Me        X
  • margo b... margo b... 2012/10/10 23:24:07
    margo burton
    here are the results after another bottle of dye... finally got it red
  • Rachel Sowers 2012/10/10 02:36:06 (edited)
    Rachel Sowers
    Im 13 and my parents are finally letting me dyw my hair pink ( on the bottom ;) )

    So I was thinking about using this color but idk yet.. I have dyed my hair blonde and just did a week ago. I am going to dye it pink for halloween but my question is ; Will this work on my blonde hair since I have dyed it already? Thanks ( I only wrote no because i couldnt decide >.< )
  • sophia Rachel ... 2012/11/18 01:51:09
    If you only want it temporary then no you dont have to bleach it, but if you want it to stay for about a month give or take I would say bleach it, I didn't bleach my friends hair and she has blonde hair and hers stayed in for about 2 days
  • Torie Rachel ... 2013/06/25 10:33:43
    yes it'll still work!
  • ErikasMommy 2012/09/25 21:42:30
    I love Splat! The first time I ever used it my haor was really dark and I pit purple in the bottom and you could only see it in the light. My second time around I used the bleach provided because my hair was black and I wanted the colors to really pop! I had dyed my hair A LOT before and it still turned out great! I used the blue and purple the second time. I love that the smell isnt harsh. It does stain really bad but you just gotta take precautions. I'm allergic to bleach so I was really careful and nothing happened. Some minor itching but nothing major. That was about two years ago. I now have A medium brown hair color with blonde highlights. Im naturally a blonde and I want to get back to that. I'm also going to try the red as soon as I find the time to put it in my hair. Anyone have advice or anyone that has used the lightening kit? I really wanna get back to ALL blonde without frying my hair.
  • britt ErikasM... 2012/11/07 04:55:53
    Vinegar should help if u soak your hair for like a hour or two

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