Would you recommend splat hair dye?

crazychic4u 2010/02/17 22:46:58
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dont answer if you have never used it
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  • Jaci 2010/08/20 21:44:09
    i dyed my hair red and i took a shower,now it has big chunks of my natural brown hair in it. i didnt bleach it,but my hair was light brown,almost blonde to begin with.

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  • zombielover 2013/08/01 19:11:47 (edited)
    I would completely 100% recmmend it!!! I've used pink aqua and purple and all of them have lasted several moths. I currently have pink I'm my hair and its july now and I dyed it in october. Leave it in for a couple bours though. It does bleed everywhere but tell me which hair dye product doeesnt. Oh, you can get it almost anywhere. U could get it at walgreens, walmart, target I mean prettymuch anywhere
  • chrissyNichole 2013/07/21 16:55:07
    The hair dye works wonders for my hair, the only thing that went wrong was when I bleached it. My hair turned blonde on top then faded to orange. Do you think it'll mess up the red I'm about to put in it?
  • zombiel... chrissy... 2013/08/01 19:33:47
    Arnt we friends on scenekids.com? Or is that another chrissy
  • Twisted... chrissy... 2013/10/28 01:26:54
    Mine was the same way when I bleached but the red came out fine for me
  • marilyn 2013/07/19 13:27:51 (edited)
    i love splat hair dye. i used lusty lavender. i left the bleach on for an hour rinsed it , dried my hair completly, then put on the dye and left it in for like and hour and 20mins. so the color can last longer take a shower 3-4 days. you can body wash of course just dont wash your hair too much or it wont last long. Also take a shower with cold water because warm water will strip your hair.. after all vibrant colors never last long.
  • kuchan1 2013/06/25 19:40:58
    Ok so i bleached my hair 3 weeks ago and died it a bright red at a salon turned out great! It faded and my appt wasnt until 8 more weeks well I took it into my own hands and touh it up with crime obsession splat well it turned out a dark dark red and didn't maintain my bright red...I was disapointed...will my hair dresser be able to give me that vibrate look again when I go back since my hair is bleached keep in mind my hair is a dark red now just askin will the bright red still pick up when I go back to die it ?
  • Kay kuchan1 2014/07/12 20:58:29
    No. Once the box dye is used,good luck on the salon color not making your hair break off. Always use strictly box or strictly salon colors. As mixing the two can really damage your hair.
  • Princess.of.Rhinn 2013/06/15 16:49:10
    It's been over a week and the color is still "bleeding" out like crazy. More then any other brand I have used.
  • emily Princes... 2013/07/16 21:32:09
    Well, maybe you didnt dye it properly. Your hair must be COMPLETLEY dry when you bleach and apply color. Otherwise, maybe the hair dye just wasn't for your hair
  • dreamer33 Princes... 2014/06/29 19:08:42
    What color did you use? I did pink waited two days and mine did was bleeding like I just dyed it.
  • Kay Princes... 2014/07/12 21:03:48 (edited)
    This will happen with any direct dye. Splat is a semi permanent direct dye. Meaning it will not stick if the hair is not bleached and it will run every time you shower regardless of bleaching. The only color that this didn't happen with for me was Aqua Rush, but my hair at the time was so bone dry that the dye acted as a conditioning agent. Splat sticks better to spongey, dry or otherwise extremely damaged hair better than it does to normal hair.
  • jammer96 2013/06/13 23:26:25 (edited)
    I never used slpat before does anyone know if it would kill my hair if I dye it Burgundy and want blue highlights put in it the next day using the bleach if it would kill my hair if I dyed it a dozen times
  • briana jammer96 2013/08/14 21:36:33
    dont use it. it destroyed my hair damaged it to crap going on a year now that its been dry, severely damaged, and allmost always spit ends i cut ten inches off my hair because of it
  • Kay briana 2014/07/12 21:10:41
    Anything you put in your hair damages it. Unless it's cool purified water.
  • Kay jammer96 2014/07/12 21:09:50
    Don't go that route unless you take your Splat kit to a professional in a salon. Doing any kind of two color system is not for rookies, it's for professionals. I'm in cosmetology school and I would not try anything like that on myself. I once did the bleach white on top with a black under layer and it turned out awful. For any two color jobs where you don't mix the color into one color, I would totally go see a pro in a salon.
  • arielcantrelle 2013/05/27 02:53:08
    Ilove splat it is so cool the best hair dye
  • Cynthia arielca... 2014/05/18 15:31:01
    No I wouldn't recommend splat or use it again beside maybe for tips of hair ... I dyed my hair lusty lavender 2 days ago and it died my scalp bad .. Still can't get the purple off my scalp and most of my hair is back orange looking not purple ... I have purple scalp and orange and purple hair

    Look like a Halloween freak show

    Help !!!??
  • Borderl... Cynthia 2014/05/23 18:17:04
    Did you scrub the dye into your scalp? If so you are not suppose to do that.
  • sequoah 2013/05/24 06:02:24
    I have used every color and I have natural very dark brown black hair I always bleach of first but it works great I leave the bleach in for at least an hour sometimes more and the color in for at least an hour also and have always got bright great color I love it I use it all the time today I am using the bright teal looking one forgot the name of color sorry
  • piercet... sequoah 2013/08/19 15:18:57
    I have the same dark brown hair. What kind of bleach kit do you use? Or does Splat have one? I wanna do splat's pink on the underside of my hair, how long should i keep the bleach in for? Sorry for all the questions, i'm just curious.
  • nicole mc cartney 2013/05/10 21:26:33
    nicole mc cartney
    Hey guys I used the raspberry red colour taday but stained my shower and everytime water touches it it runs pink... can anybody tell me how to get it off my shower and how long it lasts and to stop it fading and running thanks xx
  • Lezlie.... nicole ... 2013/05/13 07:40:27 (edited)
    1: I use my adjustable shower head to spray down the shower wall, door, and tub with scalding hot water to get the dye off. 2: It can vary based on a multitude of things (hair type, bleached/unbleached, processing time, etc.). 3: Wash your hair in cool water (hot water strips the color), and wash your hair only when you need to using a mild shampoo and conditioner.
  • kuchan1 nicole ... 2013/06/25 19:43:34
    Commet works great!
  • Yuli 2013/04/08 17:09:23
    Yes I do, I use it like once a month . But I only wash my hair twice every two weeks so the color lasts longer it works pretty good but I guess it also depends on your hair . and its not nasty not washing your hair its actually healthy for it.
  • abancroft3 2013/04/07 07:54:11
    A few months ago I used the aqua rush and it turned out perfectly i made sure i cut off a couple of tester locks to make sure it worked properly before doing the faux hawk i had at the time. I used the bleach that came with it. Agreeing with nina that it will damage your hair because you are bleaching it, or you didn't follow the instructions properly. But leaving the bleach it too long can cause more damage than not long enough then putting more bleach on the next day if you're not sure. but i recommend the test strips first before the damage on your head is done, take it from a 19 year old who hasn't had her natural colour since 14. :)
  • wildone 2013/03/24 02:41:34
    i have black hair and wanting to use the blue or purple. Will this dye work or am i waisting time??
  • nina 2013/03/14 19:44:32
    DO NOT USE SPLAT!!!!! it will damage your hair
  • Erika nina 2013/03/15 06:20:50
    The color is not actually damaging. It is the bleach that is damaging as with any bleaching process or brand.
  • zombiel... nina 2013/08/01 19:17:01
    Every hair dye damages your hair dumbass!
  • Samanth... zombiel... 2013/08/04 15:34:06
    Samantha Rose
    Not true. La Riche Directions hair dye is very good for your hair and very vibrant.
  • Noxelle 2013/03/11 09:17:54
    I totally recommend "Splat" i've used rasberry, purple,pink,blonde and now crimson it's awesome i have my pics on facebook its not damaging unless you did something wrong :) but if it does work for you then you also have to keep in mind that not everyones acid tones are the same it may work the first time or maybe the second time who know luckly mines works the first time. If you try it, its ok hair dyes fade and you can just dye it a neutral color but i love mine every time i do it and my hair was mid back almost kidney length i only use 1 box.
  • nina Noxelle 2013/03/14 19:45:33
    it is damaging tho
  • Noxelle nina 2013/05/30 11:50:10
    Depends how long you leave in bleach
  • cynthia Noxelle 2013/04/08 02:12:31
    Iv read i. Your comment that you dyed your hair blonde using splat and i was woundering if you can give me advice . So i dyed my hair red about a year ago and now i wanna go blonde do you think it will turn out good if i use the blonde dye from splat or would my hair turn yellow or orange
  • Brek cynthia 2013/05/27 21:10:27
    It wont go completely blonde...Youll have to invest in a purple shampoo....itll eventualy be platinum blonde but some pinkish might still show...roots are ur main problem to Keep up with
  • Noxelle cynthia 2013/05/30 11:53:17
    It will take the color out it will turn a certain blonde not orange though but with punk and purple are kinda hard to take out before doing your hair wash your hair with head shoulders for at least 2 weeks and it fade the color better so you can get a better blonde ^_^
  • Siobhan Noxelle 2013/05/08 15:04:09
    what colour of Splat will make your hair a dark pink colour?
  • Noxelle Siobhan 2013/05/30 11:54:52
    There is only one pink just dont bleach your hair if you want it dark pink
  • @Kimbee... Noxelle 2014/02/06 04:31:28
    This Is Going To Be My Verry First Time Ever Using Splat , And By Reading All The Comments Its Scarring Me To Use It Because Alot Of Comments Say It Will Mess Up Your Hair Verrrrryyyyyyyy Badddd , What Should I Do So It Wont mest Up My Hair Bad ?
  • Bethany 2013/03/10 10:25:30
    I dyed my hair yesterday . I bleached it & then I dyed it that crimson color . I can honestly say Im in love with this dye , stain or whatever this is but it worked wonderful on my hair .

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