Would you rather find true love or inherit $500,000?

tncdel 2013/02/14 01:42:15
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  • top-shot 2013/03/14 15:35:56
    Find true love [explain].
    if we both but our money togther well have enought :P
  • Big J 2013/02/16 20:53:04
    Inherit $500,000 [explain].
    Big J
    I would rather have the dough
  • Nemat 2013/02/15 19:58:15
    Find true love [explain].
    money is not everything and it cant buy u happiness only true love can does true love never dies
  • Kat 2013/02/15 19:54:40
    Inherit $500,000 [explain].
    I'm 60, could do a lot for my family with that kind of money!
  • Dave**Gay for Girls** 2013/02/15 19:16:46
  • Roy Munson **SL, BD** 2013/02/15 13:38:43
    Inherit $500,000 [explain].
    Roy Munson **SL, BD**
    with half a million...i could find love all over the place! lol
  • LadyMorgana696 2013/02/15 10:32:41
    Find true love [explain].
    I'm lonely and money can't buy that feeling of not lonely:(
  • Dj Gill 2013/02/15 03:18:28
    Find true love [explain].
    Dj Gill
    If I inherited that much money, I would give it away. I don't like being given money (don't ask why, I honestly don't know). Aside from that, I can walk around in Wal-mart and find money; love is....rarer....Material things will be destroyed, but if you love someone you'll have that until you die.
  • laydeelapis 2013/02/15 02:08:12
    Find true love [explain].
    What do you know? The day came that my romantic side beat my money-loving side. It might just be that it's Valentine's Day ;)
  • jubil8 BN-0 PON 2013/02/15 00:22:15
    Find true love [explain].
    jubil8 BN-0 PON
    True love with someone who has $500K would work too. :)
  • Katfish 2013/02/14 23:18:25
    Inherit $500,000 [explain].
    What if true love gets to be 220 lbs?
    Need to have the money to cash her in for two 110 lbs'ers.
  • Straud1976 2013/02/14 22:39:30
    Inherit $500,000 [explain].
    True love is only on hallmark cards and movies. With half a mil I could travel the world and have a life time of experiences.
  • Sonny 2013/02/14 22:15:26 (edited)
    Find true love [explain].
    True love is priceless, when your in love you seem to forget about all your worries, money can buy you anything you want but it can never make you happy. having lots of money and being single you'll be constantly aware there is a gap missing and you'll still feel miserable... being single is no fun... everyone wants someone to hold.

    couple hugging
  • Mark 2013/02/14 21:49:46
    Find true love [explain].
    Money is worthless without a family to share it with.
  • SomersaultAlex 2013/02/14 21:10:56
    Find true love [explain].
    I'm a hopeless romantic and I would rather find true love and not be rich.
  • ALofRI 2013/02/14 20:31:32
    Inherit $500,000 [explain].
    I've already found the love...I'll take the cash, thank you.
  • Lady Wh... ALofRI 2013/02/15 14:01:11
    Lady Whitewolf
  • Fran-Halen 2013/02/14 20:05:51
    Inherit $500,000 [explain].
    Give me the cabbage...
  • Taste The Rainbow 2013/02/14 19:03:37
    Find true love [explain].
    Taste The Rainbow
    I have my true love and i'm not giving him away either. Even if I was broke, besides you could just get a job and live the 'normal' life.
  • Crym 2013/02/14 18:50:37
    Find true love [explain].
    I can make $500,000, but I can't MAKE true love--it's beyond monetary value.
  • taylordoesntdeserve 2013/02/14 18:33:38
    Find true love [explain].
    Money over love? Money is unemotional. Money is short lived.

    How can anyone choose money over love?
    To be without love would be the loneliest day in the world.
  • david.miner.98 2013/02/14 18:17:54
  • chevyprincess 2013/02/14 17:50:44
    Inherit $500,000 [explain].
    i was in love for 20 years when it ended i was heart broken and don't plan on ever doing it again and that money would help with my kids happieness and thats all that matters to me
  • Kaleoku... chevypr... 2013/02/14 20:15:13
    Do you prefer to live the rest of your life without romance?
  • chevypr... Kaleoku... 2013/02/15 04:49:13
    i have already gone 35 years without it so what is another 35 without it my kids are the most important people to me with thier love that is all i need
  • Kidasha 2013/02/14 17:44:36
    Find true love [explain].
    love is worth all the money in the world
  • American Nate 2013/02/14 17:36:03
    Inherit $500,000 [explain].
    American Nate
    Then I'll buy Love.

    sexy woman with rich guy
  • Kaleoku... America... 2013/02/14 20:15:39
    Is that Chris Christie?
  • Reggie☮ 2013/02/14 17:19:03
    Find true love [explain].
    Love is by far more important.
  • Brendakp 2013/02/14 17:10:03
    Inherit $500,000 [explain].
  • bluelady 2013/02/14 16:00:43
    Find true love [explain].
    I have true love with my hubby and I wouldnt trade him for several BILLION dollars...if I gotta put a trailer on my gramps land in Bama and live on catfish and greens for the rest of my life...long as I got my love...we can do it
  • peter 2013/02/14 15:37:05
    Find true love [explain].
    love brings true deep down contentment
    the other person would have to feel the same way about me though
  • TouchTheStars 2013/02/14 15:33:52 (edited)
    Find true love [explain].
    money isn't everything to me. as long as i can make it on my own. you can buy love but it's not the same as earing and finding true love
  • Taylor 2013/02/14 15:24:48
    Find true love [explain].
    Its more important to me then money.
  • Caedus01 Sith Lord of the P... 2013/02/14 15:12:03 (edited)
    Inherit $500,000 [explain].
    Caedus01 Sith Lord of the PHAET
    love is overrated
  • Maddie 2013/02/14 15:11:20
    Find true love [explain].
    I would rather find true love because it's not about money its about being together helping each other when they need it. It doesn't matter about money or how much you have!
  • moonglum 2013/02/14 14:49:36
    Find true love [explain].
    true love can last forever money dont
  • The Andoxico 2013/02/14 14:38:39
    Inherit $500,000 [explain].
    The Andoxico
    "true" love? lasts maybe a year
  • Kaleoku... The And... 2013/02/14 20:18:01
    If it last only a year, then it is hardly "true." I believe that most couple break up when their characters prove to be incompatible, which causes them to lose interest.
  • jubil8 ... The And... 2013/02/18 06:23:27
    jubil8 BN-0 PON
    Or this long...

    couple on their golden wedding anniversary

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