Would you rather date someone that is ugly with a good attitude or someone sexy with a horrible attitude?

wandadear 2012/04/10 20:01:58
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  • andres.chairez1 2014/03/31 16:10:09
    I've been dating a good looking girl, who always wants to improve her looks with breast I'm plants and nose job, any flaw she can find...she has the ugliest heart and our relationship has come down to just for great sex other than that I can't stand the ugly heart...I prefer an average cute girl with a beautiful soul and heart
  • Kris.LaNier 2013/08/31 13:05:35
    Cheat on beautiful with ugly.
  • Hope 2012/04/15 23:37:40
    Ugly with a good attitude
  • RS 2012/04/12 04:09:25
    sorry...I would date the pretty one for as long as I could stand her.
  • fluer 2012/04/11 21:10:34
    I don't care what they look like so much as I care that they are good inside. So an ugly guy with a great attitude would be much more to my liking than a gorgeous one with a nasty attitude.
  • rosesvengeance BN-0 2012/04/11 07:00:05
    rosesvengeance BN-0
    ugly with a good attitude or more specifically a good personality. I can get past looks.
  • freespire 2012/04/11 06:31:15
    as beauty is only skin deep I would take the good hearted person over the bad one
  • uninformedluddite 2012/04/11 04:47:09
    I am so glad that I am past the dating scene
  • PonToki 2012/04/11 01:17:16
    Ugly with a good attitude. A bad attitude ruins everything.
  • TMan 2012/04/10 23:12:14
  • TheMadChameleon 2012/04/10 22:26:38
    Ugly with a good attitude, definitely. A good attitude can improve bad looks. A bad attitude makes anyone ugly.
  • john doe 2012/04/10 22:10:15
    john doe
    Younger people will date based on looks only until it blows up in their face enough to make them realize that there is more to a person than looks.
  • Tori 2012/04/10 21:53:06
    Someone that I can trust in and believe in no matter if they are ugly or not.
  • zebsmom 2012/04/10 21:52:17
    Ugly with a good heart and good attitude. Sexy and shallow with a bad attitude....major waste of time
  • Tony 2012/04/10 21:50:43
    if those are my only options I'd rather stay home
  • budgerigar42 2012/04/10 21:50:10
  • Theresa 2012/04/10 20:47:37
    Ugly! attitude is where it is at!
  • john 2012/04/10 20:45:50
    please not too ugly, but reasonable with a good attitude is fine
  • Shae 2012/04/10 20:38:37
    That's easy, ugly with good attitude.
    The only problem is people are drawn to who they are attracted to.
  • byz 2012/04/10 20:24:01 (edited)
    Theres a problem with the question: Sexy is an attitude. Ugly and beautiful refer to visual appearance. You'd be better to ask "date someone ugly with a good attitude, or someone beautiful with a horrible attitude.

    I say: why choose?
  • CREW grand 2012/04/10 20:19:19
    CREW grand
    I've tried it both ways and both were pretty bad.
    I never did manage to find someone sexy with a good attitude.
    I doubt there's a guy out there who doesn't wish brain transplants were possible.
    "If only someone could put Stephanie's brain into Ashley's body, she'd be the perfect girl."

  • TMan 2012/04/10 20:16:33
  • KinnUzumaki 2012/04/10 20:14:51
    someone that is ugly with a good attitude :)
  • Shaney Boo 2012/04/10 20:13:28
    Shaney Boo
    I would rather die than do either. I have no heart sorry.
  • TuringsChild 2012/04/10 20:06:23
    If you have a horrible attitude, sexy is impossible.
  • www.sodahead.com/smithy 2012/04/10 20:06:10
    good attitude always
  • Chieki 2012/04/10 20:05:19
    The guy would have to be beautiful on the inside....

    Looks fade, but inner beauty is eternal!

    looks fade
  • I. Car Rus 2012/04/10 20:05:06
  • wandadear I. Car Rus 2012/04/10 20:06:39
    hey thats so true
  • K-ZOOMI-----0 2012/04/10 20:03:43
    I prefer to have a woman that has a beautiful Heart!
  • wandadear K-ZOOMI... 2012/04/10 20:04:59
    thanks for answering
  • K-ZOOMI... wandadear 2012/04/11 03:39:31
    You're Welcome. :)
  • Ace K-ZOOMI... 2012/04/10 22:20:07 (edited)
    An attitude might change quickly ...depending. But the heart directs the things most important in life :) You have a fabulous thought there ~
  • K-ZOOMI... Ace 2012/04/11 03:40:00
    I credit my Mom for it. She raised me. :)
  • TMan K-ZOOMI... 2012/04/10 23:06:34
  • K-ZOOMI... TMan 2012/04/11 03:40:31
    Hey Truck. You're back! What timing. >_<

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