Would You Move Back Home With Your Parents?

Living 2012/03/28 17:15:29
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It used to be a joke -- the guy over 25 who still lives with his mother. But now, it's becoming increasingly commonplace for men and women in their 20s and 30s to move back in with mom and dad -- and many of them don't mind it one bit.

So what's the reason behind all this? It's the economy, stupid. Before the recession, 4.7 million Americans ages 25 to 34 lived with their parents. As of last year, the number had increased to 5.9 million, Time magazine reports.

According to a new Pew Research poll, shacking up with mom and dad isn't as bad as you'd think. Sixty-eight percent of young adults living with mom and dad say they are satisfied with their family lives; 73 percent percent of those living on their own said the same. So those on their own were a little happier with their families, but they don't have to argue about whose turn it is to do the dishes.

According to Time, a whopping 21.6 percent of Americans ages 25 to 34 now live in multigenerational households. That number has been on the rise since 1980 (when 11 percent of people in this age group lived in multigenerational homes), and it spiked in 2007.

What do you think? Is moving back home with mom and dad a convenient way to make ends meet? Or would you rather be on your own and broke?
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  • Rachel 2012/03/29 02:39:22
    If I need to, for my sake or for theirs, then of course. That's what family is for - helping each other out.

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  • Professor Wizard 2012/05/03 18:27:47
    Professor Wizard
    I could not if I wanted to... well maybe I could... My parents passed away years ago, so moving in, would be underground!

    I moved away right after my 18th birthday - I was technically still in my Senior Year of High School. I never moved back, even in the worst of times.

    I have friends who still have children (some now 30 years old) that live in their basements. As an outsider-looking-in... it appears as if the kids are just mooching for free food, laundry service - and in a couple of instances, free babysitting. They all work, and they all could afford a place of their own. So why don't they?
  • beach bum 2012/04/14 23:27:33
    beach bum
    and if you are still living with them now....you have issues
  • amumegebre 2012/04/12 23:50:31
    cause i can go by ma self
  • thermoguy 2012/04/07 04:27:14
    I would have them move in with me so I could be there for them.
  • Mark Copeland 2012/04/02 19:53:55
    Mark Copeland
    If the only other option was suicide then yes... I would not go happily
  • alex 2012/04/01 17:17:46
    I'll go homeless.
  • THB306 2012/04/01 02:15:53
    I would have to be at absolute rock bottom to even consider it. It would be a depression so immense, that I would never shake it off, and I would either live the rest of my life as an emotionless leech, or I would take my dad's .9mm and stop it from getting that far.
    I am a fighter, and to move back with my parents' would, to me, be giving up on life, and I refuse to give up! Even if that means I have to live in a motel for a few months... which I currently am...
  • Rubyking 2012/03/31 21:38:17
    oh lordy no
  • Captain Pikachu ~ CEO of HTFO 2012/03/31 18:58:20
    Captain Pikachu ~ CEO of HTFO
    If we absolutely had too, then yeah. Although more than likely eventually my parents will come live with us
  • mblack 2012/03/31 03:30:14
    Only for a few months. My mother would drive me nuts being all motherly. It beats living with friends, hotels, or the streets. I did move in for a short time (4 months) only after moving back into GA. It was a good way to rapidly build a substantial savings before finding my long-term home.
  • camediate 2012/03/31 03:13:30
    I voted yes, because, as a parent, I would let my kids--and have at times--move back in with me. The trick is how to establish ground rules once they're there, so the whole situation doesn't get out of hand. Check out ways you and your folks can come to an understanding and make the thing work at http://wp.me/p22afJ-Lx.
  • GLaDOS 2012/03/31 00:04:14 (edited)
    If I had to. Unfortunately, such has been the case. It's this or being homeless, and I've done that before. Quite frankly, extended family homes are almost strictly looked at as bad in North America. I would let any of my family live with me, if I had the means.
  • pottercrazy1436 2012/03/29 17:33:15
    Hahaha excuse my language but... HELL NO.
  • Margaret Jacobson 2012/03/29 17:21:20
    Margaret Jacobson
    They were VERY CONTROLLING..........Besides they are dead.........they were VERY HAPPY when I left HOME.........THEY STILL WERE VERY CONTROLLING STILL!!!........
  • john doe 2012/03/29 17:05:48
    john doe
    Nothing wrong with keeping a strong family unit together.
  • jackie 2012/03/29 16:58:36
    I'm going to college and my dad wants me out! So I'm not coming back :p
  • Gloria 2012/03/29 16:37:30
  • addie Gloria 2012/03/31 05:28:05
    Eventually we will all be moving in with your parents, metaphysically speaking. lol
  • Gloria addie 2012/03/31 15:25:12
    True but they might not like all the pets I have owned so in the long run I will have my own place!
  • White Raven 2012/03/29 16:27:17
    White Raven
    with both my folks well into their 60s, I stay home to keep an eye on things. I plan on caring for mom and dad rather then sending them to a nursing home.
  • Glenn Mitchell 2012/03/29 16:23:59
    Glenn Mitchell
    But they wouldn't have me.
  • lovelovelove 2012/03/29 16:18:36
    nope i would not
  • bluelady 2012/03/29 16:10:54
    when I got home from the Marine Corps , I moved in with them for a few years....then when Ma wasnt able on her own anymore , she moved in with me for the last year...wish I couldmove in with them again, but they are both gone....your parents are great gifts...cherish any time you get with them
  • SoCalEx-Dem 2012/03/29 16:01:28
    Not for long, but I have gone home with my children on several occasions. After my husband died, my Mother came and took me home so I wouldn't be alone. After about a month I found my own place and moved a few blocks away. 4 of my children with kids live in my home now, sure makes it easier to meet the demands of the higher cost of living here in California.
  • Aqua Surf BTO-t-BCRA-F 2012/03/29 15:57:54
    Aqua Surf BTO-t-BCRA-F
    Not even if they were alive.
  • prosperhappily 2012/03/29 15:40:05
    Okay, if I had no other options at all.

    But, I've been living independently for many years now. I have my own life & I'd hate to go back. Plus, that would mean moving back to my hometown. There's very little opportunity and very little to do there.

    No, I think I'd stay in Vegas if at all possible.
  • Just MEH....Piwan 2012/03/29 15:29:15
    Just MEH....Piwan
    I am already livng there, so it isn't really a issue!
  • jacktown kid 2012/03/29 15:16:34
    jacktown kid
    that would be awful
  • David 2012/03/29 15:05:41
    They're nearly 90, so it probably wouldn't be for the best...
  • Ketel-One 2012/03/29 14:42:31
    I'd try to avoid it if possible
  • ♌βļąƈʞƦơșƐ3033♌ 2012/03/29 14:37:07
  • I Wish I Were A Skywalker..... 2012/03/29 14:37:01
    I Wish I Were A Skywalker... ~ In Television I Trust
    I mean, I love them and trust them with everything in my life, and I would love to move back with them, but they have provided me with so many opportunities that allow me to do whatever I want with my life and it would be a shame if I didn't put them to good use.
  • skyperkins1 2012/03/29 14:19:42
  • philly 2012/03/29 14:19:18
    When I was younger all I wanted to do was move out on my own and follow my own rules and have my own place,Now that I have my own place my own family I wish I could move back in with my parents and not pay rent or any bills or grocerys and just keep all my money so I can spend every dime on my kids I often wonder what I was thinking back then
  • RoseyRhod 2012/03/29 14:15:13
    There needs to be a HELL NO option for this. Actually, it's only my mother at this point. My father passed away a year and a half ago. I love my parents, but we are very different people. Living under the same roof as them would drive me to drinking.
  • Angelika Insomniac 2012/03/29 14:03:09
    Angelika Insomniac
    Only if I were physically unable to prevent being moved back in with her. I spent half my childhood RUNNING AWAY from home.

    My son can move in with her. I would rather be homeless...
  • TerryAgee 2012/03/29 12:36:59
    I did a few years back to be my Dad's caretaker.
  • Aksana 2012/03/29 12:30:03
    lm staying with them
  • alfredo Aksana 2012/03/29 16:29:17
  • Aksana alfredo 2012/03/30 12:48:07
    lm still going to school so...

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