Would you like to take a hot air ballon ride?

mrdog 2013/02/27 12:53:47
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  • Carol 2013/02/27 13:25:55
    Nope...not my bag...
    I used to think so. I'm not a fan of wind though. I find it very offensive. We used to have a convertible mustang which never had the top down because it was not an enjoyable experience to have my hair blowing all over the place and blocking my vision, then being an unpresentable, tangled mess when we arrived at our destination.
    I imagine a hot air balloon ride would be rather windy.

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  • rbeas 2013/03/01 03:06:21
    Yes...cool to float...
    Yes unless it is in Egypt. They explode there.
  • Justified52 2013/02/28 20:37:59
    Yes...cool to float...
    I have done that on more than one occasion. Landed in the parking lot of a Gentleman's club once
  • KitKat 2013/02/28 04:23:46
    Nope...not my bag...
    Nope, that'd be scary as hell. You'll just be up there and what happens if you need to go to the bathroom? Yeah, YOU'RE SCREWED!
  • life.of.insanity 2013/02/28 03:14:01
    Yes...cool to float...
    That would be wonderful!
  • Sonny 2013/02/28 01:27:59
    Yes...cool to float...
    Already have and it was both fun and a little frightening with the heights things but it's worth a try for any first timer
  • Azrael-In GOD we trust 2013/02/28 00:21:43
    Nope...not my bag...
    Azrael-In GOD we trust
    My aunt did and loved the beautiful view, but I am keeping my feet on the ground, especially after the balloon blew up the other day.
  • Sam 2013/02/27 23:54:21
    Yes...cool to float...
    That would be Angell.
  • David (oYo) 2013/02/27 23:19:37
  • Erin 2013/02/27 22:58:05
    Yes...cool to float...
    I did this in Del Mar, CA about 20 years ago and it was amazing...one of the best experiences of a lifetime.
  • wutever 2013/02/27 22:34:50
    Nope...not my bag...
    Not anymore
  • seattleman 2013/02/27 22:06:12
    Yes...cool to float...
    Very much so. I've done it before.
  • I NEED A HORSE 2013/02/27 21:50:13
  • Drageona 2013/02/27 21:38:37
    Nope...not my bag...
    I am afraid of heights. I have enough trouble getting on a airplane.
  • Harley Quinn 2013/02/27 21:19:24
    Nope...not my bag...
    Harley Quinn
    Not a big fan of heights.
  • deidara.trueart 2013/02/27 19:38:50
  • holly go lightly 2013/02/27 19:15:07
    Yes...cool to float...
    holly go lightly
    I would .
  • urwutuis 2013/02/27 19:04:34
    Yes...cool to float...
    As long as it doesn't fall out of the sky like the one that killed 19 in Luxor
  • naked_and_barefoot N.I.T. 2013/02/27 18:58:56
    Nope...not my bag...
    naked_and_barefoot N.I.T.
    Plain and simple. I don't climb aboard anything with less then 2 engines and more is better. Hot air and wind don't seem to be good running companion's.

  • David 2013/02/27 18:48:46
    Nope...not my bag...
    Especially not in Egypt!
  • **StarzAbove** 2013/02/27 18:07:47
    Nope...not my bag...
    No, definitely not!
  • RevJim 2013/02/27 18:04:59 (edited)
    Yes...cool to float...
    And of course I would take my camera along! Balloons CS
  • john 2013/02/27 17:54:42
    Nope...not my bag...
    http://farm4.staticflickr.com... after the air balloon crash this week....
  • Donishka 2013/02/27 17:42:55
    Nope...not my bag...
    No thank you i like my feet on the ground.It is beautiful to watch it float by though.
  • ziad 2013/02/27 17:38:58
    Yes...cool to float...
    I was hoping that always
  • Souless In The Abyss 2013/02/27 17:35:13
    Yes...cool to float...
    Souless In The Abyss
    i have before. then i jumped out and parachuted! id love to do that again!
  • Linnster Souless... 2013/02/27 21:02:15 (edited)
    You don't mean you parachuted out of the hot air balloon do you?
  • Souless... Linnster 2013/02/27 21:08:47
    Souless In The Abyss
    oh yes i do!
  • Linnster Souless... 2013/02/27 21:29:47
    Cool. I did them separately.
  • Souless... Linnster 2013/02/28 02:00:49
    Souless In The Abyss
    thats awesome! I usually go freefalling and bungee jumping when time permits :)
  • Linnster Souless... 2013/02/28 02:04:24
    Can't bring myself to go bungee jumping. With my luck, the cords would be longer than the drop. :)
  • bags the Indigenous Guru 2013/02/27 17:31:44
    Yes...cool to float...
    bags the Indigenous Guru
    I'm terrified of heights.....so I decided to ace my fears and a friend and I went for a dawn balloon ride. I was too charmed, too eager for the experience, to be afraid. I reached out and snipped the very top of a HUGE pine with my fingers as we drifted by. It's an experience I shall never forget, and one I'd recommend to anyone.
  • Car1u5~PWCM~JLA 2013/02/27 17:11:56
    Nope...not my bag...
    Close quarters are evil.
  • sky 2013/02/27 16:57:38
    Yes...cool to float...
    Yeah, looks like fun.

  • cjd 2013/02/27 16:55:36
    Yes...cool to float...
    I would and I have
  • Lerro DeHazel 2013/02/27 16:19:07
    Nope...not my bag...
    Lerro DeHazel
    No, I wanted to before; but not anymore.
  • JohnT 2013/02/27 16:11:14
    Yes...cool to float...
    On my bucket list it would be great to photograph things from the balloon, love to do it.
  • Professor Wizard 2013/02/27 16:09:53
    Yes...cool to float...
    Professor Wizard
    Been there, done that!

    They are really fun.
  • rand 2013/02/27 15:58:54
    Yes...cool to float...
    No problem. It's safer than flying in planes...and I've done that many times..
  • eyeballz 2013/02/27 15:52:50
    Yes...cool to float...
    I have done it before ,and I would do it again . It was a great experience although pricey . balloons over letchworth balloons over letchworth
  • Jan 2013/02/27 15:52:18
    Nope...not my bag...
    I've got no head for heights.

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