Would You Let Your Teen Become A Werewolf?

Living 2010/05/28 15:38:10
Sure, it’s just another form of teenage rebellion.
No way, that’s just creepy.
I think teenage wolfpacks are …
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Blame it on the “Twilight effect.” Or maybe just a really slow news day in San Antonio. An adorable local newscast in the city recently uncovered the latest clique trend among high school outcasts looking to mark their rebel territory: teen werewolves.

Prone to wearing animal fur tails hanging out of their skinny jeans, wearing molded fangs, sporting dog-like spooky contacts and tethering dog collars attached to chains around their necks, the gentle members of the “Wolf Pack” claim they’re not part of some attention-seeking gang. “We’re not a gang at all,” said one member. “Gangs are poseurs. They just want attention … The Pack? We’re a family. We go to each other for our problems.”

More than six packs have popped up around the city and one member, “alpha dog” 18-year-old Wolfie Blackheart, made international news recently when the skull of a neighbor’s missing dog ended up in his possession.

The get together at midnight under the full moon (when their parents allow them to go out that late), hang out at the mall (where they get their eyeliner) and swear they’re just normal teens who are just trying to live their lives. Jeez!

Officials say they tend to keep to themselves and don’t’ cause any problems and one mom said as long as her little wolfie takes out his fangs and fake lenses and remembers to put the garbage out on Thursday night, she’s fine with it.

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  • guitar_foster_6 2010/05/29 01:41:55
    I think teenage wolfpacks are …
    Well, if this wolf thing continues, pretty soon there is going to be vampires which can only mean one thing......

    Get out your torches, looks like we're going to have to burn down Hot Topic teenage wolfpacks wolf continues pretty vampires torches burn hot topic

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  • georgia 2015/02/09 20:46:17
    I think teenage wolfpacks are …
    Packs are really good it gives young people who don't have a supportive family a family to turn to. They can really connect with those people. I'm in a pack and one of the pack members really struggles at home and he says its really nice to have a family again.
  • sophie louise 2013/08/16 15:22:41
    I think teenage wolfpacks are …
    sophie louise
    a very good idea, im planning on starting one, i dont care about the hate
  • Bleach the Limit 2010/12/14 11:59:20
    Sure, it’s just another form of teenage rebellion.
    Bleach the Limit
    im one of them. i have a pack and everything and yes we do go out howling under the full moon. it doesnt come from twilight or any movies. its a spiritual thing. we feel a tie to wolves as if they are our brothers and sisters. its not a gang whatsoever. we are a family and are there to help eachother when our family by blood cannot understand. We are just bringing out out true selves.
  • Scarlet Bleach ... 2010/12/14 21:46:22
    Awesome. That sounds really good Xx
  • wolf 723 Bleach ... 2011/01/22 23:20:27
    wolf 723
    got that right
  • Jade 2010/11/07 07:21:38
    No way, that’s just creepy.
    My nephew actually believes he is a werewolf. He is not pretending. I think it is very sad that these kids think they need to be a werewolf to have a pack to protect them. This is especially sad when they are turning away from a supportive family for their "pack". It is just a different kind of gang in my opinion and I think it could get out of control. My nephew told me when he sees blood he feels a instinct to growl and attack. Needless to say he is not coming anywhere near my children, rebellion or not so, he is losing contact with his real family even further. My 3 year old realizes werewolves aren't real, what does that say about these teens?
  • Vio-vio 2010/08/05 09:37:16
    Sure, it’s just another form of teenage rebellion.
    I don't think you're understanding of the belief.. It isn't just a phase. It's who we are. I don't see why all you people are down sizing all of us. We have a tighter bond and are more closely together as a pack. Do you know what a pack is? It is a group of wolves who care about each other, Like a big family. Yes we might dress off and wear odd things. But we will have something throughout high school and the rest of our lives only most people have ever wished for. We have each other's backs and we're never alone. Think about it that way before you criticize. We don't have to worry about ever being along because we have the pack, our family, our friends, the people who will always be there for us.
  • dracorexXP 2010/06/04 05:05:36
    I think teenage wolfpacks are …
    uhhhh.....kinda weird. as long as they don't hurt anybody I suppose
  • Master 2010/06/01 07:08:05 (edited)
    I think teenage wolfpacks are …
    Just when I think the idiotic nonsense couldn't get any deeper....

    idiotic nonsense deeper
  • Greetings Chap 2010/06/01 04:00:14
    I think teenage wolfpacks are …
    Greetings Chap
    i don't have much to say. this is just ridiculous.
  • NObamaGirl ~ Viva Cristo Rey!~ 2010/06/01 03:30:29
    I think teenage wolfpacks are …
    NObamaGirl ~ Viva Cristo Rey!~
    Creepy and definitely not my thing, but as long as they don't cause any trouble...
  • pyromikamaniac 2010/06/01 01:12:46
    Sure, it’s just another form of teenage rebellion.
    "We're here"
    Kinda creepy, but as long as they're not eating people....
  • Bleach ... pyromik... 2010/12/14 12:00:43
    Bleach the Limit
    oh believe me we dont eat people XD
  • pyromik... Bleach ... 2010/12/14 22:11:42
    Wow, I answered this question forever ago ;D

    Since then a girl in one of my classes has started wearing a wolf tail, although I don't think she's actually convinced that she's a werewolf.

    After all, all the REAL werewolves keep it a secret.... 0_o
  • Brick that were shat. 2010/06/01 00:55:34
    I think teenage wolfpacks are …
    Brick that were shat.
    ... em whatever. Meh, I had my phases.
  • ~*Chelsey*~ 2010/06/01 00:13:54 (edited)
    I think teenage wolfpacks are …
    i think It takes extreme bravery to express yourself like that, especially in high school where you can get shunned if you don't look, act, talk, or dress a certain way. Self-expression is important when you're a teenager, as long as they're not hurting anyone or anything than I don't think there's anything wrong with what they're doing and I wouldn't have any objections to my teen joining.
  • myfriendtherabbit 2010/05/31 23:18:44
    Sure, it’s just another form of teenage rebellion.
    As long they don't hurt anyone, I don't see why not. It's kind of like cosplaying, really.
  • Camda 2010/05/31 23:18:17
    Sure, it’s just another form of teenage rebellion.
    Stupid Twilight!!
  • Bleach ... Camda 2010/12/14 12:01:08
    Bleach the Limit
    it doesnt come from twilight (- -|||)
  • Camda Bleach ... 2010/12/15 22:33:57
    I know humor me Bucket!!!
  • Depp78 2010/05/31 23:06:34
    I think teenage wolfpacks are …
    Wolf-People, they are seem harmless enough, they are still young, once they are moving off to different colleges or work places, I think it will fade from each person as they age. I don't see any "goth" people sitting around in cubicles or heading to high-rise office buildings. I have seen my share of drunk or hung over "professionals" stumping about. I would rather have a werewolf with fangs and a tail sharing my cube then vodka-stinking Joe, who can hardly sit up straight.
  • Bleach ... Depp78 2010/12/14 12:02:07
    Bleach the Limit
    im in a pack. most of us are in college (not me im the youngest ;_;) but that doesnt stop us
  • CallMeDora(: 2010/05/31 22:46:28
    No way, that’s just creepy.
    thats just plain weirddd!!! :0 :0 ;0
  • tootien 2010/05/31 21:08:11
    No way, that’s just creepy.
    gives new meaning to what it must be to be a bored teenager
  • PanicSwitch 2010/05/31 19:07:07 (edited)
    I think teenage wolfpacks are …
    Can I join a pack of chewbaccas then?

    teenage wolfpacks join pack chewbaccas
    teenage wolfpacks join pack chewbaccas
  • vVvVv MeLL!Ƨɐ vVvVv 2010/05/31 19:00:11
    No way, that’s just creepy.
    vVvVv MeLL!Ƨɐ vVvVv
    really? wolves? what is this halloween???
  • LdyLeo 2010/05/31 17:22:21
    I think teenage wolfpacks are …
    It's a fad like Twilight it'll go away eventually. This is just teens being teens; they'll grow out of it.
  • some idiot who thinks he kn... 2010/05/31 17:18:37 (edited)
    I think teenage wolfpacks are …
    some idiot who thinks he knows everything
    I don't know about you guys, but I find this stuff kind of inspiring. Anyone ever heard of something like this before? You guys got to give them some credit. I wouldn't be part of a wolk pack .... But atleast they make people; preety much everyone feel welcome. Makes me wanna be me even more and not be anything anyone else would want me to be...
  • Mike 2010/05/31 17:13:44
    I think teenage wolfpacks are …
    Looks like I need to go buy some silver bullets...
  • Lady Wh... Mike 2010/05/31 22:14:15
    Lady Whitewolf
    Contrary to popular beliefs, a regular bullet will kill a werewolf. And to BE a werewolf your parents have to be Weres
  • Scarlet 2010/05/31 17:05:09
    Sure, it’s just another form of teenage rebellion.
    I don't see whats wrong with that, they wanna be different, let 'em. It's who they wanna be. Chav, Emo, Nerd, w/e, it doesn't matter, its their lives. Let 'em be who they are.
    And some of them are really hot!
  • Spiryt Henderson 2010/05/31 16:48:22
    I think teenage wolfpacks are …
    Spiryt Henderson
    teens being teens
  • Gary 2010/05/31 16:37:51
    I think teenage wolfpacks are …
    Good Lord, do they actually look like that?
  • Locker Midget 2010/05/31 16:00:05
    I think teenage wolfpacks are …
    Locker Midget
    wow this is freakin sweet
  • Bright_mind_maden 2010/05/31 15:48:25 (edited)
    Sure, it’s just another form of teenage rebellion.
    Looks like some kinda hybrid of goth and emo IMHO.

    But i like the tail idea! Here in Riga (Latvia) i sow view girls and boys wearing those tails to, but without the rest of the stuff like linces, chains…!
    latvia sow view girls boys wearing tails rest linces chains
  • Queen B 2010/05/31 15:28:23 (edited)
    I think teenage wolfpacks are …
    Queen B
    one of the dumbest things I've heard of. Besides, Michael J. Fox already did the teen wolf schtick back in the 80's.

    dumbest ive heard michael fox teen wolf schtick 80s
  • Sweetness ~Loves her Lion~ 2010/05/31 13:29:39
  • Descendant from the angels <3 2010/05/31 12:54:47
    I think teenage wolfpacks are …
    Descendant from the angels <3
    AWESOME. Teenagers are so.. creative and imaginative these days.. like me.
  • ellomotto 2010/05/31 11:46:47 (edited)
    I think teenage wolfpacks are …
    damn you Twilight!

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