Would You Let Your Child Get Plastic Surgery In Order to Escape Bullying?

Living 2012/07/30 00:47:24
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14-year-old Nadia Ilse is the latest teen to turn to plastic surgery in order to ward off bullies. Since the first grade, school bullies had taunted Nadia about the size of her ears, calling her “Dumbo” and “elephant ears.” At the age of ten, Nadia began begging her mom for otoplasty—an operation to pin her ears back—but her mother couldn’t afford the surgery.

Recently, however, the Little Baby Face Foundation stepped in to help. LBFF is a charity that provides free corrective surgery to children born with facial deformities. The foundation brought Nadia to New York City from Georgia and paid $40,000 for her to undergo otoplasty, as well as rhinoplasty (reducing the size of her nose) and mentoplasty (altering her chin.)

Nadia told CNN’s chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta that the bullying “hurt so much,” and caused her to become withdrawn and antisocial. After the surgery she said, "I look beautiful, this is exactly what I wanted, I love it."

We’re certainly glad that Nadia feels more confident in her appearance. But is getting plastic surgery really the answer? Is it empowering for the victim? Or does giving in just let the bullies win? It may be a bit both. Regardless, it seems like this trend is here to stay.

What do you think SodaHeads? Would you let your child get plastic surgery in order to escape bullying?

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  • JCLadybug 2012/07/30 00:55:39
    I had/have big ears and have grown into them some. Give kids a chance to grow up first. I hope this plastic surgery for kids/teens/young adults ends soon.

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  • darlene... Neutron... 2012/07/30 02:59:52 (edited)
    kids are so cruel when you are different... I spent half my childhood protecting other kids from bullies... the only reason I wasn't bullied myself was I was really big, and very strong for my age, with more than my fair share of street smarts... if it were my kid, I would have busted ass to make sure she had it done before she ever went to school

    *edit*and I'm not bashing the parents... I'm Canadian, our heath care system makes such things much more affordable here than most anywhere else
  • Neutron... darlene... 2012/07/30 03:01:21
    Why didnt you 'bust ass' to make sure people didnt bully your daughter instead of getting her to mutilate herself to appease others.
  • ««Gingey, the Master Debate... 2012/07/30 01:40:22
    ««Gingey, the Master Debater of Þ|-|Дэ†»»
    My cousin had surgery for her ears because hers were really terrible. I don't think it's a bad idea at all if it's what the kid wants.
  • ALL_BAND_FAN 2012/07/30 01:36:16
    i've been bullied all my life but no corrective surgery can fix me.
  • Saul Borbón-Dos Sicilias 2012/07/30 01:33:53
    Saul Borbón-Dos Sicilias
    Sure. When they are over 18. I never liked my nose, so in the week i turned 18 i asked my parents for a nose job as a present. I had a few appointments with a therapist, and when she gave the green light to my parents i underwent the surgery. Now i have a perfectly proportional nose and i'm quite happy with it. I was never bullied because of it, since it wasn't really a deformity, i simply did not like it, didn't find it symmetrical.
  • Sopinum 2012/07/30 01:33:03
  • ✞Knight of Honor 2012/07/30 01:32:34
    ✞Knight of Honor
    What's so wrong with her being able to control her appearance?
  • Sodahead Founders are Fascists 2012/07/30 01:29:09
    Sodahead Founders are Fascists
    That is giving in to terrorists.
  • Sterling 2012/07/30 01:28:05
    It really depends on the situation, for what the girl in the picture wanted? Hell no. She looked fine. I would only do it for something like a true birth defect. For something like what that girl had, kids need to learn that you have to fight through problems. Any time in the future that this kid doesn't like the way she looks she's gonna go back and redo redo redo. Here's a newsflash: that never looks good.

    Michael Jackson
  • Nimitz 2012/07/30 01:26:32 (edited)
    Before I'd watch my kid go through years of hell from his/her peers, hell YES I'd let her have the surgery!

    I'd make it contingent on her taking self defense courses, though.
  • Mamaknows 2012/07/30 01:25:36
    I might. Depending on the issuse. Because no matter what lip service people pay to people with below average looks....it has been proven time and again that people that do not fit ...who are not conventionally "attractive" get paid less and have less oppertunity then a person that IS attractive with simalar education.
    If you are overweight or not "hot/attractive" then people respond VERY differently to you.
    So I could understand surger, within reason, to feel more attractive...to be percived that way.
    Like the girl in the story. She will benifit from that surgery for the rest of her life. Like braces for your kids because you want them to have the best start you can give them. Not boob jobs or leg lextentions...they can take care of that later but a few things to balance out ones looks...OK.
  • Terry McGinnis 2012/07/30 01:21:44
    Terry McGinnis
    My daughter is already gorgeous (she's a model), so plastic surgery would defeat her natural beauty.
  • keelan 2012/07/30 01:21:38
    i would personally go there and handle the situation my self
  • ☽✪☾Goddess~Worshiper☥ 2012/07/30 01:19:28
    She was beautiful before the surgery. Now she looks like a barbie doll.. If she would have stayed how she was, she would have gotten true friends that don't care what she looked like. Now all she has is the friends who are only interested in looks.. I have been told all my life I look stupid or I'm fat. I was bullied in school (4-eyes, bed-head) I have true friends now though, because I couldn't care less what people thinks about me.
  • ʂıoвнaп ♡ 2012/07/30 01:18:08
    ʂıoвнaп ♡
    No. I would tell my (hypothetical) child that everyone is beautiful and that the people making fun of him or her are ignorant and need to grow up.
  • Azazyel's Dragon 2012/07/30 01:15:05
    Azazyel's Dragon
    No; people need to be excepting to who they are. And if chose plastic surgery for my child, doesn't that mean the bullies win?
  • Azazyel... Azazyel... 2012/07/30 01:17:45
    Azazyel's Dragon
    Oops! Forgot the "I" in that sentence.
  • Quiet-is-feared 2012/07/30 01:10:18
    I'd teach my child to actually stand up for their selves. despite the bullying. Theres nothing wrong with the way this girl looked originally.
  • alex 2012/07/30 01:08:59 (edited)
    Not under 18 I wouldn't. If it was THAT bad, I would homeschool them if that's what they wanted in order to escape the ridicule. But honestly..All the girl had to do was pluck her eye brows and get highlights...
  • R ~In Harry Potter I Trust~ 2012/07/30 01:07:34
    R ~In Harry Potter I Trust~
    Not for something that stupid..it's not like she was deformed by an illness. She doesn't even look all that much different from what I can see.
  • Brosia - KarmaRaven 2012/07/30 01:07:09
    Brosia - KarmaRaven
    Kids are mean. If you get plastic surgery to fix the issues that others are picking on, you are only giving them a victory. Sure, they might stop calling you those names, but they pushed you to change yourself, so they know that you have a breaking point. A point that you will not fight back, but back down.

    Instead, I would help my kids to embrace their differences. My daughter has an hour-glass figure, with a small pooch. She is very normal looking, but I know that some people will call her fat, because they suck, and the fatter kids are easier targets. So, her whole life, I have been making her know that her body is her own, and that no one can tell her otherwise. She is very comfortable in her skin, and that is all I can hope for (my son has quite a few mental and emotional issues, so we are teaching him to embrace himself, as no one else can do it properly. He is also very comfortable in his body, but he does have explosive reactions when bullied, so there is still some work to be done, but that is what his therapist is for).
  • Boyosemu 2012/07/30 01:03:09
    No, I would never changed my child's appearance to escape bullying. If I found out that my child was being bullied at school, I would confront their parents with a very strong but polite approach and I will tell the school about this so that they watch the students more carefully so that they can punish the bullies. Appearance does not decide whether you get bullied or not because I go to a public school where I wear crappy jeans and a hoodie over my head carrying my books and sketchpad, plus I have no friends at lunch, I eat alone and not once have I gotten bullied.
  • Danny 2012/07/30 01:02:14
    I feel that it depends on how much the kid was being bullied, If it was MAJOR bad then yes but if they could brush it off, no.
  • 3052457 2012/07/30 01:01:47
  • gvc 2012/07/30 01:01:01
    I wouldn't have a problem with facial surgery, if there was really something that bothered my child, and caused her pain.
  • Shadow_Wolf 2012/07/30 01:00:42
    But what a wonder it did on her
  • Trish 2012/07/30 01:00:21
    By getting plastic surgery your only running from your problems. Embrace who you are, don't change it.
  • ☠ Live Free Or Die ☠ 2012/07/30 00:58:33
    ☠ Live Free Or Die ☠
    I'd let her give the bullies plastic surgery. The hard way.
  • Kyle 2012/07/30 00:57:28
    no matter what people will keep bullying you no matter if you get pastic surgery or not
  • JCLadybug 2012/07/30 00:55:39
    I had/have big ears and have grown into them some. Give kids a chance to grow up first. I hope this plastic surgery for kids/teens/young adults ends soon.
  • Magnilo... JCLadybug 2012/07/30 16:13:26
    That's if they have the chance to grow into them. I've known of more than one or two kids who have committed suicide because of bullying.
  • JCLadybug Magnilo... 2012/07/30 18:19:45
    This is where other options come into play. Changing schools, therapy, talking to the administration etc. This is not the solution to bullying. You really think bullying stops when they change something....they just choose another feature/issue.
  • Lizzeh 2012/07/30 00:55:17
    I would not want my kid going through that.

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