Would You Eat Lion Meat?

Living 2010/06/24 13:26:14
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We love burgers, but we'd think twice about eating this one.

A Mesa, Ariz., restaurant is serving lionburgers in honor of the World Cup ... and local residents are roaring.

Lion meat is a delicacy in South Africa, the host country for the 2010 World Cup soccer championship, so Cameron Selogie of il Vinaio decided to pair a meat from there with a fine wine. But now he's being flooded with phone calls about the menu selection.

"It's ranged from, ‘It's immoral,’ to bomb threats, to personal threats. Some people have said they're gonna come down and shoot us," he said.

He said he's also gotten a lot of positive comments that outnumber the negative ones by a ratio of 10-to-1.

Would You Eat Lion Meat?

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  • bags 2010/06/24 17:15:18
    Nope ... lions are too cute to eat!
    Nothing to do with cute......LOTS to do with them being a threatened species being reduced to a mundane burgers.

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  • ALL_BAN... υяsυℓα ... 2010/06/25 01:11:02
  • Mechild 2010/06/24 23:27:46
    Nope ... lions are too cute to eat!
    No, despite the fact that I don't eat meat at all, I would not want to eat a lion especially an asiatic lion which is endangered. Lions are such beautiful animals and so regal it definitely would not seem right. meat eat lion asiatic lion endangered lions beautiful animals regal
  • ALL_BAN... Mechild 2010/06/25 01:11:29
    that's so cute!!
  • WhoaIt'sSarah. 2010/06/24 23:09:28
    Nope ... lions are too cute to eat!
    Nope. But not becasue their cute
  • Gun665 2010/06/24 23:08:07
  • TheNigh... Gun665 2010/06/24 23:44:13
    Noble? lol Disney lions are noble. Even wildlife shows on the discovery channel are misleading. Real lions are savage monsters. You have no idea.
  • Gun665 TheNigh... 2010/06/24 23:55:59
  • TheNigh... Gun665 2010/06/25 00:39:10 (edited)
    I'm wasn't really assuming anything about you, I just corrected your mischaracterization of lions. Nobody who knows anything about lions, beyond an animated cartoons, would call them noble. So, if I'm assuming anything, that's why. Nothing personal.
  • Gun665 TheNigh... 2010/06/25 13:40:16 (edited)
  • Tara TheNigh... 2010/06/25 23:56:48
    I've studied lions a great deal. What you may call "savage monsterous" are survival skills to them.They're animals for f** sake,they have to be that way. But now that idiots with guns and greedy stomachs have stepped up, it's going to be even harder. Their numbers have been dropping drastically for years and this burger buisness is going to make things much worse.Personally I think they are amazing beautiful creatures. Capable of much more than savage, and monsterous behavior.
  • TheNigh... Tara 2010/06/26 01:47:23 (edited)
    Human beings have survivor skills, animals have instincts. Animals survive primarily on impulse, not because they sit around philosophizing about morality.

    "Personally I think they are amazing beautiful creatures. Capable of much more than savage, and monsterous behavior."

    How about you go to the nearest zoo, climb into the lion pens, and pet one. Perhaps then you will realize how beautiful and noble they are with their claws in your back and their teeth wrapped around your head!

    lion pens pet realize beautiful noble claws teeth wrapped head
    This is beautiful.

    pens pet realize beautiful noble claws teeth wrapped head beautiful
    This is your worst f***ing nightmare.
  • Tara TheNigh... 2010/06/26 14:52:55 (edited)
    People shouldn't be near them. I didn't call them noble, and I still think they are beautiful-that is MY personal opinion, like it or not I don't care and that's not the point. When did I ever say I sit around "philosophizing"?? My point is they are animals...wild animals.Not monsters. People have done worse to eachother than lions have done to anything and for some reason they get looked down upon for ....being "savage"??
    Just because I know they are capable of more than savagery does not mean I want to go roll around with them. ugh I think they should be left the hell alone.Do you have something against them?
  • TheNigh... Tara 2010/06/26 16:44:46
    Ya, they kill people. I agree, they're cubs are cute and it's heart warming to see them relax and play and lick each other. But that's very one-sided. They also kill their cubs and rape each other.
  • Tara TheNigh... 2010/06/27 03:33:31 (edited)
    The particular thing I was thinking was when it was documented that a lioness took care of the baby of a gazel or something who's mother it had killed. They've been seen doing that a few times. Or the way they act as a family and care for eachother. I just meant they aren't simply monsterous killing machines.

    Rape eachother? When they mate you mean? Gotta make more babies....I don't think a lioness cares as much as a woman would. Either way, leave em to it.There are reasons they kill their cubs, as horrible as it seems. They don't have human logic as I'm sure you know.
  • joe59 Gun665 2010/06/25 01:50:31
    Yep you gotta make due with what you got I always say, especially in a survival situation.
  • PrettyJude 2010/06/24 22:57:39
    Nope ... lions are too cute to eat!
    they are in risk of becoming extincts, and making them into burgers isn't helping.
  • ALL_BAN... PrettyJude 2010/06/25 01:13:18 (edited)
    they're further away from extinct then they used to be. also there's no 's' in extinct.
  • PrettyJude ALL_BAN... 2010/06/25 01:30:55
    oops didn't notice. and still.
  • Maria 2010/06/24 22:31:57
    Nope ... lions are too cute to eat!
    save Lion for the future not want see in the history wipe out gone no more lions and our children of feature will wish to see alive lions than movie,picture,etc.
    also Lions well off beauty by nature....
  • CallMeDora(: 2010/06/24 21:57:56
    Nope ... lions are too cute to eat!
    that doesn't appetizing at all to me.
  • Discoman 2010/06/24 21:33:33
    Sure, I'd try anything.
    do they taste good?
  • prometheus Discoman 2010/06/24 23:43:08 (edited)

    The duckboy said "Kill me." I bet they do it with animals...or dress up as animals and have their raging fur orgies..

    duckboy kill bet animals dress animals raging fur orgies
  • Discoman prometheus 2010/06/25 05:20:16
  • prometheus Discoman 2010/06/25 07:27:30
    Neither does anyone except people who are close to their animal side.
  • Dev 2010/06/24 21:18:17
    Nope ... lions are too cute to eat!
    I wouldn't eat any meat that comes from a threatened animal. And I doubt it would taste any good. Even if it did, I wouldn't eat it. That's just wrong imo.
  • sam 2010/06/24 20:38:47
    Sure, I'd try anything.
    They would eat me!
  • Tara sam 2010/06/25 23:58:11
    Only if they had to. I'm sure a lion would MUCH rather have a deer.
  • METALheadMom 2010/06/24 20:38:34
    Nope ... lions are too cute to eat!
    I do not find lions in any way "cute", but I know there are not many of them left, so NO, I could never eat one.
  • milesrose 2010/06/24 20:12:50
    Nope ... lions are too cute to eat!
    I couldn't eat a cat of any kind. I'm to much of a feline person. and really, that's just killing them off for stupid-ass burgers.
  • Crazy Emo Chick 2010/06/24 20:09:17
    Sure, I'd try anything.
    Crazy Emo Chick
    Unless theyre endangered, Ill eat any animals meat
  • Caca 2010/06/24 20:04:30
    Sure, I'd try anything.
    Id Seriously Eat Anything
  • santa6642 2010/06/24 20:00:26
    Sure, I'd try anything.
    that would eat me if given the chance
  • Cymech Dragon 2010/06/24 19:44:51
    Sure, I'd try anything.
    Cymech Dragon
    I'll eat any meat, there's virtually nothing I've not had.
  • Katie~awkward child♥ 2010/06/24 19:29:11
    Nope ... lions are too cute to eat!
    Katie~awkward child♥
    Um....no. That's just disgusting.
  • Rocker{Team Jacob} 2010/06/24 19:26:39
    Nope ... lions are too cute to eat!
    Rocker{Team Jacob}
    i love burgers but lion meat thats just wrong i love lions ther my favorite thing to see at the zoo{yes i still go} and if they keep serving this lion burger like there cousin the currently endangerd tiger they might just one day die out i am a big animal fan and i hate when people just go killing animals ecpecilly endangerd ones dont we owe it to our grandchildren and great grandchildren and even beyond to preserve our resources because if they die we wont have to be telling them how great they WERE to the world i want to tell them how great they are.
  • Kris Says Hi 2010/06/24 19:15:50
    Nope ... lions are too cute to eat!
    Kris Says Hi
    If I wasn't vegetarian I would probably go for it.
  • Austin 2010/06/24 19:04:15
    Nope ... lions are too cute to eat!
    it would be wierd
  • volley15 2010/06/24 18:38:21
    Nope ... lions are too cute to eat!
    I'm not a big fan of red meats, but are these people making these threats from PETA? Cause it sound right out from their textbook manual.

    Aren't Lions on the endangered/threatened list anyway?
  • Atmara 2010/06/24 18:31:25
    Sure, I'd try anything.
    Only after the Lion eats me first!
  • RawRsaurus 2010/06/24 18:31:14
    Sure, I'd try anything.
    If people are willing to eat crayfish and snake, we should be able to eat anything.

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