Would You Eat Just 500 Calories a Day to Lose Weight?

Living 2011/03/08 20:16:04
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A scary-sounding diet fad has people eating just 500 calories a day and injecting themselves with a pregnancy hormone -- but proponents swear it's worth it.

Kay Brown takes a syringe of the pregnancy hormone hCG every morning and survives on only 500 calories a day in hopes of dropping pounds without feeling hungry.

"I had a friend who did it before her wedding,” Brown told The New York Times. "She looks great."

People all over the country are following in Brown's footsteps, forking over more than $1,000 a month for a consultation, a supply of the hormone and the syringes, the Times reports.

Fans of hCG claim that it metabolizes fat that has been stored in women's dreaded flabby zones -- the upper arms, bellies and thighs. Users are also said to drop a pound a day.

"From an anecdotal point of view, physicians all around the country have seen people losing a tremendous amount of weight with this stuff, and you cannot afford to ignore that," Brown's doctor, Lionel Bissoon, told the Times.

The Food and Drug Administration warned in January that "homeopathic" forms of hCG are fraudulent and illegal if they claim weight-loss powers.

More bad news: The FDA recently received a report of a patient on the hCG diet who had a pulmonary embolism, Christopher Kelly, a spokesman for the agency, told the paper. He also said people who take the hormone are at risk for blood clots, depression, headaches and breast tenderness.

Most importantly, "the hCG diet" comes dangerously close to advocating an anorexic lifestyle.

"The average person is going to eat 1,800 to 3,000 calories," Kristen Smith, a bariatric surgery dietitian at Montefiore Medical Center, told the Times. "I don’t think it promotes healthy long-term eating habits."

We'll stick to 2,000 calories a day, thank you very much. Would you try this diet?

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  • Scott ヶBrony Of PHAETヶ 2011/03/08 21:07:05
    Scott ヶBrony Of PHAETヶ
    2,500 calories per day for men (more if you are very active)
    2,000 calories per day for women (more if you are very active)

    If you want to lose weight you can cut back a couple undress calories and...I don't know....maybe exercise? Going to just 500 is an extreme and is bad for your health.

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  • laura babes 2012/01/08 09:10:22
    laura babes
    I'm 17 and I was 9 stone 11 (136 pounds) I've been doing this diet for under two months and I now weigh 8 stone 11 (123 pounds) I'm really proud of myself for losing the weight, and I'm going to carry on with this diet.
  • dina.devenish 2011/11/12 16:45:56
  • deanna 2011/07/14 16:25:56
    i eat 500 calories a day or less but thats bc i have an eating disorder. whoever came up with this diet should know that habits like this can cause an ed and they would be ruining a number of peoples lives. good job genius.
  • mike 2011/05/09 05:53:16
    you can eat 500 calories a day and probably lose weight but you would also be losing muscle mass and you would feel very sluggish throughout the day from not have enough carbs that give you energy and with that little food you probably would not be able to sleep good at night
  • kelly 2011/04/29 04:14:38
    Eating less than 1200 calories a day slows down your metabolism.
  • Bay 2011/03/10 13:43:49
    no! #1, no.
    #2, that's called crash dieting, and it doesnt work.
  • mariabk 2011/03/10 13:20:11
    i need to eat!!!!!!
  • A Canadian 2011/03/10 13:09:40 (edited)
    A Canadian
    I have no idea how many calories I eat a day but its probably not alot. But I have been doing it for 3 years...lol coming from an ex junk food addict... I know some 50 yr olds who eat very little and have been doing so for 10 years...eh I dont know about 500 cals...Maybe 1000/12000 atleast? The body gets used to it after so long...I woudnt exactaully call it a "DIET" I mean THESE people that you are talking about are on a diet basically..just looking for a qiuck fix.
  • Cthulhu 2011/03/10 08:34:50
    I have no idea how many calories I'm eating a day anyway.
  • Bay Cthulhu 2011/03/10 13:44:30
    probably around 2000, if youre a guy.
  • Cthulhu Bay 2011/03/10 19:54:48
    Yeah, that sounds about right.
  • phil 2011/03/10 07:16:27
    If you want to look good then you should lose weight,
  • AP 2011/03/10 06:38:41
    I find it hard keeping it under 3000. 500 is a snack.
  • Twitch 2011/03/10 05:54:55
    Yes, I could do so.. but the size i am now... i will not survive with 500 cals a day.. i would die
  • Courtney 2011/03/10 05:25:57
    I had three little bags of Cheetos in the course of maybe an hour and a half a few days ago. That's over 900 calories. The thought of eating 500 calories a day makes me laugh.
  • Animal Loving Vegan 2011/03/10 04:53:20
    Animal Loving Vegan
    I already do. I never have time to eat. It is rare for me to eat over a 1000 in a day. And no I am not Kate Moss :)
    You will definitely lose weight, but you must supplement and exercise to build muscle. I know that some doctors will tell their patients to do this for a week or so then move back up to 1500 per day.However, mine said I am just fine, my body is just different. I take vitamins, 3 Garden of Life Green Super Food drinks a day and eat only veggies. ( I am a vegan) I have been this way for years. Even at xmas :) I admit it is strange.
  • A Canadian Animal ... 2011/03/10 13:15:24
    A Canadian
    I drink Vega green smoothies everday( I LOVE the tangerine flavour) :) its amazing!..after I drink one of these it makes me feel so good!.lol lots of good natural raw veggies in it..
  • us 2011/03/10 04:25:07
    I could do it if i just quit drinking pop.
  • A Canadian us 2011/03/10 13:16:22
    A Canadian
    I used to drink 20 cans of coke a day...lol
  • Ashley 2011/03/10 04:11:36
    oh geez no
  • LifeIsComedyPHAET 2011/03/10 04:03:42

    I'm sorry but that doesn't sound safe at all. Medically speaking, if you lose more than two pounds a week, something is terribly wrong with your body.
  • wtxwoman 2011/03/10 03:51:07
    I wouldn't want to because that is a starvation diet. When I was young I fasted one day a week and three days once a month, so all together I fasted six days out of thirty. I did it for health reasons. I should do that now, since I am very overweight, 65 lbs. I would not go on that diet because it is unhealthy. You should never eat under 900 calories a day.
  • Bay wtxwoman 2011/03/10 14:07:59
    you should never eat under 1200. anything below that is a crash diet(for a woman). you will probably lose weight, but also destroy your metabolism, and you will gain the weight back very fast.
  • wtxwoman Bay 2011/03/10 14:14:57
    I agree no one should do that for very long, but you can sustain life at 900 calories for a while, especially if you have extra weight to begin with. I think it is best to vary your intake of calories from 1000 to 1200 to 1500, etc, and back again, to fool your body into thinking it's getting more, so it won't slow the metabolism. Better yet, increasing your activity just a little will make your burn more calories per pound of body weight. Most people don't realize that it takes 3500 extra calories to make a pound, but only 10-15 calories to maintain a pound. Depressing that!
  • Bay wtxwoman 2011/03/10 18:32:17
    well, to each their own. i've never had a weight problem, but i believe in eating healthy and exercising on a regular basis.
    and yeah, that is rather depressing.
  • Black-Indian Girl 2011/03/10 02:56:42
    Black-Indian Girl
    Heck, no! If you think you're overweight or obese, YOU NEED TO CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR for a check-up and a health plan (if necessary). If you have questions, DO NOT hesitate to seek a professional's guidance. Diet fads, such as the Atkins, 500-calorie, or grapefruit diet are "quick fixes." These diets are often nutritionally unbalanced, so there's no 100% guarantee that the results will be permanent, healthy, or even safe. When you hear you have to cut out entire food groups from the pyramid, that's probably a RED FLAG right there.
  • A Canadian Black-I... 2011/03/10 13:21:55 (edited)
    A Canadian
    I never did that. I was 30 lbs overweight. All I did was eat fresh friut and veggies and ran on the treadmill. and I was sedetary for 10 yrs and I NEVER exercised a day in my life! But it took a while!, I paced myself I swear I never even pushed myself hard or nothing thru the entire time. I lost exactauly 1 or 2 lbs a week. SO yes probably a YEAR to actaully lose everything but I kept on doing the treadmill thing cuz I saw AMAZING results..
  • Amber Black-I... 2011/11/12 22:25:58
    ummm atkins works i lost 30 pounds on atkins and i havent gained any of it back. dont knock things until you try it. atkins isnt a diet where you dont eat you can eat as much as you want as long as you dont have over 20 net carbs and thats not very hard.
  • coffy:) 2011/03/10 02:53:30
    Forget that lmao. forget lmao skeleton
  • deanna coffy:) 2011/07/14 16:28:04
    ^ thats beautiful
  • Lucy 2011/03/10 02:49:24
    No. I have to have food, I love it and can control myself, but not that much.
  • Merlin 2011/03/10 02:47:29
    I freaking LOVE my food. I don't care how much I consume, as long as I am happy <3 haha
  • deanna Merlin 2011/07/14 16:28:22
    good for you =)
  • Merlin deanna 2011/07/31 04:18:32
    Thank you! :D
  • vonfinkelstein 2011/03/10 02:46:57
    hCG may be a factor in tumorigenesis, and if you're only eating 500 calories, you're malnourished and only getting a fraction of the nutrients you need. Nutrient deficiences will sabotage the health of every organ system in your body. $1,000 a month is a total rip off for something that damages your health, plain and simple!
  • Megs 2011/03/10 02:19:18
    No, that's unhealthy.
  • Pika 2011/03/10 02:10:25
    That's just suicide for me!!!
  • 13_JunkyardDog 2011/03/10 01:54:26
    people who do this are dumb and do not know how the human body works, how bout you just eat a regular plate of food each meal, but do some exercise? no soda, no candy, just real food
  • vonfink... 13_Junk... 2011/03/10 02:52:23
    Unfortunately, most people who diet are blissfully ignorant of this. They do not discriminate between foods, because to them, the only metrics that matter are Calories, fat and carbohydrates.
  • Bay 13_Junk... 2011/03/10 14:09:06
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