Would you date a transgender?

Allie 2012/03/28 22:16:53
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Totally, I don't see a problem with it. I am naturally straight and currently with my boyfriend Mike, but if I ever was in a situation where the boy I was dating used to be a girl, it wouldn't bother me. I was watching a documentary on transgender people and one of the parents had mentioned a valid point of "How will my daughter (boy to female) mate, get married? Will she have issues finding someone who will except her?", so I am posting this to get an honest, real answers. Would you date a transgender? And for example, a great musician Kim Petras-the youngest person to go through a complete sex change at 16-is one of my favorite pop musicians. She is like insanely gorgeous and her voice is really amazing! This is a documentary where she talk about her experience growing up feeling like a girl in a boys body.

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  • Joanie 2012/03/29 16:57:23
    I am a transsexual woman, and I have dated transgender people. Now I am in a committed relationship with a natal woman.

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  • Ledg. 2014/07/27 20:09:40
    Today we are more educated about transgendered society and people so if I and the transgendered woman hit it off and had a lot in common yes I wouldn't have any problem dating her I very much secure who I am and respect her for being secure in her sexuality.
  • Joker 2013/04/20 02:24:50
  • KaWa 2013/01/18 00:07:04
    Absolutely not. The very notion of such degenerates being allowed to exist is the most sickening thing I have ever heard in my life.
  • "SennaK... KaWa 2014/08/21 19:58:02
    Must be lonely on your pedestal of blue balls and intolerance c:
  • halleigh24 2013/01/09 21:58:59
    I would date a transgender women they are just as beautiful as a real women so why are they not allowed to be loved
  • Emily 2012/11/25 14:51:21
    I am transgender myself, and transgendered people have opinions and preferences like every other human being. But there is nothing fundementally wrong with us transexuals, we just identify ourselves with the opposite gender we were born into, and some of us work toward chaning our "fate".
  • masterbice69 2012/11/13 18:35:48
    yes i would except it would have to be a pre-op transsexual MTF and for a long term relationship of marriage
  • Brian Alexander 2012/10/08 14:05:47
    Brian Alexander
    yes i would and it's what is on the inside that matters to me
  • christopher.rasch1 2012/10/03 22:04:06
    Most people forget its more than body but feelings as well
  • Harley Squiggles the God \(... 2012/09/15 18:41:35
    Harley Squiggles the God \(#o#)/
  • xXScarlettXx 2012/09/15 18:36:12
    Sure, if it were a MTF Transgender.~ :3
  • overlord rai 2012/09/11 20:04:50
    overlord rai
    i go for people based on personalty not gender.
  • VERYwiseguy 2012/09/08 03:52:11
    As long as I never knew it happened.He/she Never.
  • Grissom 2012/09/08 03:49:20
  • "SennaKoshiba" 2012/09/05 08:55:45
    I AM one c:
    I'm not sure if I'd date an FTM transsexual, but maybe someone who identifies as male, but crossdresses as female occasionally, or feels gender lucid c:
  • masterb... "SennaK... 2012/11/13 18:33:41
    lol it's kind of funny but you just described me aha :P
  • "SennaK... masterb... 2012/12/04 17:41:55
    So you're gender lucid? =.
  • Ledg. "SennaK... 2012/12/09 04:05:06
    I dont see nothing wrong with it.Im straight guy if she carries yerself and acts like a woman I treat her with respect as a woman
  • lolitalovely 2012/09/04 23:46:06
    Personally, I wouldn't choose it, but the heart wants what the heart wants. I'd prefer to date someone that was born a male, but If I fall in love and find out my lover is a transgender I'm not going to leave. (provided there are no extenuating circumstances that I haven't accounted for like lying or cheating.) I don't mean to sound shallow but I always thought if I did decide to have children I would want them to be my lover's and my genes. I also prefer simplicity in my life. Transgenders have it bad in society. I'm not so sure that I'd be the best person to bring into that spotlight. Not yet at least. I'm still working my own stuff out.Maybe in a couple of years I'll say yes, but right now, I don't need too much added drama.
  • rob 2012/09/01 18:00:30
    i would love to try it any one in peterborough uk fance it
  • charles nelson 2012/08/13 17:09:16
    charles nelson
    But have to be pretty.
  • CatyaSho 2012/08/11 09:04:09
    love is love :D if I fall for a person, I don't really care whether they've been born male or female. love doesn't discriminate I think.
  • Demoness 2012/08/08 20:59:47
    If I really loved that person and that person loved me,,,then why not?
  • Merhabi Daham 2012/08/08 15:56:51
    Merhabi Daham
    No. I am religiously obligated not to date in the traditional sense first of all, and then I can't really marry a tranny of any sort. But I would hook a transgender up with one of my friends if I could.
  • xcheshirecat 2012/08/08 13:45:37
    I'm not even a english speaker and I know accept is not except... geez

    Like I won't date a ugly or overweight person, transgender aren't my cup of tea. They still aren't completely changed
  • ttfndude 2012/08/08 11:15:06
    I am open to most things....as long as they look very feminine :^)......I have no control over the fact I am very attracted to women
  • Noor 2012/08/08 09:52:27
    No. Not MTF or FTM.
  • Chancy99: Plague Rat 2012/08/08 04:05:09
    Chancy99: Plague Rat
    I have before, she was my longest relationship. Though I would only date MTF.
  • Moh Al-a 2012/08/08 03:57:33
    Moh Al-a


  • "SennaK... Moh Al-a 2012/09/05 08:58:34
    Alica liu

    Andrej Pejic
    Andrej Peji, still physically male. .. . . .he's a guy.
  • Moh Al-a "SennaK... 2012/09/07 09:25:14
  • "SennaK... Moh Al-a 2012/09/11 06:48:50 (edited)
    But. . . .Dat ass ;3; Andrej Pejic sexy dat ass 3 Andrej Pejic sexy
  • Moh Al-a "SennaK... 2012/09/12 10:54:16
    Moh Al-a
    What are you trying to do? advertising for trans?!
    OK dat ass good but how about dat ass

    advertising trans dat ass dat ass


    advertising trans dat ass dat ass

    or some feminine beautiful face

    advertising trans dat ass dat ass feminine beautiful

    advertising trans dat ass dat ass feminine beautiful
  • "SennaK... Moh Al-a 2012/09/14 01:32:56
    I am advertising, mostly because; trans girls can be just as beautiful and sexy as any biologically born females. . . .
  • Moh Al-a "SennaK... 2012/09/14 03:00:21
    Moh Al-a
    Well you have a piont.
    Now go and date one.
    Good luck.
  • "SennaK... Moh Al-a 2012/09/17 17:04:00
    Dude, I AM one XD
  • Moh Al-a "SennaK... 2012/09/18 14:05:29
    Moh Al-a
    I'm not saying they are not beautiful I'm sure if you compare this

    Andrej Pejic sexy

    to an ugly girl, the trans will win.

    Of course it's your decision and your right but I think god chose our sex for a reason and I respect and agree on god decision even I don't know the reason.
  • "SennaK... Moh Al-a 2012/09/20 15:55:01
    Well, if anything; god chose my birth sex so that I would change it. If I hadn't moved forward with my transition, I would have commit suicide a long time ago.
  • Moh Al-a "SennaK... 2012/09/20 17:32:19
    Moh Al-a
    Sorry if you feel changing the sex or suicide are the solutions or the only two solutions of your problems.
  • "SennaK... Moh Al-a 2012/09/24 17:26:00
    Yeeah, it's not quite like that.
    Undergoing SRS is the closest thing I have to a solution, though it's not the same. It's like, the McGuiver solution for those of us who are trans (not a great way to describe it, but it's something). As for why I thought of suicide; my entire life I've lived not having anywhere I belong, and I hated these social limitations and expectations that were placed on my assigned gender. I also hated my body, which I realized more and more as I went through puberty.
    Before I realized I was trans, I hardly had any thought about being a girl, I would just get angrier and angrier as time went on, and I had no idea why. Through no thought or action, I was getting more and more depressed as I looked in the mirror everyday. When I put on girls clothes, I felt happier, and more at ease.
    I realized I liked the thought of being a girl, and went forward with it, and eventually came to the realization that I was supposed to be a girl, and that's why I felt so depressed and angry. For the first time in a long time, I was happy. I moved forward, little by little, and I became noticeably happier, and calmer. Literally all of my teachers even remarked at how I'd become so much better, and happier.

    If I had not found out I was trans, I would have continued to get worse and worse, and I'd eventually have killed myself because I couldn't change who I am.

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