Would you buy food made in somebody else's home?

L.A. Times 2013/01/22 15:00:00
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As of Jan. 1, the California Homemade Food Act will go into effect, allowing California residents to sell certain foods and baked goods they've made at home to stores, restaurants and directly to customers.

Among those people are Echo Park bread-baker-turned-activist Mark Stambler, who co-wrote the bill AB 1616, along with Assemblyman Mike Gatto (D-Silver Lake), that Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law in September. Stambler's business of selling bread to local businesses was shut down in 2011 by the Los Angeles County Health Department after a story about his bread was published in the Los Angeles Times.


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  • Wretha S 2013/01/22 20:33:42
    Wretha S
    To those people who said no, do you eat at restaurants? Have you ever gone into the kitchen in some restaurants? It might turn you off from EVER eating out again... my hubby used to own a business taking care of restaurant kitchen equipment and small building repair, I used to go help him from time to time when he needed an extra set of hands, there was one restaurant in Dallas, a VERY high end restaurant, the kind with private wine lockers for their patrons, $100 a plate and such, we went in there one night after it closed to install a long shelf, the amount of food on the floor could have fed a small village, I was walking THROUGH it the same way you would wade through a few inches of water! It was the nastiest kitchen I had ever been in! They had a cleaning crew come in each night, more like the next morning to clean it up, NO ONE cleaned while the cooks/chefs were there cooking, food flew everywhere and stayed where it landed unless someone kicked it out of the way. I suspect if their wealthy patrons had taken a peek in the kitchen, they would have run screaming...

    I have no problem with eating from individual's kitchens until it is proven to me that I shouldn't eat there.


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  • La 2013/01/27 12:22:11
    Sure, why not.
  • polock 2013/01/26 20:14:52
    If it is good enough that a large store will sell it and stand behind it what's wrong with doing so? Health concerns should have been resolved already.
  • Hawk 2013/01/25 19:02:01
    We enjoy farmers market`s and have bought food from them for many years.
  • Chris 2013/01/25 15:10:36
  • Lord Savage Paulie 2013/01/25 13:12:41
    Lord Savage Paulie
    And why not ,I feel safer than buying from the Govt.most people are down to earth and good people not out to poison the public .
  • DavidK 2013/01/25 06:31:35
    The real quetion should be, how come grocery stores sell "homemade" foods that are made in a factory?
  • Osama McDonalds 2013/01/25 02:33:40
    Osama McDonalds
    Sure! As long as they're willing to get a business license and have some kind of liability insurance and allow the health department to inspect their kitchen just like any other food seller. Fine by me.
  • Tennessean 2013/01/25 01:05:25
    I have bought food at farmers markets for years.
  • CocaColaCandy 2013/01/24 23:53:34
    Sure do! On a regular basis in fact. The local farmer's market does a huge business in everything from Amish baked goods to handmade pierogi, pickles, jellies, and one local farmer's famous family recipe barrel cured sauerkraut. That be some good eatin'!
  • Osama M... CocaCol... 2013/01/25 02:34:13
    Osama McDonalds
    You're making me hungry. LOL.
  • Dj Gill 2013/01/24 21:26:49
    Dj Gill
    That's where it comes from anyways. My neighbor, who is almost 90, sells his produce to the local Krogers and will sell it to anyone who asks for it. Amazing how he builds his own greenhouses at that age......
  • Stef and the City 2013/01/24 18:28:42
    Stef and the City
    Homemade is usually best.
  • Sheila 2013/01/24 17:05:28
    Ok, this question is FUNNY. If you have EVER been in the kitchen of most restaurants the answer would be obvious. People keep their kitchens far cleaner in my expirience.

  • Bibliophilic 2013/01/24 16:48:52 (edited)
    Yes, as long as there are health inspections. I read the reports online and restaurants that regularly keep food in unsafe conditions are blacklisted.

    I just finished eating at a restaurant once, and then caught a glimpse of the kitchen. It was the filthiest place that I had ever seen and online they had received scores of serious health code violations over the years.
  • bettyboop 2013/01/24 16:02:42
    I trust people I know, way more than some professional kitchens! Watch some of the reality shows such as Restaurant Impossible or Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmare and you will see that many of these professional kitchens are NASTY! Myself and my husband do not eat out much, simply because it is cheaper to eat at home for us. When I was younger and worked at places such as burger king and kfc and I remember cook staff handling raw meat and not washing their hand afterwards, but still touching everything else in the kitchen. People wanna think the cooks in places such as that are full trained, I wanna ask if they have lost their damn mind. Most of the staff at fast food restaurants are paid poorly and trained as quickly as possible. Not to mention the fact that the majority are young and really have much more important subjects on their mind like video games and raging hormones!
  • Olde' Smoke 2013/01/24 15:43:10
    Olde' Smoke
    how is this guy washing his hands if he's making bread outside?
  • blackrings70 2013/01/24 14:50:15
    To those who say "Do you eat in restaurants", that's is something different, no not fast-food joints,you are paying for the atmosphere, being served, and so on. I suppose I would depending on what it was, maybe yes then.
  • craptonian 2013/01/24 12:59:41
    only if it is a trusted person or neighbor
  • vio-sonne 2013/01/24 09:33:40
    Just as long as they cook hygenically.
  • Meimoe★ 2013/01/24 07:33:02
    im a fairytale believer. Hansel and Gretel almost became pie....and i dont like pie
  • Lord Sa... Meimoe★ 2013/01/25 13:15:10
    Lord Savage Paulie
    Then eat crow ,,,tee hee
  • Meimoe★ Lord Sa... 2013/01/25 13:38:34
  • kim 2013/01/24 06:20:17
    Yes, but only if I knew them well.
  • I Love this country 2013/01/24 02:56:04
    I Love this country
    Why not, homemade stuff is WAY better than what you buy.
  • kat 2013/01/24 01:55:19
    I've bought homemade jams and jellies at roadside stands for years.
  • Andrew 2013/01/24 00:54:06
    As long as nothing's wrong with it.
  • Jon 2013/01/23 23:13:39
    I thoroughly agree with Wretha S's comments and views on this topic
  • Bob 2013/01/23 22:21:26
    As long as I know they don't hate my guts and had a mental check. LOL! :-)
  • Thomas 2013/01/23 22:15:59
    Anybody in a big city has had "Homemade" food. It is common for a family-owned restaurant to have the owner's home in the floors above it.
    I commonly eat at family member's homes and see no problem in the food served therein. So long as the kitchen is clean, and kept up to USDA Standards, I see no reason that the food should not be sold.
  • Lucy Krueger 2013/01/23 21:47:08
    Lucy Krueger
    wai nut
  • '90skid 2013/01/23 21:32:40
    Of course. What do you think bake sales are? Restaurants? All the food is made at a different place, away from your own home.
  • purpleme55 2013/01/23 20:57:56
    I would and I have done it. I used to be a full time caterer and cake decorator.And I did start out in my home. I have catered to the best of places,and they all knew where I prepared my food. I have been in this business for 30 years and I am very much a stickler about cleanleness.I have inviteds people to stop by and to pick up their orders if they wanted to do the serving their selves, and never had a complaint.But the fact is I do know how dirty resturants can be and I would have to visit someones house to see how they operate and how clean they are. I usually won't even eat at family, friends places if it's a potluck not unless I knew the perpon that made the food I might eat was a very clean cook!
  • Mytstar ~PWCM~JLA 2013/01/23 20:25:40
    Mytstar ~PWCM~JLA
    I used to buy tamales ..roasted ears of corn and burritos sold by street vendors... Pretty sure it was made in their home
  • moviebuff 2013/01/23 19:10:23
    Something about that homemade cooking. mmmmmmmmm..... drooled a little
  • mikeyavelli 2013/01/23 18:54:44
    as opposed to what? factory food? filthy restaurant food?
    i've done it, sold it myself from my home, and bought it. all good.
  • rebeccasrevenge 2013/01/23 18:27:49
    As a matter of fact the best tamales come from the trunk of a couples car that's always in the Stater Brothers parking lot Incredible! I've yet to got sick from them
  • Marie 2013/01/23 18:14:10
    Really worry about cleanliness of someone elses kitchen!
  • Airhead Marie 2013/01/24 03:35:52
    No worse than the kitchens at resturants. I've seen stuff that would make you cringe.
  • Marie Airhead 2013/01/28 15:34:20
    I really pretty much check out kitchens in restaurants before going there! Rather eat at home! checking kitchens in restaurants
  • karzzyman 2013/01/23 18:00:59
    Hell yes that's where all the recipes were invented the reason it isn't,t allowed is because the state and feds can not tax it and get there slice of the loaf , we have to use our common sense, also we don't need government for that , thanks a look how many meaningless inspector jobs would be lost .I think we have too much government that is for the government and not enough government for the people that put them there , where is the American dream ,free trade , look at the internet that is an example of a market performing great with very little government influence , any way I pray for the bread man and all American citizens that Goes will continue richly Bless there lives.

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