Would you buy a hybrid Cadillac?

L.A. Times 2013/01/15 16:00:00
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You'd think that after launching an American icon -- the 2014 Corvette -- and its best-selling U.S. vehicles in the country -- the Chevy and GMC trucks -- that General Motors would call it day. But the company launched another important model on Tuesday at the Detroit Auto Show: the ELR, a sleek luxury coupe based on the Chevrolet Volt.

Cadillac designed the car with Southern California in mind. In an interview ahead of Tuesday's announcement, Bob Ferguson, vice president of global Cadillac, said the ELR could help the automaker gain ground in the country's largest luxury car market.


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  • mm61675 2013/01/17 21:08:21
    if I had 70k
  • billanator 2013/01/17 18:37:32 (edited)
    For overall costs, no. Hybrids costs between 10% to nearly 50% more then its non-hybrid counter part, replacement parts also costs more and most of them are as roomy as Daisy Duke's shorts. This car is no exception, it seems.
  • Papillon billanator 2013/02/05 13:22:09
  • mustangluver 2013/01/17 17:58:09
    No hybrids for me, not even a Mustang..LOL
  • Jackie G - Poker Playing Pa... 2013/01/17 17:05:18
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot
    no, too expensive to buy, too expensive to maintain, too expensive to run
  • polock 2013/01/17 16:41:05
    I want to be able to go where I want without stopping to recharge. I would consider a New Corvette though If I had that kind of mony for a vehicle.they are both cutting edge beautiful.
  • Dane Johnson 2013/01/17 15:31:06
    Dane Johnson
    Tesla dlectric

    The new Tesla Model S is more fuel-efficient and better designed.
  • Cleaver62 2013/01/17 14:07:23
    If I could afford one... sure, why not. They are way out of my price range though.
  • Jensenmk 2013/01/17 11:08:29
    I would never buy a hybrid vehicle, period.
  • Walt 2013/01/17 06:53:09
  • nickthestick 2013/01/17 05:07:56
    only if its got a good safety rating though, im not going to help the earth (whether i buy a damned hybrid or not, its still gonna cool and warm in cycles but thats an argument for another thread) if i have to drive one of those gay little 2 person "smart cars". yea its uncar because its a matchbox.
  • Papillon nickthe... 2013/02/05 13:24:48
  • Mo 2013/01/17 01:51:32
    Just say no to hybrids.
  • Shifting Piece 2013/01/17 01:40:04
    Shifting Piece
    I love Cadillacs, but not going green.
  • Papillon Shiftin... 2013/02/05 13:26:03
  • The Govenor 2013/01/17 00:12:57
  • nickthe... The Gov... 2013/01/17 05:13:42
  • The Gov... nickthe... 2013/01/17 05:23:58
  • nickthe... The Gov... 2013/01/17 05:26:44
    meh, you might be right, never owning a hybrid idk the cost, and 600 hp? nice, bet chicks like that
  • The Gov... nickthe... 2013/01/17 05:31:27
  • Papillon The Gov... 2013/02/05 13:31:15
  • Papillon nickthe... 2013/02/05 13:26:52
  • Of Thee I Sing... 2013/01/16 23:08:18
    Of Thee I Sing...
    I would never advocate Liberal Ideology to taint my vision of a luxury car.....

    Therefore..I chose...

    2014 corvette
  • America... Of Thee... 2013/01/16 23:40:35
    You would never buy a cleaner, safer car?
  • Papillon America... 2013/02/05 13:34:23
  • America... Papillon 2013/02/05 17:14:29
    It is not healthy to breathe in the fumes and gas can blow up. Also climate change is a problem and it looks like you bought the conspiracy theory that it is not true hook line and sinker.
  • Papillon America... 2013/02/05 23:24:08
  • America... Papillon 2013/02/06 04:00:13
    You think I just believe things because I am told it is true? That is all conservatives, they deny science, medicine and history and believe what they are told. Climate change is a fact and scientists say it is true for a reason. What makes you say climate change is false? Give me proof....this should be good...
  • Papillon America... 2013/02/06 21:18:22
  • Bella Cullen 2013/01/16 21:31:07
    Bella Cullen
    Volvo Concept. volvo concept volvo concept volvo concept volvo concept volvo concept volvo concept volvo concept volvo concept volvo concept volvo concept volvo concept volvo concept
  • SezMichael 2013/01/16 19:49:27 (edited)
    That is a hot looking car no matter what you call it. Nice to see some style coming back into American cars
  • El Prez 2013/01/16 19:20:57
    El Prez
    If I could afford it. I would prefer a Lincoln!
  • TooSweet 2013/01/16 19:07:34
    I like the old Caddys,I had A 72' coupe when I was 18...Man I loved that car. 72 coupe de ville
  • Papillon TooSweet 2013/02/05 13:36:33
  • Tylurr 2013/01/16 18:53:00
    But you know what I want?

    A 1985 Delorean with a hybrid system in place.


    That right there, is a dream that overshadows my childhood dream of being a Pokemon master.
  • JwonGalt Tylurr 2013/01/16 20:02:30
    God yes.
  • Tylurr JwonGalt 2013/01/16 20:46:00
    I would die happy if I had that. I don't care if I died in a tragic radiation-induced death, or died watching parts of my body fall off. The knowledge of having this car would leave me at peace.
  • Jesterz 2013/01/16 18:21:34
    I wouldn't buy a standard Caddy, so even less an hybrid... The only electric car I could see myself purchasing at the moment is a Tesla, but it's still way too pricey for me...

    My car need to be able to make long rides of over 100-150 miles without the need of recharging for 4-5 hours... Until an electric car can do that, I'll pass.
  • FISH 2013/01/16 16:53:28 (edited)
    No if its built in China, thanks for raising taxes on the middle class and outsource of our jobs you liar.
  • diana 2013/01/16 15:12:38
    Wow.... This car is amazing!

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