Would you break-up with a girlfriend or boyfriend because your parents didnt approve?

CINDERELLA 2009/06/21 00:32:53
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  • Jess 2009/06/22 16:41:44
    no...well...my parents didn't like one of my bfs because he was black...i pretended to break up with him but i didn't...ha

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  • barrywhite 2015/02/01 21:34:55
  • Martha tego 2013/05/18 12:09:00
  • Martha tego 2013/05/18 12:06:31
  • lilliano 2009/08/25 20:52:14
    No i wouldn't only because you have to lay with that person every night not them and if there is so much dislike towards that person they dont have to be around them
  • mad hatter 2009/07/06 05:39:36
    mad hatter
    no I had a girlfriend in high school that her mom hated me so we saw each other at school and at dances and somtimes she would "stay at a friends house" so we stayed together for a while anyways no I would not
  • Amber 2009/06/23 13:41:49
    No! My parents didn't approve of alot of my boyfriends, but I didn't break up with them because of that. It ended up just not working out.
  • Shabanna 2009/06/23 06:00:51
    i mean if my parents dont like who i date... they dont need to kno if im dating um.. or if they do kno and still dont approve i just say bullshit (srry for my language)
  • brightstar17 2009/06/23 03:39:44 (edited)
    Maybe. It depends who im dating, and how unfair theyre being.
  • Angel baby 2009/06/23 03:23:35
    Angel baby
    yes if they don't like him he's going no where, but the hard times are when one parent does then the other doesn't. but for the most part they keep quite about who i am dating, because "i'm old enough to make my own decisions"
  • Kat Face 2009/06/23 00:17:25
    Kat Face
    It would all depends on how much I liked the person and also how strongly my mum and dad were on the subject and thir reasons.
  • Ashley 2009/06/22 23:54:47
  • ♥Nicole A♥ 2009/06/22 23:09:36
    ♥Nicole A♥
    NO. My mom has bad judgement. She for some reason only wanted me to date white guys and if they werent she would get pissed. Doesnt make since because she is only half white. She espically freaked out when I dated mexicans.
  • Hobbit 2009/06/22 22:02:11
    Depends on why they didn't approve. But I dated lots of girls my parents didn't like. I did it even though they didn't like them. But the one girl my parents loved, I married. And no that wasn't the reason either. lol
  • EV 2009/06/22 20:35:00
  • BabyGirl<3 2009/06/22 18:28:48
    hell no!!!!!!!!
  • patblue1947 2009/06/22 18:13:56
    I didn't and am sorry now. We divorced after only a year.
  • Jess 2009/06/22 16:41:44
    no...well...my parents didn't like one of my bfs because he was black...i pretended to break up with him but i didn't...ha
  • Comrad 2009/06/22 16:41:01
    what the hell is wrong with you kids these days? You have no respect for your parents opinion. Personally I would think it over if my parents did not approve. I would ask my self “why do they not approve?” because it does not mater how old or grown up you feel your parents know more about relationships then you do.

    I looked through your peoples posts and I am appalled by way you think. If you guys don’t get your shit together, your going to get married and then divorced because you didn’t know better.
  • sasquat... Comrad 2009/06/22 19:49:01
    You raise a good point - it's usually a good idea to think of why your parents don't approve of someone; they may have seen something that flew under your radar. However, if you take a look at the experiences of quite a few posters (mine included), there's a reason why we don't listen to our parents anymore - because they have shown themselves to be wrong with alarming frequency, and in some cases petty, vindictive, and off their rocker. I could bring home St. Joseph for a husband and my parents would manufacture plenty of reasons not to approve - so for me, my parents' disapproval is not really a cause for concern.
  • Comrad sasquat... 2009/06/22 21:22:50
    most of the posters are a bunch of ignarent Teenagers that lose all respect for their parents when they get punished.
  • bccxcc 2009/06/22 15:31:52
    nope, I really don't care what they think if it's something that doesn't seem to be their business
  • Electra... bccxcc 2009/06/23 10:26:08
    wat a relief...
  • bccxcc Electra... 2009/06/23 10:37:54
    you didn't know that already?
  • Electra... bccxcc 2009/06/23 10:41:53
    hmmm... well... yeah...
    but now I feel much better...
  • bccxcc Electra... 2009/06/23 10:44:16
    luv ya Nat
  • Electra... bccxcc 2009/06/23 10:46:22
    luv ya2 Bren...
  • Tiwaz 2009/06/22 14:50:02
    Well, since my parents are actually the king and queen of...

    Nah. I'd have a big issue with my parents if they ever thought they could tell me who I can or can't date.
  • Blackbolt 2009/06/22 14:34:37
    no. thats crazy
  • SweetAs... Blackbolt 2009/06/22 19:43:11
    Especially if it was Jessica Simpson lol
  • Vampire Lover 2009/06/22 13:53:53
    Vampire Lover
    no! id my parents didnt aprove they would force me to stop dating him, but i would secretly date him.
  • jrj 2009/06/22 06:06:05
    Maybe I'd consider it but...no. Growing up is part of making your own choices right? I've made plenty.
  • Jess 2009/06/22 05:35:03
    Nope. That's a terrible way to live your life. Let your own judgements lead the way, & don't let others interfere with matters of the heart.
  • Danale 2009/06/22 05:01:51
    NO.. and I didn't. It did strain my relationship with my parents for a while but then they got use to him... then well... we broke up. Maybe my parents were right from the start.
  • Brad 2009/06/22 04:30:36
    I would put into consideration their opinions but they wouldn't have the decision. On the other foot though if i had a gf's parents not like me i would sit down with them one night and find out why. If there is no way it could be tolerated or managed i would have to leave her. Family's respect and admiration is a huge thing without it there is never a real future. At the first sign of trouble her mother/father/sisters/brothers will be standing right there saying i told you so and make you look like a way worse person than you really are...
  • rebecka 2009/06/22 04:05:31
    no i do not care who u like is who u like and they can not change that
  • _Rebekah's Shadow_ 2009/06/22 03:28:58
    _Rebekah's Shadow_
    nope, I'll listen to their opinion but, well, truly if I liked him thenI wouldn't care
  • brelina~celena~goddess of sky 2009/06/22 03:26:20
    brelina~celena~goddess of sky
    If they didn't like him so what? As long he respect me and is nice i really don't care what my parents think
  • Viry 2009/06/22 03:18:44
    no my parents may thing bad things about my boyfriend but I know that my boyfriend is a good person and there was a reason why he is my boyfriend so I'm not going to let my parents choose for me No Way!!!!!! If were truthly a family they would respect my decissons
  • Maria 2009/06/22 03:14:17
    No not in my life. I will not break up because of parent's didn't approve. I happen to love this person and how about them happen to be love too. if this guy is up to no good then have good reason to. not want to destroy or taken advantage of. but if very much in love and do no wrong toward me then why should I break up just because my parents didn't like him I will ask them question on why and what do they view? and maybe I will get them to know him or her better. they have to respect what I respect back they are my parents. fair and square.
  • Pandora ;) 2009/06/22 02:47:25
    Pandora ;)
    No way. It's me who likes him and loves him, not my parents, so I'm the one that matters.
    I wouldn't give up my happiness for anybody else no matter how much I love them, including my parents.

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