Would you allow your child to get Breast Implants?

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  • SarahSapphire 2009/12/21 03:41:22
    DEFINATELY NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

    (that is if I had any kids, which I don't, and in the future if I do have kids it would still be NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...
  • 水 † Invidia-sama 2009/12/21 03:38:56
    水 † Invidia-sama
    It's disgusting and a waste.
  • AngelFace5377 2009/12/21 03:10:02
    wen they get ovr thee age of 18 then thats on them
  • doofiegirl BTO-t- BCRA-F ~... 2009/12/21 02:41:20
    doofiegirl  BTO-t- BCRA-F ~PWCM~
    Neither one of my girls needed one. In fact, both would like to get reductions! My granddaughter ihas the same problem as her mom
  • Lynn doofieg... 2010/02/28 16:12:20
    How old is your grand daughter? Is she single?
  • doofieg... Lynn 2010/02/28 19:33:05
    doofiegirl  BTO-t- BCRA-F ~PWCM~
    She's still jailbait, buddy!
  • Lynn doofieg... 2010/02/28 21:41:22
    Damn... Let me know when she's 18 then.
  • doofieg... Lynn 2010/02/28 22:36:45
    doofiegirl  BTO-t- BCRA-F ~PWCM~
    I wouldn't hold my breath!
  • Lynn doofieg... 2010/02/28 22:58:31
    Damn... Still single...
  • doofieg... Lynn 2010/02/28 23:16:20
    doofiegirl  BTO-t- BCRA-F ~PWCM~
    Will stay that way for a long time, old man, if you keep looking for 12 yr. olds!
  • Lynn doofieg... 2010/02/28 23:31:08
    A 12yo that needs a breast reduction already? That's some gene pool your family has there...

    Cut me some slack anyway, lady... Coming from someone that describes her age on her profile as "4 day older than dirt" isn't exactly a red flag that your grand daughter might be a minor. Besides, I'm not an old man.

    So how about your daughter?.. She single?
  • doofieg... Lynn 2010/03/01 00:28:27
    doofiegirl  BTO-t- BCRA-F ~PWCM~
    Your profile says you're fifty. My daughter married later than most, she's older than you. If you never learn anything else about me, you will find out you leave my family and friends alone. Say what you will about me, that's fine, but family and friends are off limits!
  • Lynn doofieg... 2010/03/01 03:07:32
    If your daughter is older than me, why the hell are you calling me an "old man"?

    I don't believe that I have attacked you, or your family. Just inquired if any of your well endowed offspring were available. Its best to interpret that as a compliment and make friends, instead of getting crabby and defensive.
  • doofieg... Lynn 2010/03/01 11:05:20
    doofiegirl  BTO-t- BCRA-F ~PWCM~
    I Am crabby and defensive when it comes to my friends and family.At your age you are too old to be asking questions like that of a complete stranger. If that's what you're looking for, go to a porn or dating site.Your inquiries make you sound like an internet prevert!
  • Lynn doofieg... 2010/03/01 17:40:21
    Grow a sense of humor grandma....
  • doofieg... Lynn 2010/03/02 02:44:57
    doofiegirl  BTO-t- BCRA-F ~PWCM~
    I have a sense of humor. I just don't think you're funny. I think you're weird and little sick
  • swimminggirl09 2009/12/21 02:20:11
    well it would be their body so they should be able to do whatever they want with it if they can pay for it. but if they are under 18 then no i or anyone should allow that
  • ««Gingey, the Master Debate... 2009/12/21 01:45:17
    ««Gingey, the Master Debater of Þ|-|Дэ†»»
    No way! I think that's so degrading. I mean it's ultimately the person's choice, but I personally don't like them. If my kid can finance them, then I guess they can get them, but I will not approve.

    Regular boobs = water balloons
    Fake boobs = grapefruits

    I love my water balloon boobs.
  • Sammi 2009/12/21 01:12:44
    If they're over 18 you can't do anything about it, but if they're not then no...that's ridiculous. Your body isn't even done growing yet.
  • ☆♫☮♥kitkat101*peace*♥☮♫☆ ®

  • Lynn ☆♫☮♥kit... 2009/12/21 01:58:09
    Yes please. Thank you.
  • scarfy ☆♫☮♥kit... 2009/12/21 06:15:26
    Gross...can she even drive?
  • UNEEQ ☆♫☮♥kit... 2009/12/21 10:10:35
    ahhh, back pain!!!
  • Drachen 2009/12/21 00:24:31
    If my child was under 18 and wanted them, GOD NO!

    If my child was over 18 and wanted them, I would say go for it if its what you want.
  • AmericanVirus 2009/12/21 00:18:57
    Yes, but only if they were under the age of 8, if they didn't grow breasts by then, it's their fault.
  • allergik2love 2009/12/21 00:09:59
  • abigail 2009/12/21 00:08:18
    um depends if shes older than 18 if she is then yes.....if their under 1 depends shes older 18 1 8 then hell no!
  • cassyy009 2009/12/21 00:01:59
    ummmm, let me think about that one.....NO!!!!!!!!
  • Urhsten 2009/12/20 23:57:33
  • Lynn Urhsten 2009/12/21 00:01:03
    I.... Uhm... I think Im in love.....
  • Urhsten Lynn 2009/12/21 00:02:08
  • P@!&E!!!! Lynn 2010/02/28 05:30:07
    u have a sick mind!!
  • Lynn P@!&E!!!! 2010/02/28 16:09:43
    Not really... I just like girls with little rears and big fronts.
  • P@!&E!!!! Lynn 2010/02/28 22:45:06 (edited)
    still dude
  • bughut ... Urhsten 2009/12/21 00:43:08
    bughut *~In Passion Pit I trust~*
    That's a real turn off.
  • AL bughut ... 2009/12/21 06:15:10
    I bet you wouldn't say that if she was a life guard and you where drowning! That chick would never sink with those things!
  • Urhsten AL 2009/12/21 22:25:13
    id probly be still lookinng at them
  • AL Urhsten 2009/12/21 22:32:20
    They look more like ear warmers to me!
  • Urhsten AL 2009/12/22 15:50:23
  • bughut ... AL 2009/12/21 23:23:01
    bughut *~In Passion Pit I trust~*
    Ew. True, D:

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