Would You Agree to a Relationship Contract?

Living 2012/05/29 19:45:32
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Last week, we gave you the scoop on Mark Zuckerberg's new bride, Priscilla Chan. But we neglected to mention that she supposedly agreed to a "relationship contract."

According to the book "The Facebook Effect," Zuckerberg, 28, agreed to spend at least 100 minutes of private time with Chan, 27, each week, as well as take her on at least one date. They also agreed to vacation for two weeks yearly overseas.

So, is making such a "deal" a good idea? A blogger for dating site howaboutwe.com thinks so, writing: "Dating an eccentric billionaire seems like it’s probably no cake-walk, but Priscilla has obviously done a good job of making sure their relationship remains a priority for the Facebook founder. 100 minutes is less than two hours, but even that can seem like a godsend when you’re dating someone who is just really, really busy."

It's unclear whether the couple agreed to this deal verbally or whether they actually signed papers. But the howaboutwe writer thinks we could all take a page out of the Facebook founder's book:

"Personally, I’m pretty pro agreements or pacts within a relationship. It could be about anything, from the frequency of sex, to the divying up of household chores, to where you spend holidays together as a couple. It may seem unromantic to mandate rules, but having a clear set of expectations for both partners makes it easy to ensure that needs are being met." Do you agree?

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  • Anthony... Susan 2012/05/29 20:34:41
    Anthony Souls
    All relationships are contracts in one form or another: engagements, marriages, friendships, family, etc... We make an emotional commitment based on criteria that we impose on each other; this is just formal.

    But yea, I assumed that they were discussing marriages without reading the full article... LOL.

    Take care,
  • Urhsten Anthony... 2012/05/29 20:57:53
  • opa62 2012/05/29 20:21:58
    You either make an emotional commitment or you don't. Opting out is not an option, imo.
  • Snow White's Poison 2012/05/29 20:18:57
    Snow White's Poison
    Dumbest thing I have ever heard of..
  • Anthony... Snow Wh... 2012/05/29 20:20:51 (edited)
    Anthony Souls
    Yes, VERY DUMB, to think that relationships are formed on contracts in this world of contractless void. Sheesh, why not just have a contract between God/Husband/Wife and make it legally accountable. Luckily we don't live in such a world... I can JUST see it, they would label it with some demented terminology like marriage or something...

    LOL, Take care,
  • Alexis Anthony... 2012/05/30 00:01:17
    People aren't talking about a contract to get married, they are talking about a contract to how much you're going to spend with your spouse. Do you not know how to read?
  • Anthony Souls 2012/05/29 20:12:44
    Anthony Souls
    By marrying my fiancee, I already formed a contract with her and God/Jesus to treat her as They have ordained it :)

    Why not agree to further stipulations to outline that you would appreciate her forever?

    Take care,
  • Taxman 2012/05/29 20:11:24
    Really? Why not just form a Partnership LLC! Do you pay fines to your spouse for not putting your socks in the laundry? When I make a promise, I keep it. I guess this option is for people who are in a slightly-committed relationship.
  • Howling Hank 2012/05/29 20:08:08
    Howling Hank
    I don't have a majillion dollars to protect so I guess I'm kinda old fashioned and wouldn't need a contract, since it's love and not a business transaction.
  • DJ.Alieus 2012/05/29 20:08:08
    All business marriages are contracts... All contracts are businesses marriages.... Not all marriage is on written form ;) Be wise
  • Alexis 2012/05/29 20:06:56
    A marriage shouldn't be a contract, you shouldn't be saying you're going to spend this much time with your love. You should be with your loved one, not telling them how much time you will be spending with them.
  • Anthony... Alexis 2012/05/29 20:25:02
    Anthony Souls
    I know what you mean: It's not like marriage is a contract or anything; THAT"S A RIDICULOUS NOTION!

    Lol, Take care,

    "the legal or religious ceremony that formalizes the decision of two people to live as a married couple, including the accompanying social festivities: to officiate at a marriage. Synonyms: nuptials, marriage ceremony, wedding. Antonyms: divorce, annulment."
  • Inquisi... Anthony... 2012/05/29 21:09:53
    Inquisitve Kat
    Wow, are you daft? The marriage itself is the formalisation... so clearly, people are discussing up and above that... or do you not catch on?
  • Alexis Anthony... 2012/05/29 23:59:41
    Of course to get married it's a contract, I'm talking about a contract to how much time you're going to spend with your spouse.
  • Tylisha Gourdine 2012/05/29 20:05:14
    Tylisha Gourdine
    I believe that if you really like someone than you will automatically make time for them. A contract would make the relationship seem boring and all serious with no time for fun. It also makes it seem like they really don't like each other.
  • Elizabeth Dupree 2012/05/29 20:01:12
    Elizabeth Dupree
    Depending on what I'm agreeing to . I think its fair . Because life usually gets in the way of what's really important and we lose track and lose touch
  • liz 2012/05/29 20:01:08
    relationships are just them. If you want a commitment get married. its leasing to buy. If you want the relationship to end it should be over. Noone should be looking into a relationship to gain " things" as well as if you give gifts it should be that & not asked to be returned if it doesnt work out. Relationships are diffrent then marriage however both need to be build on trust.
  • robbt1 2012/05/29 19:57:49
    If you have THAT little faith in me... why the hell are we in a relationship!?!?
  • Jessica 2012/05/29 19:57:41
    I dont realy know but I just clicked something.
  • sockpuppet 2012/05/29 19:55:06
    If I didn't trust her, we wouldn't be together.
  • George Zook 2012/05/29 19:53:56
    George Zook
    my experience tells me that it is better to resolve possible problems up front than later ....I think that sounds good but I would probably just dive right in like I always have
  • Sister Jean 2012/05/29 19:46:17

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