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Women who pay for sex

- It's not just men who pay prostitutes to sleep with them. For some women, paying for sex is more convenient than cruising bars and clubs trying to find men.

"They don't want to be found out. They want to do something private - it's their own world, a part of their life that they want to be secret."

Nicole runs a high-class escort agency in the West Midlands, whose clients include women as well as men. Her male escorts host "in-calls" for female clients at a large country cottage, three quarters of a mile away from the nearest town. The exterior gives no clue as to what goes on inside and instead looks more like a French chalet.

Male escorts know that some of their clients aren't single. One says some women don't think paying for sex is cheating, in the same way that having an affair would be.

For women who are attached, the risks of going to a bar or a public place to meet a man are often seen as too high, and so having a discreet hide-away can be crucial.

"They need to be coming to somewhere where they won't be seen by somebody passing who knows them or a neighbour," Nicole says. ... Read full article »
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  • tralee 2009/03/17 11:45:20
    batteries are cheaper !!!!!!!
  • pink bambi ~ In Muse I Trust ~ 2009/03/17 10:20:08
    pink bambi ~ In Muse I Trust ~
    I don't see what's so 'revolting' about it. Men go to strip clubs and hire strippers and prostitutes all the time and apparently when a woman does it's horrifying. I don't get that, women sometimes want a good time as well....
  • USAMom 2009/03/17 09:08:38
    Prostitution- the oldest profession in the world,

    having said that - i wonder if nicole's escorts all look like richard gere?
  • The heartless 2009/03/17 08:42:42
    The heartless
    This is just what i think but I'm sorry i don't believe paying an escort for sex is moral. To me all your sense of good and decency is gone when you go and pay for sex with a total stranger. Paying for sex is like selling your soul.... moral decency pay sex total stranger paying sex selling soul moral decency pay sex total stranger paying sex selling soul
  • ParadiseStar 2009/03/17 05:31:14
    If men can do it, I think women should be able to do it! Screw that whole "if they sleep around their whores" mentality of thinking because that is absolutely ridiculous. If you want it - you go get it girls!
  • Dagon 2009/03/17 04:36:30
  • Antonia 2009/03/17 04:16:06
    Why not men do it?!
  • PreciousOne2526 2009/03/17 03:35:01
    Desperation is a byotch!!!!
  • jackalina 2009/03/17 03:11:29 (edited)
    i dont really give a shit what she dose if she wants to pay for sex and others want to take money from her, they have an agree ment, and everyones happy then leave me alone and do that over there somewhere
    shit dose pay sex money ment everyones happy leave
  • Guess~GOD GOT IT~ 2009/03/17 01:48:34 (edited)
    Guess~GOD GOT IT~
    i've read enough, this alone is too much. It's only one thing that a women have, thats her most private gift and if you let a man take this from you, you looses grown, might as well go have surgery done and tell him to bend over.
  • hunt16 2009/03/17 01:33:35 (edited)
    if your that sex hungry just buy a dildo its cheaper,safer, and less stupid then paying for sex, stupid women. buy dildo cheapersafer stupid paying sex stupid women
  • thakatc... hunt16 2009/03/17 12:45:34
  • Jimmy James 2009/03/17 00:11:03
    Jimmy James
    I am not in the least bit surprised. The media often presents men as the will-pay-for-sex perverted perpetrators when the truth is females are no different.

    I recall one time when a female co worker was discussing a bachelorette party that she threw for her cousin. Her face was glowing when she was talking about all the male dancers' endowments. Even made a gesture with her forearm to relate how endowed they were. She did reveal many of the females at the party had "private time" with the dancers.

    Women . . . . . . .

    gesture forearm relate endowed reveal females party private dancers women
  • nutzu 2009/03/16 23:09:46
    LOL who cares on who prostitutes and who pays for sex! Both genders can do it! Isn't it kind of sexist?
    What's wrong with male nurses? or women who are in construction?
    NOTHING! It's an INDIVIDUAL'S personal choice any way.
  • jim 2009/03/16 23:05:24
    Wonder if she`s taking applications. shes applications
  • blood09 jim 2009/03/16 23:22:49
    dude that is so sick and wrong, in so many ways
  • anonymous blood09 2009/03/17 08:26:02
    No kidding. Free? Who in their right mind would turn down money?
  • blood09 anonymous 2009/03/17 10:50:54
    dude thats just sick
  • Rachel 2009/03/16 22:13:54
  • pgcsny Rachel 2009/03/16 22:23:41
    Do you say that about the men who pay for sex..

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