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Women who pay for sex

- It's not just men who pay prostitutes to sleep with them. For some women, paying for sex is more convenient than cruising bars and clubs trying to find men.

"They don't want to be found out. They want to do something private - it's their own world, a part of their life that they want to be secret."

Nicole runs a high-class escort agency in the West Midlands, whose clients include women as well as men. Her male escorts host "in-calls" for female clients at a large country cottage, three quarters of a mile away from the nearest town. The exterior gives no clue as to what goes on inside and instead looks more like a French chalet.

Male escorts know that some of their clients aren't single. One says some women don't think paying for sex is cheating, in the same way that having an affair would be.

For women who are attached, the risks of going to a bar or a public place to meet a man are often seen as too high, and so having a discreet hide-away can be crucial.

"They need to be coming to somewhere where they won't be seen by somebody passing who knows them or a neighbour," Nicole says. ... Read full article »
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  • Johnny 2014/01/28 17:09:12
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  • big c 2012/05/02 14:57:26
    big c
    call if you what to have sex with a good man
  • Sean Bell 2011/09/24 18:13:33
    Sean Bell
  • tretre356 Sean Bell 2013/01/23 21:47:46
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  • Brian vendelboe 2010/04/13 06:41:07
    Brian vendelboe
    can sombody tell me wher i can find women who want to pay for sex
  • ペンギン♥ 2009/10/07 20:49:46
    Woman who pays for sex is cheating on their relationship ... they are just saying that as an excuse of it's not cheating but it's really is?
  • Mavis 2009/03/18 14:34:06
    Actually this really is a good idea. Women are becoming better educated, can support themselves and really don't need a full time man. This is better than a live in boyfriend. Women who want a husband and family are a different story.
  • Ellen 2009/03/18 01:52:49
    I recently found out my male trainer is a part-time gigalo. He reacted to my shock by telling me that's I'm crazy if I think he can pay his car payment with the money he gets from me!
  • shank Ellen 2009/04/05 06:45:11
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  • big c Ellen 2012/05/02 15:00:14
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  • tretre356 Ellen 2013/01/23 21:48:33
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  • Smokey 2009/03/18 01:09:05
    And just think about all of those two piece chicken dinners from Popeyes, $1 movies, and cheap gifts I wasted on dates when I could have been getting paid. :)
  • Ellen Smokey 2009/03/18 01:54:00
    I went on cheap dates before and trust me... there was no free ANYTHING! lol
  • Smokey Ellen 2009/03/18 01:57:39
    Ah man! I got excited when I saw your screen name "Ellen" and thought you were the real deal, and then... :) - just kidding.

    I'm a gentlemen and I didn't go on cheap dates. When I was broke and young, I just threw parties. :)

    My newly wife (married for 5 months) wouldn't have put up with me being cheap. She deserves the BEST. :)

  • NarcolepticGoat 2009/03/17 23:21:42
    Equal rights for doing wrong. Yay???
  • Josiah Stoltzfus 2009/03/17 19:24:44
    Josiah Stoltzfus
    It sounds perfectly acceptable to me. I could use the extra income!
  • random turtle 2009/03/17 18:03:58
    random turtle
    "...some women don't think paying for sex is cheating."

  • Follow The Money 2009/03/17 16:21:30
    Follow The Money
    Uh, where have you been all my life?
  • Rono 2009/03/17 13:34:04 (edited)
    Men are looked down on for doing it, so why shouldn't women? I think it's silly to pay directly for sex, when you can get it anytime you want for free. But it's your option. This is the oldest profession in the world...
  • coffee man 2009/03/17 13:11:47
    coffee man
    First off I don't think this situation is any different than if a man were doing it.
    I want to make a comment on a similar discussion I had once that went in the opposite direction.
    We were talking about sex tourism in a grad school class and two of the women in that class made a distinction between "sex tourism" for men and "romance tourism" when it came to women. The reason for the distinction between the two being that with women it's "more complicated" and therefore less of a perverted act than if a man did the same thing.
    That reasoning escaped me. I just had to mention it.

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