WOMEN: Which Of The Following Acts Are You Willing To Perform To Convince The Men In Your Life To Support Breast Cancer Research Programs This Season?

peaceful 2010/09/03 15:20:07
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Wear A Funny Tube Top... Please Explain
Wear A Bacon Bra... (I'm not kidding) Please Explain
Offer To Act Out His "Hooters " Fantasy.... Please Explain
Get Him A "Mother, Juggs And Speed "  DVD... Please Explain
Surprise Him With A Bucket Of Fried Chicken ( Breasts Only)... Please Explain
Let Him See Where The Kitten Sleeps...
None Of The Above.... Here's What I'll Do....
Can Somebody Tell Me A Great Boob Joke?
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I happily support breast cancer research efforts every year and I have noticed that more and more guys are joining me... :)

Please click the link in this article to help provide mammograms and support for our loving Sisters of all ages... Thanks from the bottom of my heart (It won't cost you a dime) :)

article helpnbspprovide mammograms support loving sisters ages heart cost dimenbsp

Read More: http://www.thebreastcancersite.com/clickToGive/hom...

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  • teigan 2010/09/03 16:06:40
    None Of The Above.... Here's What I'll Do....
    I would explain to them that breast cancer is not just a woman's disease. Men also get breast cancer.
  • kmay 2010/09/03 15:59:37 (edited)
    None Of The Above.... Here's What I'll Do....
    Promote prevention.

    Lack of Vitamin D, chemicals in sunscreeens, endocrine-disrupting foods like soy, birth control pills, HRT, GMO foods etc., obesity, lack of exercise, stress, abortions, implants, carcinogens, tobacco smoke, execessive alcohol etc... linked to BC

    Prevention is key.
  • kevracer 2010/09/03 15:45:00
    Get Him A "Mother, Juggs And Speed " DVD... Please Explain
    Please god no! That movie was awful!!
  • peaceful kevracer 2010/09/03 15:45:47
    LOL! :)

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