Women Shouldn't Pick Attractive Husbands: Is This Good Advice?

Gossip 2011/06/15 11:00:00
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There is a '50s song that says you should never make a pretty woman your wife. According to this article, it works in reverse too!

Watching the Anthony Weiner scandal unfold, it was hard not to wonder how a smart, accomplished, beautiful woman like Huma Abedin got herself involved with a guy like Weiner.

And yet...

The 46-year-old Weiner,...is a fit, intelligent, promising politician with a six-figure income who had a reputation of a ladies' man and was even named a Cosmo eligible bachelor -- the kind of man that many, many women are drawn to.

So the argument seems to be that if you find him attractive, then others will too...and if he knows it, he may stray, causing you heartache. Is this good advice?

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  • jimrthy... freebirdie 2011/06/15 18:08:17
    jimrthy BN-0
    There are women who are shallow enough to fall for those, yes.

    In general, it's the personality and attitude that go along with things like power and money that makes the difference, though.

    Men who don't accept that are just making excuses for why they aren't as successful with women as they like.
  • Randice 2011/06/15 16:02:01
    No, what nonsense
    I wouldn't touch Weiner with a 10 foot pole. Pick who you like and marry because you love. Looks be damned. If the man and woman are good to each other and take care of each other, there's little chance of either one straying.
  • jimrthy... Randice 2011/06/15 18:06:00
    jimrthy BN-0
    Attraction is about a lot more than looks. Especially for women.

    I know at least one guy whose wife injured her back and wound up getting really fat (mainly from lack of ability to exercise). He reluctantly has sex with her on their anniversary and other special occasions, and cheats every chance he gets.

    She's a wonderful wife and mother--much better than he deserves. She knows he cheats, but keeps him around for the sake of the kids. And has enough proof for dire consequences if he ever does decide to go through with his desire for a divorce.

    People and relationships are complicated. Don't rush into anything.
  • Randice jimrthy... 2011/06/15 19:07:29
    I agree with your last sentence. People are attracted to people based on a multitude of things: money, power, looks, charm, funniness, smartness, stupidness (LOL), whatever… the point is not to limit oneself based on something someone else says. Afterall, we all have opinions.
  • CassieRosaVioletta 2011/06/15 15:57:49
    No, what nonsense
    So now I'm meant to go out of my way to find someone unattractive..? Errr, no thanks.
  • jimrthy... CassieR... 2011/06/15 18:01:21
    jimrthy BN-0
    If you change your mind, I can totally hook you up.

    I recently met a real-life 40 year-old virgin. :-)
  • CassieR... jimrthy... 2011/06/16 00:39:58
    damn...=S poor guy
  • Colleen 2011/06/15 15:54:21
    No, what nonsense
    This is just another morally bankrupt creep, and Huma should get out NOW. Don't waste anymore time on this guy..
  • jimrthy... Colleen 2011/06/15 18:00:47
    jimrthy BN-0
    You're assuming she didn't know about it and objects to it.

    Different relationships have different rules.
  • Shawna 2011/06/15 15:48:42
    No, what nonsense
    If he is arrogant, selfish, "a ladies' man" and doesn't love you, he will stray. Marry that if you want it. I wouldn't.
    Nice guys are sexy!
  • jimrthy... Shawna 2011/06/15 17:59:30
    jimrthy BN-0
    Nice guys *can* be, but most ladies agree they're generally just creepy.

    If you're one of the rare exceptions, power to you! Nice guys need love too.
  • Shawna jimrthy... 2011/06/15 20:10:42
    LOL-nice guys are creeps? The two are mutually exclusive. A creep is a creep is a creep.
  • Patroness 2011/06/15 15:48:13
    No, what nonsense
    How attractive someone is is subjective.
    Character and morals matter. Not looks.
  • Crazy Feet 2011/06/15 15:43:36
    Yup, good advice
    Crazy Feet
    you don't have to be attractive to be disloyal............ attractive disloyal roving eye
  • John Locke Crazy Feet 2011/06/15 17:23:24 (edited)
    John Locke
    Neither do you have to be blind to be loyal. My wife points out attractive women to me. I love my wife. I can still appreciate beauty. I would NEVER consider touching or even flirting with any woman other than my wife. She is way more than just an attractive woman to me and my affection for her is based on respect for who she is, how smart she is, how reliable she is, how selfless she is, life's challenges that we have overcome together.... the list is long. Those things mean that no other woman stands a chance with me. It does not, however, surprise her that I am a heterosexual man. That's how we wound up dating in the first place. She has no expectation that I suddenly become unable to appreciate attractiveness. She has EVERY expectation that I won't mess around on her. I won't, not ever. That's more a function of how good I have it at home than it is of how physically attractive other women seem.

    That lady in the cartoon would do well to spend less energy worrying about whether her husband has become expert enough at deceiving her to keep her convinced that he doesn't notice half of the rest of the human population in the world around him, and instead channel that energy into making sure that the two of them treat each other so well that neither would EVER consider messing up what they've go at home.
  • Crazy Feet John Locke 2011/06/15 20:57:39
    Crazy Feet
    wow,they do exist!!!
  • Crazy Feet John Locke 2011/06/15 20:58:30 (edited)
    Crazy Feet
    wow,they do exist!!
  • mrdog 2011/06/15 15:40:28
    No, what nonsense
    Women should pick a man they are attracted to....and
    then see if it is the same for him..... bark
  • wtxwoman 2011/06/15 15:39:32
    Attractiveness is subjective, so that advice doesn't fly!
  • ♫❤Samiieee❤♫ 2011/06/15 15:38:15
    well sometimes attractive husband are mean
  • mr echo ♫❤Samii... 2011/06/15 17:12:54
    mr echo
    it doesnt depend how attractive he is ,its his personality ,unatractive people can be mean to ,
    it has nothing to do with looks
  • jimrthy... mr echo 2011/06/15 17:51:40
    jimrthy BN-0
    Attraction (especially for women) is about much more than just looks.
  • jimrthy... ♫❤Samii... 2011/06/15 17:53:52
    jimrthy BN-0
    I know a guy who's very successful with the ladies. He has a very fun personality, and I suppose he's kind of good-looking in a teddy-bear sort of way.

    But he swears that the real secret to his success is treating them like dirt.

    He also has to deal with the psychos vandalizing his car or showing up at his door screaming at 3 am. So I don't really recommend his approach.
  • Emo Princess Kayla 2011/06/15 15:34:44
    No, what nonsense
    Emo Princess Kayla
    its should just be if they love each other
  • Zamboni - Madoka Magica fan... 2011/06/15 15:34:10
    No, what nonsense
    Zamboni - Madoka Magica fan BN0
  • Ramon Zamboni... 2011/06/15 17:08:30
    The Huffington Post
  • Zamboni... Ramon 2011/06/15 20:12:12
    Zamboni - Madoka Magica fan BN0
    Stupid article.
  • Ramon Zamboni... 2011/06/15 20:14:58
    Stupid news rag
  • Zamboni... Ramon 2011/06/15 20:18:09
    Zamboni - Madoka Magica fan BN0
  • Lerro DeHazel 2011/06/15 15:32:02
    Yup, good advice
    Lerro DeHazel
    I hope this is NOT in reference to a guy who has a nose that looks like a weiner . . .
  • jacktown kid 2011/06/15 15:28:49
    No, what nonsense
    jacktown kid
    Beauty lies in the beholder
  • David 2011/06/15 15:27:30
    Sounds like question for Weiner!
  • wombat 2011/06/15 15:25:31 (edited)
    No, what nonsense
    No one ever get the idea that looks have nothing to do with anything. A good looking partner is not necessarily a good partner.

    Now saying that an ugly partner might be a good partner makes no sense either. It simply has nothing to do w/each other.
  • Silver Dew wombat 2011/06/15 15:27:01
    Silver Dew
    awesome :)
  • mrscas 2011/06/15 12:43:26 (edited)
    No, what nonsense
    Weiner is far from attractive. I don't think he is very intelligent either...if he was he wouldn't be in this position. Just don't pick a man that has no character or loyalty.
  • GoodEncounter 2011/06/15 12:33:17
    No, what nonsense
    That's silly. It reminds me of the 60's song that goes "If you want to be happy for the rest of your life never make a pretty woman your wife". Looks have nothing to do with a person's morals or character. They might make it easier for the man to be attractive to women but it's not the reason men cheat.
  • sue 2011/06/15 11:49:19
    No, what nonsense
    Men should grow up. I can't believe somebody in an elected office was dumb enough to send naked pictures of himself, and even dumber -- to lie about it for a week. Who cares? It's not illegal, and he didn't use our money for it, which makes him better than Vitter and Rangle, who still have jobs, and Ensign and Edwards who don't. Why are people making such a big deal about yet another man-child holding public office?
  • fer_reals 2011/06/15 11:45:01
    No, what nonsense
    The guy was 45? the first time he got married.

    How about, if he hasn't married before 40, there's probably a very sound reason...and it ain't cause he hasn't found THE ONE yet.

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