Women Overtake Men in IQ Tests for First Time in 100 Years: Are Women Smarter Than Men?

Daryl 2012/07/16 16:00:00
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Women have been as much as five points behind men since testing began a century ago, but that gap has been narrowing in recent times.

dailymail uk reports women points testing century gap narrowing times

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  • Nimitz 2012/07/15 22:53:01
    Women have been more intelligent than men for a hell of a lot longer than there's been a test around to prove it. Intelligence tests 'look' for traits which those who formulate them want to find. In times hence, nobody wanted to find any indication that women were smarter--just as they didn't want to find any indication that blacks or Jews might be smart back in the thirties.

    The best definition I ever heard for 'IQ' was that which an intelligence test was designed to measure. If you start out with a biased measure, you're gonna get biased results. Shocker!

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  • macy 2012/08/08 06:42:09
    Men and women might be smarter in different ways, but neither is smarter than the other.
  • Ayushee 2012/08/01 19:13:58
    It's an universal truth!
  • Bliss Heart 2012/07/29 22:46:24
    Bliss Heart
    One is not "smarter" than the other. Intelligence is demonstrated differently in all people; whether of different genders, cultures, etc. The I.Q. test only quantifies a certain type of "book smarts". There are other forms of intelligence which are completely neglected in that form of testing. Putting labels on people, helps organizations to pick and choose who to accept or not, etc... but that is it's limit. Such testing is not the best way to make such determinations. There are many other factors involved.
  • Soot The Fallen 2012/07/29 07:03:52
    Soot The Fallen
    But im not the average male of the species.
  • tblackb 2012/07/29 00:56:09
    i dont put a lot of validity in iq test
  • diarslade 2012/07/22 20:43:00
    No they aren't smarter, or dumber than men. I don't understand this whole battle of the sexes thing. I have a "Genius" IQ, so I'm smarter than most -people- which has nothing to do with gender.

    Fact of the matter is men and women need one another to complement the different ways in which we think. One sex is not superior than the other, simply different yet equal. If only more people would think that way. This kind of crap just makes me shake my head and go "I just don't want to live on this planet anymore."
  • T 2012/07/22 14:24:26
    Women are not smarter than men, and men are not smarter than women. Everyone exhibits different forms of intelligence. There is spacial, linguistic, existential, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal, musical... the list goes on. IQ test do a poor job of testing for more than logical-mathematical and spacial.

    There is a tendency for men to do better in logical-mathematical, and there is a tendency for women to do better in linguistic. It's not that it is a fact that all women are less capable than men at math, and likewise it's not a fact that all men are less capable than women to pick up a new language quickly.

    Over extrapolation of study results like this lead to poor and mislead discussion like this article. The article treats men as the control group, when there is no way to establish a control group. Also, the study's data is too sparse to be used in such a general sense. (The person who did the study, Mr Flynn, even stated this, but it was only mentioned in the last sentence of the article.)
  • Dave 007 2012/07/22 11:58:57
    Dave 007
    They may be book smart, but they are life stupid.
  • macy Dave 007 2012/08/08 06:40:15
    If you have that attitude you're going to be single forever
  • Dave 007 macy 2012/08/11 14:41:45
    Dave 007
    Luckily for me there are enough "Life Stupid" women out there for me.
  • TEPP 2012/07/19 19:39:38
    To say one group is naturally smarter than the other, or that two of the largest percentages of people aren't equal is pretty ballsy (Just in case somebody wants to jump on me for that word. Vaginasy). It seems that children - particularly those in elementary school, are exposed to beliefs pertaining to; Girls are more focused than boys, they are more mannered and thus better at behaving and learning. Many teachers at younger grade levels are female, this may be because women are believed to be more nurturing and thus treated as such. Male educators are more commonly found in high-schools where they get better pay; many men are taught to be ambitious. At young and impressionable ages children may develop biased understandings based on the ones I mentioned first. My mother taught me to observe other's beliefs and relate them to my common sense, since I was naturally good with reason this fit me quite well. Once when I was four a man dressed up as Santa came to the preschool I was attending, it was for some trivial photo-shoot or whatever. The other kids were so excited that Santa was here! When it was my turn to sit on his lap those were not the thoughts going through my head. No, I was wondering whether or not he had a real job and if he was getting germs on me. I suppose because there were female children in the room, they were all solving for x.
  • James 2012/07/19 18:11:52
    In fact, according to y'all, this should be labeled as SEXIST.
  • DemonChild 2012/07/19 18:10:56
    Men have more folding in their brain of grey matter
  • Elizabeth 2012/07/19 18:08:50
    I think we're equal. At a younger age, there is a greater percent of woman who are significantly more mature and make wiser choices than the boys. They choose to apply themselves at a younger age.
  • Sami 2012/07/19 16:48:09
    I picked yes, but I believe everyone is different, they may know more in one field but not in another.
  • Rachel Searvogel 2012/07/19 16:13:14
    Rachel Searvogel
    But men aren't "smarter" than women either. This is a poorly phrased question.
  • jarb 2012/07/19 15:44:47 (edited)
    Yes i voted no and I am of the male gender. However a better question is why is it so important that women prove they are smarter than males or vice versa? Every individual regardless of gender, age, ethnicity and whatever other factor that has been used to cause diversion in the general human population have intelligence. I know women with very high levels of intelligence and there are men who are very intelligent, but let us for once recognize a John Doe or a Jane Doe for his/her abilities rather than men smarter than women and women smarter than men. All this women has been smarter for years is not true because show me the smartest person in the world and i'll find someone smarter. Also this useless comparison will never be judged fairly as each individual is unique and excel in different fields, not to mention, GENERALLY, people are biased towards or against their gender for their own personal convictions.
  • 001 2012/07/19 15:38:36
    I don't believe in IQ tests. Women are generally better at learning, but that's also not the same as being smart. We both have our pros and cons when it comes to intelligence.
  • Dead Inside 2012/07/19 15:20:02
    Dead Inside
    I want to know what age group was tested in this test. Without knowing the age group targeted it is an unfair assessment of the human brain, regardless of the sex of the body it is contained in.
  • Edwin 2012/07/19 14:41:49
    I think one gender is probably smarter -- though "smarter" is an ambiguously defined word. I think the actual difference is small enough to be impractical. And I seriously doubt anyone has done a large enough, good enough study without extraneous lurking variables to actually answer the question.

    I also think it is not an important question -- individual differences account for FAR more variability in IQ scores than gender might ultimately prove to make.
  • jayshawksnotboth 2012/07/19 13:27:13 (edited)
    (I'm a man by the way.)

    I actually think women have been smarter than us for quite a long time now. I see a lot of stupid things men do in public (that for some reason they believe is okay), that make me feel a lot safer around women.

    90% of my friends are women. I think this is a prime example why. This paired with the fact that women are much easier to get along with.

    For example, when was the last time you ever saw a woman getting arrested for street racing or any other form or reckless behaviour? And you notice shows like "Cops" or "America's Most Wanted"? Almost all of the criminals are men.
  • Nameless 2012/07/19 11:07:23 (edited)
    IQ tests have been geared towards white men for a long, long time. The questions were weighted to give white men what I call "An Intelligence Advantage," which gave white men a false indicator of intellect.

    This topic has been a serious interest of mine for a very long time (30 years) and was one of my studies in college. There is a great book by Stephen J Gould, of blessed memory (yeah, there goes my jewishness showing), entitled "The Bell Curve." If you folks here have not read it, you should - if this topic has any interest to you at all.
  • Daren 2012/07/19 10:36:27
    I honestly think that men and women typically, but not always, express their intelligence so differently that an IQ test cannot accurately tell anyone the truth about who is smarter than who. On average men tend to favor math, science and mechanical understanding, which is probably why IQ tests (originally created by men) focus on these factors only.

    Comparing men and women through an intelligence test reveals that, on average, men favor logical thinking and women favor compassionate logic. Therein, I have observed, lie all the reasons for why we see the general differences between genders.

    If women had pioneered the concept of comparing people through measuring compassionate logic rather than men comparing people people through measuring scientific/mathematical logic, maybe the heading for this survey might be: "Men Overtake Women in Compassionate Logic Tests for the First Time in 100 Years: Are Men More Compassionate Than Women?"
  • sol 2012/07/19 08:00:17
    But its proven that women can concentrate better than men.
  • Pele Emerging 2012/07/19 07:18:46
    Pele Emerging
    And men aren't smarter than women. Men developed IQ tests, so the things that they valued as intelligence gave them an advantage for quite awhile. I wonder if the IQ tests were developed now by women, if men wouldn't have the same disadvantage that women originally had, but would eventually catch up.
  • Dark sector 2012/07/19 05:44:02
    Dark sector
    Are we still arguing about which gender is smarter? Seriously who cares. It's individual, not gender specific.
  • Nish 2012/07/19 04:37:27
    Smart is depends on the person.not on the gender.
  • addie 2012/07/19 04:22:04
    and now we are, apparently, becoming better test takers then we used to be, so it shows.
  • shenendoah 2012/07/19 04:12:05
    It depends on what you base intelligence on. I can beat my husband in scrabble without even trying but he kicks butt in everything else. Not saying I couldn't learn what he knows but why would I want to. It would bore me to death.
  • Bob 2012/07/19 04:07:29
    Some are some are not
  • Michael S. 2012/07/19 02:25:51 (edited)
    Michael S.
    This is obviously a loaded question, as others said. On average, women and men have essentially equal mental capacity, but different hormones, a different balance of white/gray matter, and different social expectations all contribute to men and women possessing different cognitive strengths and weaknesses (again on average). Once you start comparing people on an individual level, it's nearly a crapshoot. Men are often stronger in math-oriented subjects...and yet one of my calculus professors and two of my statistics teachers were brilliant women.
  • GoDucks5 2012/07/19 01:57:05
    Not smarter, smart as. I know some dumb guys and I know some dumb girls too. I think gender comparisons are unintelligent.
  • Inquisitve Kat 2012/07/19 01:26:13
    Inquisitve Kat
    Not smarter... as smart as.

    I think the gap has narrowed because it is finally acceptable for a woman to be as educated as a man... it wasn't in the past. I don't think either gender is more intelligent than the other.
  • santaisgod4ever 2012/07/19 01:14:12
    To say one is smarter is prejudice.

    I've met air head girls who just laugh and have babies and moron men who drink beer and stopping thinking after the 4th quarter.

    I've also met very successful men and women.

    But it seems men have more drive to succeed and less baggage.

    Women get bent on finding a lover, which holds them down.

    Most men could care less about love and more about achieving their goals.
  • May 2012/07/19 00:43:49
    That is a loaded question. It is also one that should really only be answered on an individual basis. It is not fair to lump everyone together. Women, on the other hand, I think are more "emotionally" in tune than men are, but as far as the smarter thing, it also depends on what area you are referring to. I think most men could build a building with their tools easier than I could and I could crochet a sweater easier than they could. But, again, there are going to be some that are outside the box. We really should not be "focusing" on that kind of "competition."
  • Nuke 2012/07/18 23:43:44
    There are smart men and smart women, I find that "reports" are often done improperly or skewed to fit an agenda to what you want people to see.
  • keliffa 2012/07/18 23:17:50
    Each sex has it's own specialties.
  • LoverDearest 2012/07/18 23:10:08
    I thought we had this established.
  • AN 2012/07/18 22:50:37
  • Zamboni - Madoka Magica fan... 2012/07/18 22:41:16
    Zamboni - Madoka Magica fan BN0
    Gender comparisons are unintelligent.
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