Women Getting 'Toe Jobs' to Wear High Heels: Smart or Stupid?

Living 2012/04/26 20:00:00
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What people do in the name of fashion. It seems like every celebrity in Hollywood sports a pair of sky-high stilettos, and they're usually some pricey Christian Louboutins. But teetering around on five-inch heels can be painful. Enter the "toe job."

The number of cosmetic procedures performed on the feet have doubled in the last year, according to new research, The Daily Mail reports. Plus, the number of women requesting dermal filler injections
into the toe pads, heels and balls of the feet has risen 21 percent,
double the same time last year, the paper says.

The "toe job," also dubbed the "Loub job" in honor of Christian Louboutin, is almost painless, and it starts at about $518 and only takes around 20 minutes. It also supposedly creates a "pillow effect," which gets rid of that burning sensation you experience when you've been wearing high heels too long.

However, let's come back to reality for a second: you're subjecting yourself to an expensive procedure in order to wear an overpriced pair of shoes. Seems pretty silly to us ... especially because the effects only last about six months. Do you think "toe jobs" are smart -- or stupid?
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  • Jayfeather Natalie... 2012/04/29 01:42:02
    Because the media beats them down until they feel insecure about not following norms.
  • ..tisha... 2012/04/28 17:32:47
    We just took a step back in society....
  • El Jefe ..tisha... 2012/05/01 13:56:31
    El Jefe
    Well I don't know about that.. your being slightly drastic don't you think?
  • ..tisha... El Jefe 2012/05/01 18:19:27 (edited)
    When we have to go and modify our feet, even if it's temporary, is ridiculous. Instead of taking the rational route and finding shoes that fit your feet, people go about to find ways to make their feet fit a shoe. To get a procedure done to make this happen, is backwards logic.
  • El Jefe ..tisha... 2012/05/01 19:52:37
    El Jefe
    I agree with that, I really do. In the same sense things like plucking our eyebrows and wearing makeup can be considered slightly backwards. To say we took an entire step back though as a society is melodramatic. There are a few women who just try too hard to be liked and "fashionable"
  • Purebread#1 2012/04/28 17:01:58
    That's ridiculus to deform yourself. Can have bad con sequenses later
  • El Jefe Purebre... 2012/05/01 13:57:13
    El Jefe
    It doesn't say there are any consequences. The article actually says it wears off in 6 months.
  • Spider Bite:F 2012/04/28 16:55:52
    Spider Bite:F
    honestly, women, what the hell is wrong with normal tennis shoes???
  • Mike 2012/04/28 16:08:05
    Foolish. It is easier and more pleasant to change shoes.
  • BlackNeko 2012/04/28 16:05:22
    Why do u want to look like a stripper anyway?? I just dont get super high heals!!
  • dimwit 2012/04/28 15:36:00
    Uhh. Wait, I misunderstood the question. I know what the "other job" means, but WHAT is a TOE JOB??
  • ...Kat... dimwit 2012/04/29 16:52:48
    Uhm. Read.
  • L1 2012/04/28 14:24:28
    They are stupid. Feeling sexy is not related to heels but how you feel about yourself. All these women that claim they are practiced and can walk in them are lying; it DOES hurt. They will have big foot problems later in life, and just want to believe they look sexy when they can't even bend in those heels, let alone toe jobs. We don't even know how that will affect their joints later on. It's also bad judgment.
  • Jiorgia 2012/04/28 13:33:03
    i would actually get that... which is weird for me.
    but i have had jobs in the past in which i have been made to wear heels and work on my feet for hours at a time.
    i wouldn't do it unless i had to though.
  • Shirley 2012/04/28 13:15:13
  • Dave 007 2012/04/28 11:54:05
    Dave 007
    Once again, it's women doing something stupid.
  • P. Sturm 2012/04/28 05:18:29
    P. Sturm
    I have an even better toe job for you. Get rid of the god damn shoes that are causing permanent damage to women's feet and are the only reported clothing item on the CDC accident listing for falls.
  • Jackie 2012/04/28 04:20:04
    I'd like to be able to wear heels, but I just can't. I think if you have long feet they might be more comfortable than my size 6. I feel like I'm walking on my tip toes. I don't thlnk surgery will help that.
  • Naked 2012/04/28 03:41:51
    I think people need to learn to love themselves for who they are. Have we really become so detached from what is natural that we NEED to do things like this to feel confident about our physical appearance? You're already beautiful.
  • Edie 2012/04/28 03:29:06
    However, it sure was nice to look so good when I was young. However, I now have foot problems I wonder How could I have been so vain? My how time passed so fast?
  • Melissa Nesbitt 2012/04/28 02:20:16
    Melissa Nesbitt
    Come on ladies..stop being dumb asses. ;D
  • Eva 2012/04/28 01:30:31
    I've been wearing five-inch heels for years. Never had a problem with them. Wear the right heels and you won't have problems-- or don't wear them-- this is just stupid.
  • Muver 2012/04/28 00:16:22
    These women are going to have a lot more problems with their knees, ankles and hips and backs if they keep up these dumb heel heights....Christian and all the others are laughing all the way to the bank, along with all the foot Doctors....
  • Monster Girl 2012/04/27 23:34:41
    Monster Girl
    If it doesn't damage anything, makes you more comfortable, and you can afford to throw your money around, then why not? Personally I don't care if people think heels are stupid or pointless. I don't dress the way I do to impress anyone, I do it because I like it. So why not?
  • deb katz Monster... 2012/04/28 01:29:34
    deb katz
    Ask yourself WHY you like it? Could it be that you're being manipulated into liking it? Don't answer here, answer to your self.
  • Monster... deb katz 2012/04/28 01:58:17
    Monster Girl
    I used to think that, but then I realized that I really just liked wearing them and liked the look, but hated how they hurt my feet. Even though people tell me they don't like them (even some of my friends) I still like them.
  • Cookielane 2012/04/27 23:22:30 (edited)
    Sure you get to wear some shoes you think are cute - this week. And in the process ruin your knees and back - and maybe your feet. Kind of reminds me of foot binding.
    foot binding foot binding
    foot binding
  • RosaG 2012/04/27 22:54:16
  • Tasinahri RosaG 2012/04/28 01:11:50
    From the STNG episode "Menage a Trois"
    I am such a dork....
  • RosaG Tasinahri 2012/04/28 11:06:52
  • El Prez 2012/04/27 22:25:12
    El Prez
    deforming your body for fashion is stupid!!!
  • junebuggingjustinviernes 2012/04/27 22:16:11
    it sounds like something sexual, I love my feet how they are, won't change them for no dumb fad or for anyone.
  • JS 2012/04/27 21:59:11
    Immediately I looked at this question and thought "as much as I love my Louboutins I would never get this" even though I wear heels a lot! But it's not changing your toe so much as it just males it more comfortable! I actually seem more interested in this!
  • Ober 2012/04/27 21:50:48
    Wow... Sad thought that there is actually anybody out being so stupid as to get a "toe job".
    I don't know maybe it's just me, but if I see a woman in high heels I never think "wow those things make her look sexy". No, I think "Haha, I'm gonna laugh so hard if she falls on her f***ing face".
  • raeven msbehavin 2012/04/27 21:41:34
    raeven msbehavin
    Louboutins, like chocolate, are to be savoured and are a treat, not for everyday. Those in Hollywood with that much disposable income ought to treat the rest of us working class to foot massages! :)
  • paulasg 2012/04/27 21:04:53
    But, hey, at least in some regards, including what you do with your feet, it's a free country. Knock yourself out.
  • YOMOMMA 2012/04/27 20:53:24
    SMART if you have a foot fetish and so do your friends.
  • Alice Evie 2012/04/27 20:47:23
    Alice Evie
    if it was permanent, i would do it.
    but only for 6 months????
    no thank you.
  • Vision of Verve 2012/04/27 20:44:30
  • kesha 2012/04/27 20:41:13

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