Women: Do You Like Men With Or Without Chest Hair?

Vault Dweller 101 ~In Flames I Trust~ 2010/07/27 21:28:43
No chest hair
some chest hair
A lot of chest hair
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  • Lil 2013/08/02 00:13:56
    No chest hair
    chest hair is the hugest turn on for me
  • Shane 2013/07/19 18:00:38
    some chest hair
    I find that i do like chest hair a lot, and my bf has a quite a bit. To me it is sexy, i do have an issue with it being on the back, but i am of the opinion that if the guy has it naturally then who am i to say that he can or cannot have it.
    As for women having body hair, that they don't shave, that is also their choice, I do not think that anyone has the right to tell someone that they have to do anything that they don't want to do, specifically talking about shaving the body.

    Oh and for all those that don't like chest hair and use the images as an example of what they prefer. i find it interesting that you use images of folks that do have chest hair now and the images you use are of when they were adolescents.
  • Pete Smith 2012/04/13 17:24:04
    Pete Smith
    I hate guys with chest hair but nothings grosser than a black dude who looks like he's got pubic hair growing out of his chest.
  • Chocolate Frog Cards 2012/02/23 06:54:36
    A lot of chest hair
    Chocolate Frog Cards
    A guy with no chest hair is like a woman with no curves or breasts. Wrong.

    The more hair, the better ;).
  • Hairyman 2010/11/29 21:17:19
    A lot of chest hair
    If you are hairy, then be hairy - stop sissy-fying yourself trying to look like a pre-adolescent! Look like a man - not a woman!!
  • Hairyman Hairyman 2010/11/30 13:16:03
  • flora55531 Hairyman 2014/07/22 20:46:20
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  • QueenBee 2010/08/09 21:26:40
    WELL... i dont really care either way. as long as its not TOO hairy :P
  • ♥Jackie♥ 2010/08/09 18:22:35
    No chest hair
    yummy! lol! jk! chest hair yummy lol jk
  • Jen ~ atheism & abortion 2010/08/06 05:05:56
    some chest hair
    Jen ~ atheism & abortion
    is sexay
  • olivia 2010/08/04 20:09:30
    No chest hair
    its N-A-S-T-Y!
  • Bloody Brey 2010/07/31 19:48:13
    No chest hair
    Bloody Brey
    it just disgusts me when a guy is hairy if im not then why should they be my bros and past bfs are just lucky i didnt make them shave their legs and underarms while they had the razor i just hate hair it is just too gross for me to stand
  • Mrinmoy Chakma 2010/07/31 09:12:09
    None of the above
    Mrinmoy Chakma
    it sucks
  • Vintage 2010/07/30 21:30:34
    it depends on the girl. i prefer hairy guys.more manly.If i wanted smooth id date a girl,ora baby...
  • Terse! 2010/07/30 13:55:46
    No chest hair
    i think its hot
  • AngelaTC 2010/07/30 05:29:31
    A lot of chest hair
    Some or a lot - retrosexual, baby!
  • angel_of_madness 2010/07/29 16:26:12 (edited)
    some chest hair
    I was always for the no chest hair, but in the end it depends on the guy.

    He just shouldn't look like a gorilla.

    chest hair chest hair depends guy gorilla
  • Shawna 2010/07/29 15:31:16
    If I based my liking on that I would be a very shallow person.
  • AliceRosita 2010/07/29 14:45:36
    Yes and no.

    It all depends on what kind of hair is on the guy's chest. But if the guy gets to keep his chest very thick and hairy then I shouldn't have to shave every part of my body just to please him :p
  • Sincerely Audley 2010/07/29 14:14:13
    Sincerely Audley
    Some is okay on certain guys, but I'd prefer none.
    If women have to groom themselves men should be subjected to the same!
  • Shanti 2010/07/29 11:48:50
    some chest hair
    Well, I actually mostly like no chest hair. But that was before I met my boyfriend. He's not really muscular, he's very skinny, but he has a lot of hair like all over, and it really makes him look like a man, in a really beautiful way. And well now I love it.
  • wanderingshel 2010/07/29 07:06:54
    some chest hair
    I prefer something between "some" and "alot". Shaved gorillas don't appeal to me, but if he has no chest hair, what will I trail my fingers through when I climb off of him?
  • Toria 2010/07/29 06:06:35
    some chest hair
    Enough manly hair to look good. I'm not fond of the naked boy-child chest look, .
    I want (and have) a man who is really a man.
  • Emily MCRmy [FTDM!!!!] 2010/07/29 04:07:19
    some chest hair
    Emily MCRmy [FTDM!!!!]
    Not too much, but it's no deal breaker.
  • Darla 2010/07/29 02:48:26
    No chest hair
    No hair!! Guys can shave too.
  • Darla 2013/03/01 16:50:35
    Who's sayd you have to shave, no 1 says women have to shave. Its yust that the wotn get mutch ( good) attention iff they have hair. Iff you dont wanne shave go ahead ...
  • German-American-Sweet-Heart 2010/07/29 02:02:52
    some chest hair
    I can have a guy with no chest hair or a guy with chest hair only if its a happy trail chest hair guy chest hair guy chest hair happy trail
  • Crystal Massacre 2010/07/29 02:00:40
    No chest hair
    Crystal Massacre
    Body hair is honestly just disgusting if you ask me...on men and women.. chest hair body hair honestly disgusting women
    dont stare to much this boy is taken >.<
  • Crystal... 2013/03/01 16:51:43
    Stare at what? ow that emo looking justin bieber guy ...
  • Abderah... Crystal... 2013/07/22 19:53:36
    Abderahmen Atrocious
    yeah right Crystal, should we stare at that 16 year old teenage "bieber" thing!
  • JFukov 2010/07/29 01:22:40
    A lot of chest hair
    Only manly men such as myself have alot of chest hair.
    Chicks learn to love it. Manly men don't really care what dem' brauds think about chest hair.
  • Darla JFukov 2010/07/29 02:47:10
    Not this chick!
  • JFukov Darla 2010/07/29 02:50:16
    Oh you'd learn.
  • Darla JFukov 2010/07/29 14:42:44
    Ha ha ha.....nope, been there, done that!!!
    But I'm glad you can sway the women over to the 'hairy' side. ;)
  • Abderah... Darla 2013/07/22 19:55:09
    Abderahmen Atrocious
    how sexualy mature are you, Darla?
    Absolutely right, JFukov.
  • emmyjaay 2010/07/29 01:17:47
    No chest hair
    None at all.. it makes me think of a caveman and it looks really weird, especally when it's dark or black hair... *bleehh*
  • Domino 2010/07/29 00:16:34
    No chest hair
    no cavemen please
  • Anastasia P. 2010/07/29 00:07:49
    No chest hair
    Anastasia P.
    I like no chest hair no back hair and ......welll no hair on the as if it can be helped. Well, I can deal with a little chest hair.
  • capri Sun 2010/07/29 00:01:14
    No chest hair
    capri Sun
    Guys wit hair on dere legs, chest, and private area is an automatic turnoff for me lol!!! guys wit hair dere legs chest private automatic turnoff lol
  • user deactivated 2010/07/28 22:26:23
    No chest hair
    user deactivated

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