Woman Carries Old, Dirty Pillow Wherever She Goes: Are You Addicted to Your Pillow?

Living 2011/08/02 11:00:00
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Truth is, we really can't remember how we came to own our pillow. It looks a little grimy without a pillowcase on it, but since it has the perfect amount of squishy-ness, we hesitate to replace it.

But Tamara is worse off than we are. Featured on Sunday night's episode of the TLC series "My Strange Addiction," Tamara is 33 years old and has been carrying around a pillow she bought in 1982 for the last 29 years.

And she's never washed it.

The fact that she's never washed it is exacerbated by the fact that she bought it at an antique shop. So there's a good chance it hadn't been washed for the last 29 years BEFORE she bought it.

She also refers to this pillow by the nickname "Boo," and carries it around with her about 18 hours a day -- to the gym, the hair salon, even in the baby seat of her grocery cart when she's at the supermarket. And while she admits it might be "a little dirty," she swears it's "not stinky."

"I need it and I don't care if President Whoever saw me with it, I'm not ashamed," she says, referring to the pillow as her "best friend."

There is one bit of good news: Tamara draws the line at bringing the pillow with her into the restroom.

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  • Aksana 2011/08/03 17:18:23
    l can't sleep without my pillow
  • Aingean 2011/08/03 11:28:29
    The love for my pillow is only rivaled by the love for my bed. ;) I have to have them both when I got to sleep at night. lol
  • Eizzy 2011/08/03 11:08:42
    Just reading the title: "Woman Carries Old, Dirty Pillow Wherever She Goes" made me laugh. lol

    I hope she at least puts clean pillow cases on her pillow every now and then.
  • DavidAdams 2011/08/03 11:08:41
    Man, not having washed her pillow in twenty-odd years is gross. I'm surprised she has a pillow to carry around, as it should have disintegrated by now. Imagine if the bugs could talk, what stories they'd have.
  • kkjjww2011@yahoo.com 2011/08/03 08:46:28
  • Stuart 2011/08/03 08:41:16
    I am not addicted. It is true love. I love and respect my pillow and the feeling is mutual. I am just waiting until it is legal to marry my pillow because pillow love is a natural and normal god given feeling. I want the wedding to be on the Oprah Winfrey station.

    Sometimes though...I feel guilty because I have another pillow on my bed that I sometimes sleep with and I am afraid they are going to get jealous of one another or one of them might feel neglected. Does anyone else have that problem?

    And all you pillow haters better watch out.
  • DavidAdams Stuart 2011/08/03 11:12:55
    Hehehe! I am a chubby chaser when it comes to pillows; only the most plump and squishy will do. The other pillow is too thin for my love, cast to the other side of the bed-dejected.
  • Hula girl - Friends not Fol... 2011/08/03 07:33:05
    Hula girl - Friends not Followers
    I had my pillow for decades but have it cleaned regularly and do know when it's snitched and stuck behind someones back as they watch TV. I prefer a soft down pillow and just like the one I have. I do know about mites and I do keep it clean and steamed to kill any critters.
  • MOMMA THOMAS 2011/08/03 07:31:20
  • Wrinkleranch 2011/08/03 06:22:02
    I like a nice fluffy pillow but I'm not hung up on it.
  • Resp 2011/08/03 06:10:53
    NO. I do not carry my pillow because I am not incredibly remarkably stupid.

  • Xinea 2011/08/03 05:38:47
    But I have a blanket I couldn't live without.
  • David 2011/08/03 05:27:58
    Tempurpedic. 'nuff said.
  • Student 2011/08/03 05:04:32
    & this is too crazy.
  • Ash-the-empress 2011/08/03 05:00:44
  • He'a: ka'ka:' 2011/08/03 04:34:06
    He'a: ka'ka:'
    But I'm addicted to my quilt. But I wash mine.
  • 69. 2011/08/03 03:38:03
    I don't even sleep with a pillow. Well I do, but I never put my head on it. I dunnooooo.
  • Ryan 2011/08/03 03:26:41
    i barely even use it. i wake up and its on the floor or im just not on it.
  • dandieselonian 2011/08/03 03:23:01
    she needs a man who can turn her bedroom life into nights of hot convulsions
  • greek babe 2011/08/03 03:18:34
    greek babe
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  • Xinea greek babe 2011/08/03 05:40:35
  • Resp greek babe 2011/08/03 06:12:10
    Excuse me but what the hell did you just say??
  • AzSCENEbyJEsS 2011/08/03 03:10:51
  • Clare Marie 2011/08/03 03:09:07
    Clare Marie
    I saw that to TLC last night. No I am not addictied to my pillow.
  • silveraward 2011/08/03 02:50:26
    My pillow is 30+ years old. New pillow cases have been sewed on over the old ones whenever they got threadbare. Most of the stuffing is gone out of it, but it's the best pillow I have! I can't find pillows like that one anymore, so I'm holding on to it.
    Plus I have a pretty emotional attachment to it. It was my mom's and she gave it to me, and every time I need a good cry it's there. Just a form of comfort, really. I don't take it everywhere like I used to when I was little, but I'm still attached to it.
  • He'a: k... silvera... 2011/08/03 04:35:57
    He'a: ka'ka:'
    I'm the same way with my baby blanket- I sleep with it. I don't carry it with me, but it's hanging on another quilt by a safety pin. I'm a little superstitious about it, though. Since my grandma made it, I'm afraid something bad will happen if I loose it/when it finally wears out completely.
  • Xinea He'a: k... 2011/08/03 05:42:04
    I'm like that, except my mom made mine. :) It's the only pink thing I own that I truly love.
  • Jason 2011/08/03 02:36:11
    Disgusting . . . get a new f-ing pillow. Bed bugs are real.

    disgusting f-ing pillow bed bugs real bed bugs
  • Dee 2011/08/03 02:02:58
    If you watch the tv series "My Strange Addiction", you come to realize that your not so nuts after all!
  • tor 2011/08/03 02:00:36 (edited)
    Ummm, don't get me wrong I do love my pillow..but it does not leave my bed..
  • Bomb a 2011/08/03 01:51:35
    Bomb a
    Get real, a pillow? A blankee I could understand.
    real pillow blankee understand
  • 13_JunkyardDog 2011/08/03 01:22:07
    this girl needs help
  • Mustang Girl 2011/08/03 01:16:44
    Mustang Girl
    yes, I take it everywhere like a security blanket. security blanket linus
  • 2226693 2011/08/03 01:08:42
  • T1 2011/08/03 01:04:46
    i bet that is one stankey frickin pillow.
  • Alexis 2011/08/03 01:03:52
    Unfortunately, I got a pillow pet of my favorite animal for christmas. I have to admit, I love it. Couldn't imagin sleeping without it, it's not as soft as it used to be and might be a little dirty. I still love it, but dont carry it around with me. xD
  • matty 2011/08/03 00:51:09
    yea cuz i cant sleep wit out one but i aint that addicted to my pillow shes jus crazy
  • Vision of Verve 2011/08/03 00:31:26
  • TasselLady 2011/08/03 00:12:36
    No. Thankfully I don't have any addictions to pillows. Maybe we should start up the "Pillows Anonymous" Group!!!!
  • Miss Sissa 2011/08/03 00:01:49
    Miss Sissa
    F**k yeah, it's so soft. And Tempurpedic.

    And my sister's name is Tamara.

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