Will You Be Participating in Movember?

Living 2012/11/04 18:52:31
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It's November and that means it's time for Movember! Movember is the month where men can help raise awareness about prostate and testicular cancer, as well as other men's health issues, by growing a mustache to show their support. Ladies can help too by starting teams and raising money. "Mo's" is a nickname for mustaches. Put that together with the month of November and you get Movember.

Think of it as similar to October, which is widely considered Breast Cancer Awareness month, as highlighted by corporations and sports leagues rocking the pink ribbon and/or pink clothing. This year's Movember campaign involves the Prostate Cancer Foundation and the LIVESTRONG Foundation, formerly led by retired cyclist Lance Armstrong.

Movember originated in Australia back in 2003 and later caught on around the world. It officially arrived in the United States by 2007. Over $15 million was raised for men's health last year in the U.S. alone and it is said that 21 other countries will be participating. Some men even take it a step further by participating in "No Shave November," where they grow full beards and don't shave for one month to raise awareness for men's health issues. Fellas, will you be rocking the mustache for Movember? Ladies, will you get involved in the campaign?

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  • pennie 2012/11/08 19:55:45
    don't no what movember is unless they ment to say November
  • Sue MacDonald Kyak 2012/11/08 14:47:43
    Sue MacDonald Kyak
    Well, considering I can't I'll just be donating.
  • kateisgod 2012/11/08 02:36:24
    Sorry... ?
  • harasnicole 2012/11/07 21:21:52 (edited)
    My cousin did last year, though.

    Besides, I'm a woman, so any facial I see gets waxed off, anyway.
  • todd cert 2012/11/07 21:20:12
    todd cert
    Movember? I know about that thing but do people really use that word? movember people
  • lakota 2012/11/07 17:57:03
    I shave when it get long
  • Sam 2012/11/07 17:34:19
    youd have to be a douche to do it
  • Jesterz Sam 2012/11/07 17:48:03
    says someone made of 50% plastic! LOL
  • Sam Jesterz 2012/11/07 17:49:59
    not 50%, around 15%, and how am i a douche for being hot?
  • Jesterz Sam 2012/11/07 18:02:38
    Hot is relative... You're blond, so for me you top at 7 on a scale of 10, minus 15% plastic you top at 5.5 which is pretty average.... Granted it's just me though...

    But saying you have to be a douche to grow a mustache for one month to show support for cancer awareness is pretty shallow and dumb IMO...

    I sincerly hope no male you care for gets prostate cancer... If we (the douches) can get enough money into research to save the lives of males you care for, just remember to at least say thank you...
  • FatherL... Jesterz 2012/11/07 18:17:20 (edited)
  • Jesterz FatherL... 2012/11/07 18:25:21
    On that I can agree... Big pharma corporations couldn't care less about finding a cure... Treating the symptoms (not finding a cure) is where the money is...

    But that said, showing support is never "douchy" IMO... I do my part for breast cancer and leucemia too, when this disease strikes close to home, you feel a bit more concerned I think...
  • Sue Mac... FatherL... 2012/11/08 14:52:20
    Sue MacDonald Kyak
    It's not shallow at all, you do raise money you know?!? You don't just grow a freaking mustache and hope that'll help.
  • FatherL... Sue Mac... 2012/11/08 17:00:37
    Raise money for what? To give to cancer research groups who have done nothing over the past couple decades but take peoples money and cover up real cancer treatments? They are dependent on cancer; dont expect them to find a cure that would eliminate their organization.
  • Sue Mac... FatherL... 2012/11/09 14:59:40
    Sue MacDonald Kyak
    I see you're too cheap to give to charity.
  • Sam Jesterz 2012/11/07 18:40:47
    im not against charities, far from it, but why not just donate the money to charity, why look like a douche for a month?
  • Jesterz Sam 2012/11/07 19:04:49
    You can dislike mustaches, no prob there...

    But what is douchy about mustaches???

    Here's what looks like (or better defines) douchyness in my opinion...

  • Sam Jesterz 2012/11/07 20:04:05
    they dont look THAT douchey
  • Jesterz Sam 2012/11/07 20:09:57
    ?? The fake orange sprayed-on tan?? The crayola eyebrows?? The stupid pout?? The hair????

    Geeeez.... What do douches look like in your area?? (Almost afraid to see...)

    I think we may have a misunderstanding of the term here then...
  • Sam Jesterz 2012/11/07 20:12:20
    well at least they dont have facial hair
  • Sue Mac... Sam 2012/11/08 14:54:51
    Sue MacDonald Kyak
    I'd take a guy with facial hair over those guido douches any day.
  • Sue Mac... Sam 2012/11/08 14:53:45
  • Sue Mac... Sam 2012/11/08 14:53:10
    Sue MacDonald Kyak
    Why not, you go around looking like a douche for the whole year.
  • deBrice Sam 2012/11/08 15:47:21
    I'm sure you look better on movember. Let this mustache grow Sam!
  • Sue Mac... Sam 2012/11/08 14:50:04
  • Sam Sue Mac... 2012/11/08 16:05:16
    but they lead to ridiculous fuking;)
  • Sue Mac... Jesterz 2012/11/08 14:49:34
    Sue MacDonald Kyak
    Ha ha ha!! Thank you, you just made my day!
  • Sue Mac... Sam 2012/11/08 14:49:01
  • Sam Sue Mac... 2012/11/08 16:04:40
    then why not just give money to charity like i do! you dont have to look like a douche for a month, looking like an idiot wont cure cancer!
  • Derbyhat 2012/11/07 17:24:20
    As a Testicular Cancer Survivor, I know the benefit of early detection. Get you PSA baseline and if either testicle is unduley sore or tender, get yourself to a doctor. I know kids and grandkids jump on laps or into your arms with love as their only motivation. Just embrace it, for they need your love back for many years to come. Don't cut that time short by ignoring your own discomfort. You are still a man withone or both testicles. That's all your loved ones need to know!
  • ShimmeryGlitter 2012/11/07 17:00:52
    My friends and I love mustaches!
  • sokoyah 2012/11/07 14:26:44
    too funny
  • The heartless 2012/11/07 12:55:14
    The heartless
    I'm a woman...so no.
  • Drebi 2012/11/07 06:59:18
    If that is what people in my area call "No Shave November", then yes.
  • Gabsters<3 2012/11/07 04:49:30
    Lol Lady with a mustache
  • Muver 2012/11/07 02:13:11
    With a donation ... since I am a female and have to mustasche...
  • greenapple 2012/11/07 01:04:35
    Moustache, Like a boss
  • Edbert 2012/11/07 00:14:35
    I'm almost afraid to even ask...what is "mov" and a serious dafuq about the staches...scary indeed.
  • Loverofcountry 2012/11/07 00:04:20
    I have a full beard all year, every year. First I heard of Movember.
  • zionosphere 2012/11/06 17:17:25
    Man For a Month! But they'll still keep shaving their legs and chests, right?

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