Will Wearable Animal Tails Catch On?

Fergie 2013/01/09 20:00:00
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If you thought those furry animal hoods that ravers wear are annoying, just wait 'til you hear about this...

More and more companies are now producing wearable animal tails, and a start-up aptly titled "Tailly" has created wearable cat tails that actually wag when your heart rate speeds up. This is done using sensors placed on the inside of the attached belt.

On the site, the company claims "Tailly is fun to wear to parties, while out with friends or playing with kids. You could even wear Tailly on a date and express your true feelings through the wagging tail. Even better, your partner could also wear one for the both of you to add a level of subconscious communication between the two of you."

Tailly recently had an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign (they raised 12,000 pounds out of the projected 60,000), but the press and support they received makes me wonder... Will wearable animal tails actually catch on at some point?

Wearable cat tail called Tailly wags when you're excited.

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  • anonymousanarchist 2014/05/21 17:40:51
    Basically, I have a tail of my own. And I don't use it as fashion sense, I only use it for spiritual beliefs. For some reason people take this as a joke, and I can see why.
    It looks ridiculous, and Honestly I don't care if it does.
    And people don't like it, because it's weird they say?
    The Gays for an Example, they were being misunderstood and neglected because they couldn't be who they wanted to be. And wearing a tail, is no different. Wearing a tail is like being Gay, your just different and you wanna express who you really are. And you can't go nowhere without someone making a rude comment to you, or getting all up in your beeswax because your more creative than them. They think that Therians, Furries, Otherkins, Gays, Bisexual, Hetrosexual,and Metrosexual are weird because they aren't like you.Most people think that because they just don't understand the concept of weird, and the concept of abnormal. Weird is being who you are, and your pretty Damn good at it--and will use that in your life time. Abnormal would be like, everyone being the same...and we all know that is just plain boring.So, if you can;t except others than you can't except yourself.
    And by the way, a tail isn't weird--it's Divergent!
  • Mr.Uncivil 2013/11/20 20:28:25
    I will admit, even if they don't catch on, I now absolutely want one after hearing about them.
  • DavidJoleenJames 2013/05/21 22:21:20
    No way
    Foushee! I sure hope not. Large hoops, acrylic bejeweled nails and heels are one thing. But big furry tales. Really? I cannot see it being a stylish accessory esp. w/ matching shoes.
  • Naime 2013/05/13 21:42:48 (edited)
    No way
    Only in Japan...

    Although they are neat.
  • ramiz toma 2013/03/14 17:26:38
    No way
    ramiz toma
    if i grab a girl's tail, will that be a sexual harrassment?
  • RoxyK1971 2013/02/03 09:22:14
    No way
    I hope not if they're REAL tails
  • BriBunny /(^x^)\ 2013/01/25 21:47:29
    BriBunny /(^x^)\
    Yes. I have one myself. ^_^
  • Dickens 2013/01/17 21:14:07 (edited)
    No way
    ...this has to be one of the stupidest things I've ever seen...(and at MY age, I've seen a lot of stupid!)
  • Lillsista 2013/01/16 07:41:39
    No way
    I sure hope not.
  • tidwell2161h 2013/01/16 04:06:40
    Its already very big at my school... I like it, although the ones wear generally wear don't wag, instead just being like really really fluffy socks. They're only about 6in long and hard to notice.
  • kiki 2013/01/15 18:47:00
    No way
    "You could even wear Tailly on a date and express your true feelings through the wagging tail. Even better, your partner could also wear one for the both of you to add a level of subconscious communication between the two of you."

  • 001 2013/01/15 13:16:33
    No way
    Maybe for kids, cosplayers and furries... It's cute, but a little goofy. I don't think people will be wearing this for a walk in the park.
  • QC 2013/01/15 06:15:07
    I just cut my dogs tail off to sell it on Ebay!
  • Roy Mun... QC 2013/01/24 03:14:02
    Roy Munson **SL, BD**
  • John Walker II 2013/01/14 23:51:17
    No way
    John Walker II
    Furries have been wearing them for decades. I don't see it anyone outside of the fandom doing it though.
  • Riobhca 2013/01/14 23:20:49
    No way
    Just Stupid.
  • Royo 2013/01/14 10:16:07
    Somehow this will become a fad. I won't participate in it, but it'll happen.
  • mm61675 Royo 2013/01/18 21:44:29
  • Dave 2013/01/14 05:28:58
    Yes - As humans cause the extinction of animals on the planet, they will attempt to take their places through costumes and becoming furries. It's kind of a warm and fuzzy feeling for human kind.
  • sglmom 2013/01/14 05:01:09
    No way
    How about this ..
    there's a time and place for HALLOWEEN Accessories ..
    it is AT Halloween ...
    any other time ..
    please keep it packed away ..

    (the only time a 'tail' should be used is if one is on stage and play-acting as an animal)
  • J.L.Worley 2013/01/14 04:33:00
    No way
    I hope to god that never catches on.
  • cinseattle61 2013/01/14 03:19:09
    No way
    Gay boys have been waring them for some time. It is an old fad.
  • Herbtheman 2013/01/14 03:04:31
    No way
    lets hope not.
  • drdos1943 2013/01/14 01:44:44 (edited)
    No way
    Well, way back, I have to admit that Davy Crockett hats were really in fashion. I wouldn't get caught wearing any animal's tail unless the animal were attached to it and breathing.

    For all you young'uns, the following is what a Davy Crockett hat was....

    davy crockett hat coon skin
  • Baya Suesette 2013/01/14 00:37:26 (edited)
    No way
    Baya Suesette
    I hope not. These days anything stupid can be considered fashionable. I believe this would be popular if not already popular with the Anime fangirls/fanboys. These bracelets below are stupid.

    bracelet shape
  • RH Baya Su... 2013/01/14 05:03:11
    Sadly, people made money on those. lol
  • Killing for Love 2013/01/14 00:24:04
    Killing for Love
    And I hope I can get a sleek black tail to wear with my kitty ears :)
  • David 2013/01/13 20:21:45
    No way
    Great for dress up and cos playing, but wearing just the tail is weird. Uncomfortable when you sit down.
  • BluebirdJam 2013/01/13 16:01:14
    No way
    The majority of people don't like to venture outside jeans and tees, so even though they're weirdly cool, no.
  • T 2013/01/13 13:23:18
    but it will never be the majority. It already has caught on in some circles, although I doubt it will ever be the norm.
  • postmamy 2013/01/13 11:10:44
    looks funny~~~~~
  • Avi Rosen 2013/01/13 07:45:50
    Avi Rosen
    although it may not for it is invading privacy...
  • luke 2013/01/13 03:34:59
    No way
    They're already popular with furries.
  • Chris 2013/01/13 02:19:40
    No way
    cool tho
  • kage 2013/01/13 00:21:54
    me and most of my friends have the ears too :D
  • lmnlme10921 2013/01/12 23:43:41
    No way
    There are a few kids at my school who currently wear them, and even the teachers have commented on how strange it is. I mean, I'm all for expression, but there's a reason God didn't give you a tail; you're a human being, not a cat.
  • Duane Freemantle 2013/01/12 21:16:06
    No way
    Duane Freemantle
    It is just humor.
  • anonymous anonymous 2013/01/12 20:59:26
    No way
    anonymous anonymous
    Are you kidding me? The only time that you can wear a tale without looking like a freak is Halloween, a play, or something like it. Though, I suppose cat ears were popular in parts of Japan for a while...
  • Tasinahri 2013/01/12 20:36:16
    No way
    Animal tales belong on their respective species. We are NOT that species!
  • Wackyweirdochic 2013/01/12 18:36:35
    No way
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