Will Peace Talks for Syria Happen Soon?

Aly1234 2013/10/21 20:58:04
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Arab League chief Nabil Elaraby says that peace talks geared towards ending the civil war in Syria are scheduled for November 23 in Geneva. However, UN envoy for Syria claims the opposite, citing that there is no date set yet for such talks.

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Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations and Fox News Contributor John Bolton was asked if he saw peace talks happening in the near future. He said there is some hope. Fox News reports: "Bolton says there might be optimism for a political deal between embattled President Bashar al-Assad’s regime and the rebel forces, but the civil war likely won’t end anytime soon."

“I think every prospect is that the civil war in Syria will continue as far as the eye can see,” said Bolton. He later went on to say that the Syrian military, “is helping to protect the chemical weapons inspectors and the rebels have been reluctant in those circumstances to end up in a military standoff with U.N. officials".

Syrian rebels were counting on a military strike against Assad’s regime and support from U.S. troops, which according to Bolton hasn’t come. “They haven’t seen that [American response] and frankly they haven’t seen much delivery on those American weapons that Obama promised over a year ago".

What do you think Sodaheads? Will peace talks happen soon, and see a stop to the civil war, in the near future? Or, is there still a very long way to go?

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  • Red Branch 2013/10/22 13:33:28
    Red Branch
    Even if the peace talks begin, Moslems never negotiate in good faith. Asswad, junior cannot compromise because then he is surrendering to al Qaeda and giving up his country.
    Al Qaeda has nothing to lose, all they can do is return to where they left. They can just go somewhere and start up a new war in an attempt to topple another Islamic terrorist govt.

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  • Dave 007 2013/11/17 12:28:33
    Dave 007
    It's quite now, but wait.
  • bt sedlock 2013/11/06 20:24:15
    bt sedlock
    No way.
  • Skylane 2013/11/02 02:10:08
    I'm sorry to beat a dead horse, but damnit, we need to stop thinking we have the right to dictate how countries conduct business. It does nothing but create animosity towards us.
  • Israel Skylane 2013/11/09 15:22:02
  • Glossary Map 2013/11/02 01:06:33
    Glossary Map
    The two sides are unwilling to surrender until they achieve their goals. Assad to retain power in Syria, the rebels to overthrow Assad.
  • rusty.barnett.16 2013/10/28 16:24:40
    A Kingdom is a Kingdom!!!!! Why give it up. Even if you only Rule Cockroaches.
  • Idotgotit 2013/10/28 00:52:45
    No. Thing shall get hotter before the clam and the calm will only be darker for the world!!
  • ShockedOneInAzSun 2013/10/27 15:37:39 (edited)
    I say "NO", not because I do not want them to, but because I do not see any of the sides as either the good guys, or backed by the good guys. AlI that I see is the people being used like pawns, knocked down like domino's, and collected and stacked like chips in a high stakes poker game.
  • Warrior 2013/10/26 20:37:26
    Since when are Egyptians peaceful ?
  • idiots ... Warrior 2013/10/27 00:36:19
    idiots need to be silenced
    Since when are humans peaceful
  • Warrior idiots ... 2013/10/29 02:43:37
    Some are more than others. Take a look back in history - these people, not so much.
  • idiots ... Warrior 2013/11/04 13:22:01
    idiots need to be silenced
    Well if u want to
    talk history
    european empires and americans destroyed native empires and conducted genocide and nazi tactics
    The last arab on arab was in 1463 between the turks and the mamlukes
    the last european wad in 2008 between russia and georgi
    isreal is not arab nor a country
    And the kuwait and iraq vs iran war wad completely
    made up by th US
    When muslims built their empire they let the christians and jews be with no prejudice While european christians werentexactly loving to their jewisj counterparts today and for
    most of history arab countries have a small jewish population that they have nevet been prejiduced too
    while the states wants nazi tactics of muslim seperation and Isreal murders palestinian muslims and christians by the thousands daily
    only those who are evil turn others into primitive beings
  • Israel Warrior 2013/10/28 17:15:35
  • CKarliner 2013/10/25 23:25:33
    Nope, I'm confident all the factions and fighting and Islam vs Islam killing each other and all every one else will continue until Russia moves completely in then...hmm Damascus might be no more in our lifetime.
  • toots 2013/10/24 13:05:13
    Obama is fickle and he is over Syria.
  • Israel toots 2013/10/28 17:16:23
  • cranejumper 2013/10/24 07:13:44
    but their is always hope
  • Mr. Smith 2013/10/23 17:26:49
    Mr. Smith
    If the Rothschild's wanted peace, there would be peace. Follow the money, all the way to the top!
  • Anderson B.M. 2013/10/23 16:48:17 (edited)
    Anderson B.M.
    from say a sociological stand point not till the social collectivity and its plights seeks to band or unite to set constitutions with ground fault views as with a republic of representatives. and its restraints of social orders that such parts of the world seams to reject by its mod reactions, by those seeking to push shariah law rather then reason able social orders
    for shairah law knows nothing of such social order and its freedoms and equal rights and or protections ?, thus then seek to band the freedom of speech that with in reason point out any thing seen related faults that sustains it , that would define fault of one person rather the collectivity of, etc.
  • Anderso... Anderso... 2013/10/23 16:51:56
  • Anderso... Anderso... 2013/10/23 17:36:11
  • BlackwinterG36C 2013/10/23 16:31:10
    Its going to get a lot worse before it gets better.
  • caius madison 2013/10/23 13:49:45
    caius madison
    However, will peace come out of the millionth talk? No, pure and simple. These countries do not want peace, they want power, money, and control. Those are what makeup war, so do the simple math in your head.
  • Israel caius m... 2013/10/28 17:19:56
  • caius m... Israel 2013/11/01 00:01:20
    caius madison
    Absolutely they do, and that is why these talks waste money, manpower, and time..... EVERYTIME!
  • Israel caius m... 2013/11/01 12:18:56
  • caius m... Israel 2013/11/19 15:49:27
    caius madison
    IDK, that's the same extremism I am opposed to. The anwer is to break the leaders, and either occupy or destroy the "Holy Land", as the promise is war anyways. Nuke the thing off the map. No Holy Land, no Holy War(s) eternally fought for it. Not gonna be popular, but neither are these regime's tactics or beliefs.
  • Israel caius m... 2013/11/20 22:34:49
  • caius m... Israel 2013/11/25 16:01:01
    caius madison
    It has to do with the belief that they are to inherit the world as promised by Abrahamic law. I will not bow down to anyone toting any faith as a sword, that has never yeilded loving, peaceful results..... ever. So yeah, if you take out the holy land as a habitable place, that is the "throne" from which they are supposed to be controlling this world. Nuke it, and all will be free.
  • Israel caius m... 2013/11/26 20:11:28
  • caius m... Israel 2013/11/27 15:19:41
    caius madison
    No, no anti anything, except wasting everybody's time. Nukes end things for good, and so far, a case can be made that they are the ultimate peace weapon. The only country they have ever been used on, NEVER has enacted war on ANYONE since, and is now a great business partner with the country who utilized it. That is not really debateable, it is a 100% fact, though not really due to the context I have worded it in. It will never happen anyways, unless the extremists are the button pushers. Yes, Muslims are branching out and causing SEVERAL cases of micro terrorist acts all over the world. Sweden, of all the neutral places on Earth, has been subject to a string of rapes perpetrated by Sharia Law misusers. That isn't the only place they force the religion of hate. Muslamic teachings are peaceful, for the most part, but when the damn Shari'a bs gets a goin', all kinds of nonpeaceful things happen, and in rashes at that.
  • Israel caius m... 2013/11/27 17:22:35
  • caius m... Israel 2013/11/27 20:04:02
    caius madison
    That IS my point, that the vast amount of violence, and sparce mentions of love and peace, breed extremism. That is why the land needs to be uninhabitable, to stop what they fight over. No Holy Lands, no Holy Wars. No extremists trying to force rape, hate, and cause terror in peacable lands. Rub em' all out, cause talks always seem to be bandaides at best for issues that require stitches and TLC.
  • Israel caius m... 2013/11/27 20:12:45 (edited)
  • caius m... Israel 2013/11/27 20:59:24
    caius madison
    Ah, I see your point, sorry about how long that took. Yes, we have been trying to do so. We have some success, but it has not been easy, and our sanctions stop us from really knocking some rebel heads loose. I completely agree that in this day and age, land acquisition is not cool, and should be opposed at the dearest costs. What is Islam doing to help us help them? I am not digging at Islam, but I haven't really heard much about what they are doing, as our media pretty much only focuses on our involvement solely.
  • Israel caius m... 2013/11/28 21:26:03
  • mike j 2013/10/23 12:52:55
    mike j
    You know , I have been listening to peace talks , peace treaties , peace this and that . It is a waste of time and theater put on for the Western nation powers , The people in the middle East don't really want it. I say let them alone except contain them to fighting amongst themselves within their borders.
  • MtDuffer 2013/10/23 04:59:10
    The only way that Peace is accomplished is if it is 100% Muslim.
  • Israel MtDuffer 2013/10/28 17:20:48
  • MtDuffer Israel 2013/10/28 21:01:25
    That is very true. And also an ex-Muslim told me that it is OK to lie so long as you lie about your enemies.
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