Will New York City's Large-Soda Ban Reduce Calories Consumed?

Fef 2012/07/25 19:00:00
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LATIMES.COM reports:
If restaurants and movie theaters in New York City limit sugar-sweetened beverages to 16-ounce servings, as Mayor Michael Bloomberg proposes, will it really cut people's calorie consumption -- or is this a rearranging-deckchairs-on-the-Titanic kind of move?
servings mayor michael bloomberg proposes cut peoplersquos calorie consumption rearranging-deckchairs-on-the-titanic

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  • Mj PINKYFINGERDOWN 2013/01/13 05:47:50
  • robert.barry.7311 2012/09/24 05:17:58
    People will eat what they want. And get what they want, regardless of any foolish interference by the local politicians. If people want to eat poorly they will. And that fact is also true for those who choose a healthy eating and living lifestyle!
  • avery johnson 2012/08/04 04:02:31
    avery johnson
    its all about food. let the people eat what they want to eat. all that should be done on the matter of caloric intake is to simply inform people you should never have to ban something or limit proportions. is soda going to be like the next prohibition in new york? because we all know how well that one went
  • InoYamanaka 2012/08/03 17:10:45 (edited)
    Big Brother? More like Big Mother. What's next you're going wipe our asses for us?
  • Luis 2012/07/30 12:16:59
    they would buy more medium sodas, which will be a privilege for those who are selling it
  • Cat 2012/07/30 01:35:46
    It will just make more money for the bodegas. Two 16oz sodas cost more than one 32oz soda.
  • FineCut69 2012/07/30 00:20:55
    No, but it will bring the issue into the spot light... Can't hurt... A little ridiculous, but whatever...
  • marty 2012/07/29 06:17:46
    Well, there are such things as "refills."
  • Mallory 2012/07/28 07:07:31
    Do I get free refills?
  • Iam Jesus 2012/07/27 23:19:57 (edited)
    Iam Jesus
    Duh, they'll just buy extra. But maybe that's the plan. Buy more, spend more. The rich get richer. Greed. People should have the right to upsize a drink. Like it or not, it's their body. We're all going to die one day anyway. Might as well die happy with a belly full of what you really wanted.
  • shaltov72 2012/07/27 21:19:26
    It has nothing to do with sugar, soda it has to do with CONTROL! The mayor of new world communisum in this city is probably getting a pay off, people will buy more so the soda companies get more and mr. one world order in charge of 9/11 gets more pay-off!
  • Marianne 2012/07/27 12:02:32
    I do not think that people will buy less.

    They should rather propose steevia as sweetener and more natural resp. directly pressed fruit juices or valuable mineral waters, instead of sugar and questionable ingredients.

    Furthermore, they ought to use returnable or reusable bottles to avoid wasting.
  • Sagan 2012/07/27 10:00:40
    If you really wanted a large soda couldn't you just buy 2 medium sodas? This doesn't make sense, we're in an economic crisis and politicians are worried about calorie consumption
  • travbee 2012/07/27 04:20:30
    Its dumb even to conceive such an idea. People will buy more. if you simply ban the sale of soda, even that would not make any change. the market would immediately come out with a huge range of substitute products which would cater to the sugar hungry population. What's really required is good health specific education and awareness drives which would some what, to a certain extent bring about a lifestyle change in people. apart from that, I believe that health consciousness can be brought about from within as no amount of education/awareness by other people can convince you to get done with your faulty food habits. that is one reason why obesity is a battle being lost by mankind.
  • Leantom, the Economic Ratio... 2012/07/26 19:58:10
    Leantom, the Economic Rationalist
    Limiting by reducing serving size is stupid. People will just buy more.
  • Ian 2012/07/26 19:49:51
    What i cant understand is that they can ban large sodas, but you can have extra fries, extra cheese,extra mayo, double.triple cheese burger, you can buy strong alcohol drink that can kill or have a adverse effect on your health;You can buy a gun and blow someones head of, you can buy a knife that can gut a bear, what do they ban,LARGE SODA!
    My point is If they can ban SODA because its not healthy,why don't they ban everything that is unhealthy, or impose a ban on all LARGE.
    They cant say ban large sodas,and ignore the dangers of other food and drink,which we all know are just has dangerous.
    Wont be long before George Orwell s 1984 will be there for all to see.
  • KarenInKenoshaWisconsin 2012/07/26 19:48:50
    Legislating basic human behaviors has never been very successful.
  • dear•LT13☻ 2012/07/26 19:36:42
    Not even a little
  • ☆ QueenAline 2012/07/26 18:08:27
    ☆ QueenAline
    buy 2...if you want
  • PrettieReptar 2012/07/26 17:42:53
    Free refills anyone?...lol. When is NYC going to rid of this jerk?
  • Black-Indian Girl 2012/07/26 17:40:49 (edited)
    Black-Indian Girl
    Portion sizes in America are very large compared to most other countries. If someone has an unhealthy diet, they'll get the calories from somewhere or something else. If their lifestyle is unhealthy, then it's not going to fix all of the root causes: Poor dietary habits, sedentary lifestyle, and/or lack of money for healthier foods.
  • No
    Catnip "Guru" ◊◊◊∞◊◊◊
    It will only increase, People will just buy smaller sodas, but more of them. Bloomberg really needs to pull his head out of his @ss.
  • derek 2012/07/26 17:21:46
    Someone needs to shove one of those 16oz'ers up Bloombergs ass. Fkn retard.
  • Dan Hood 2012/07/26 17:20:44 (edited)
    Dan Hood
    Bloomberg even points out why this law is completely pointless- he says that people need to make the conscious decision to go from one cup to another. All that this will do is make living or owning a business in New York City more of a pain in the ass than it already is. I'm counting down the days to January 1, 2014, when we won't have to deal with Bloomturd anymore...
  • Terry McGinnis 2012/07/26 17:15:48 (edited)
    Terry McGinnis
    It's called 'natural selection' for a reason. Let the fatties stay fat. They'll be the first to die.

    natural selection reason fatties stay fat die
  • Darkitec 2012/07/26 16:58:44
    But only because this is going to amount to a defacto hidden tax. Smaller drinks cost more per oz. and buying two 16oz drinks instead of one 32oz drink is going to cost consumers more. Thus they will be getting less for their dollar (a liberal positive) and thus be able to purchase less with their take home pay.
  • robert.... Darkitec 2012/09/24 05:22:24
    a liberal positive??? Who is getting rich off these people who buy two drinks instead of one?? What has liberal, conservative or extremists on either side of the issue got to do with anything...I am sorry but the comment is obviously a biased and right/left/ignorant way of expressing an opinion!
  • Darkitec robert.... 2012/09/24 14:22:54
    Taxes are based on cost. As the costs of products go up, government collects more taxes for the same product or service. Why do you think our government has such a problem with changing the alternative minimum tax? As inflation goes up, and wages go up to compensate, the government gets more people into the tax bracket that forces them to pay higher taxes.
  • ALL_BAND_FAN 2012/07/26 16:56:58
    soda is the most unhealthy thing you could do to your body.
  • Darkitec ALL_BAN... 2012/07/26 17:00:35
    So what, when did it become governments job to determine what we can and cannot do to our bodies? Life Liberty and the pursuit of happiness, if its good for us or not, it's a constitutional right.
  • ALL_BAN... Darkitec 2012/07/29 15:35:10
    dude chill. this is an opinion site, remember
  • Ian ALL_BAN... 2012/07/26 19:52:48
    Im sure alcohol kills more people, directly and indirectly than soda.
  • ALL_BAN... Ian 2012/07/29 15:34:55
    diabetes man!
  • Ian ALL_BAN... 2012/07/29 17:26:09
    Yes diabetes is affected by diet, so therefore reducing fatty foods should be banned.
    And alcohol should be banned,they cant say ban large soda.
    Ban large fries,large burgers,double whiskey,treble vodka.
    If they have made the correct decision in banning Large sodas,they then have to ban any thing over a certain size,or amount that is bad for you.
  • ALL_BAN... Ian 2012/08/01 22:07:37
    that's all great but banning alcohol will do no good. you've heard of prohibition before right?
  • Ian ALL_BAN... 2012/08/02 05:58:27
    You are missing my point,if they ban something that is known to be bad for you, they should ban all that is bad for you.I know its impossible to ban everything.
    Or is it a case they can ban something that is bad for you and not ban others which is bad for you, one can be enforced ! and the other cant be enforced.
    I think its dull to ban it, at the end of the day its their choice, what next large portions, no double whiskeys,large shakes.
    Freedom of choice you have heard it before right!
  • ALL_BAN... Ian 2012/08/02 14:06:32
  • Ian ALL_BAN... 2012/08/03 05:49:08
  • ALL_BAN... Ian 2012/08/29 23:55:09
    i got your point from the beginning dear. i was giving mine in reply. do you understand how conversations work? and dude, this is a site where you dick off and talk about music and girls. it's whatever. take your seriousness and talk to someone who actually wants to have an intellectual conversation.
  • Ian ALL_BAN... 2012/08/30 06:01:50
    So dear this site is only for girls and music,thats all im saying is if someone wants large soda its up to that person and not a pencil neck prick to decide if someone has large sodas.
    Still lost on this point, we can have a intellectual conversation but only to do with music and girls, so i will make this simple.
    If large sodas are bad for your health, they then logically, morally on health grounds they should ban everything large that is bad for you!
    Or let it up to the people,you cant say ban sodas but yes you can have large triple burger with large bag of chips.
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