Will Christianity fade away with European Americans?

Christian 2012/09/13 14:37:24
Please note:

This article and this question do not reflect personal beliefs, its just a question I am putting up for commentary.

Demographic predictions of increasing de-Europeanisation
are becoming realised in playgrounds throughout America, Europe, Australia
and New Zealand.

Some call this creeping multiculturalism "a Genocide
against the White race." While globalist strategy does appear to undermine
local social cohesion first by encouraging immigration and then by whipping
up anti-immigrant hysteria, such analysis ignores personal choice. White
people have not been reproducing at replacement levels.

"Around the time that President Kennedy went to
Germany and gave his 'Ich bin ein Berliner' speech, Europe represented
12.5 per cent of the world's population. Today it is 7.2 per cent, and
if current trends continue, by 2050 only 5 per cent of the world will be
European," states Russell Shorto in the New York Times.

"We start to wonder about our identity at the moment
when we are about to lose it," notes Tom Sunic in the Occidental
Observer, but the Pan-European identity is something quite new in history.

"Why should Pennsylvania, founded by the English,
become a Colony of Aliens, who will shortly be so numerous as to Germanise
us instead of our Anglifying them?" Benjamin Franklin complained in

"In the early 20th century, federal immigration
officials classified the Irish, Italians, and Jews as separate races. Yet
today all these groups are viewed collectively, and benignly, as 'white,'"
writes Jeff Jacoby in the Boston Globe.

Yet White identity has largely been defined collectively
as the opposite of benign because it comes with the historical baggage
of Southern Slavery, Segregation, Apartheid, and Colonialism. Throughout
the Western world and its former colonies legal systems had separate laws
for Whites and non-Whites. Even when such discrimination has been eliminated
from codes, complaints persist of unfair enforcement and unequal protection
alongside continuing structural inequalities.

"Whiteness" has been used as a weapon against
non-Whites by the bankers and proprietors of capital to prevent working
class solidarity, while simultaneously White Christian middle and upper
classes have been subjected to decades of what Prof. Kevin MacDonald calls
the "culture of critique emanating from the most prestigious academic
and media institutions."

Blogger Christian Lander summarises: "As a straight
white male, I'm the worst thing on earth."

In college I actually told my American history professor,
"I wish I could rip my skin off."

Jews are always exempt from collective White Guilt as
their involvement in Bolshevik massacres, the American slave trade, and
the conquest of Palestine is never mentioned at any level of the US public
educational system while the Holocaust is taught starting in Kindergarten.

Although White Christians have been demonised as the
Oppressor class, poverty is not specific to race in the United States.
Representative Cynthia McKinney in a Congressional report concerning Hurricane
Katrina points out: "In the greater New Orleans area, 65,000 minority
residents lived in poverty before Katrina, compared with

85,000 whites."

Sinister plots to reduce non-white populations and sometimes
white Muslim populations through promotion of birth control, instigating
warfare, starvation and disease have however constituted a recurring feature
of international politics.

In 1974, the US National Security Council under Henry
Kissinger released a memorandum on the "Implications of Worldwide
Population Growth" claiming that population growth in Lesser Developed
Countries was a dangerous threat to US national security.

It has even become popular to view mass death as something
positive. Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh, leader of the World Wildlife
Fund said, "If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to
earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels," according
to a 1995 American Policy Center report.

Neoconservative commentator Mark Steyn writes in America
Alone, "If you can't outbreed the enemy, cull 'em."

Likewise, abortion has been promoted as a way of reducing
the population of the poor. Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood
and member of the Eugenics Society wrote in 1922: "Those least fit
to carry on the race are increasing most rapidly Funds that should be used
to raise the standard of our civilisation are diverted to maintenance of
those who should never have been born."

Despite disproportionate use by African Americans of
abortion services, their birth rate remains higher than replacement level
while European Americans' population continues to decline.

Similar disparities exist in Europe. In 2005, 64,000
children were born in Norway of two foreign-born parents in comparison
with only 13,800 children born to native Norwegian parents. Immigration
in combination with higher non-European birth rates has resulted in projected
transformation of majorities into minorities.

Journalist Eric Walberg blames the downfall of Europe
on neoliberalism while author Michael Hoffman blames moral degeneracy.
"The non-reproducing (i.e. self-exterminating) Whites of Europe and
America live for luxury."

Yet, Europeans have always been a global minority. Even
pre-Christian Romans often recommended later marriage as a display of patience
and chastity while in other cultures women typically produced their first
baby at 14 or 15. In the 17th century, advances in medicine and hygiene
resulted in increasing European populations. Other nations are now catching

Those who are panicked about disappearing European Christian
culture should strive to address the socio-economic and emotional factors
that discourage those of European ancestry from

having children.

Karin Friedemann is a Boston-based political analyst.
She is Director of the Division on Muslim Civil Rights and Liberties for
the National Association of Muslim American Women

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Top Opinion

  • Truth Matters 2012/09/13 15:18:44
    Truth Matters
    Christianity isn't a European religion anymore. Christianity is growing in Asia and Latin America.

    While Europe rejected Christ and followed Napoleon, Marx, Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini into socialism, Christianity did quite well in other places.

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  • Tw!stəd_S!stər 2012/09/20 02:15:14
  • Vive le Canada Libre!!! 2012/09/19 23:29:31
    Vive le Canada Libre!!!
    I may be white, but I couldn't care less about the labelling "white race." Personally I hate terminology like that and view all peoples as equals.
  • M.J 2012/09/16 18:02:17
    religion is fading a way.
  • Terrance Earle 2012/09/14 10:45:58
    Terrance Earle
    WOW this topic is uneducated and below the standards of this time. I feel offended. Today it's really down to the uneducated brewing babies. Our system feeds this process. Take away the feed and everything stabilizes.
  • Christian Terranc... 2012/09/14 21:54:59
    Why would any question or word offend you if you are educated as you say?

    "Civilization began the first time an angry person cast a word instead of a rock"

    Sigmund Freud
  • Terranc... Christian 2012/09/14 21:56:49
    Terrance Earle
    I feel offended because it's irrelevant and old to the current problems of today. It's like blaming a child for the mistakes of a parent.
  • JessDeCristo 2012/09/14 08:46:55
    N E V E R !
  • sonofason 2012/09/14 01:02:37
  • Seraph O. Storms 2012/09/13 22:56:05
    Seraph O. Storms
    Christianity will necessarily die away until there are only a handful of believers left on Earth, who are completely hated by everyone else.
  • Frank 2012/09/13 22:24:19
    Nope, just start counting the churches on every corner, and quit listening to the media....
  • Professor Wizard 2012/09/13 19:42:15
    Professor Wizard
    IF the Muslims have anything to say about it - it will!
  • sonofason Profess... 2012/09/14 01:04:18 (edited)
  • Miss Kris the Centrist 2012/09/13 18:02:37
    Miss Kris the Centrist
    Nope. Christianity is spreading, if anything.
  • sonofason Miss Kr... 2012/09/14 01:06:01
  • Miss Kr... sonofason 2012/09/14 01:06:54
    Miss Kris the Centrist
    But you forget about us Mormons. I believe we outnumber the Muslims in America :P
  • sonofason Miss Kr... 2012/09/14 01:18:55 (edited)
  • Miss Kr... sonofason 2012/09/14 01:19:30
    Miss Kris the Centrist
    Ah, the game is afoot! lol jk
  • Hawk 2012/09/13 17:46:08
    Christianity will never fade away. Maybe some religions will but never true Christanity.
  • Bibliophilic 2012/09/13 17:17:49

    European Americans aren't going anywhere.
  • Metaldane 2012/09/13 17:13:53
    No in fact a large percentage of Christians aren't white most of south America in fact are Christian. However if you look at Europe Christianity is on the decline and actually ifyou want to make it racial Scandinavians arguably the most white (most of us are as pale as gingers lol) are now becoming increasingly non Christian most are becoming completely non religious or going pagan.
  • Chris- ... Metaldane 2012/09/14 22:02:40
    Chris- Demon of the PHAET
    Well, you gave most of my answer. :-)

    I believe Christianity is also growing in Africa.
  • Metaldane Chris- ... 2012/09/14 22:46:21
    Yea kinda funny how it's the areas with all the wars, genocide, and druglords that Christianity is growing and the more peaceful areas with civil rights laws where it's dying out lol.
  • Chris- ... Metaldane 2012/09/14 22:49:28
    Chris- Demon of the PHAET
    Hmmmm.... Could there be a connection?
  • Metaldane Chris- ... 2012/09/14 22:52:25
    Lol just by studying their history you can tell they don't grow peacefully it's either by force or by destroying the majority of their competitors.
  • Mungu 2012/09/13 16:20:30
    Christianity will continue long after those labeled as "white" cease to have any global collective power. Don't worry, the main branch of mankind will produce more whites in mass again, for those who are feeling nostalgic about it.

  • TuringsChild 2012/09/13 16:13:44
    The Bible has been prematurely 'buried' many times, by such luminaries as Freud, Jung, Nietzsche, and so many others. What most of these people have in common is that they are all dead and buried, while the Bible continues its mission.

    I'm not worried about God's Word faltering or returning to Him void. Mankind will end before the Bible does.
  • Clay Slayer *Shotgun Guru 2012/09/13 16:09:09
    Clay Slayer *Shotgun Guru
    This god of today will fade away just as all gods before it,, only to be replaced with another superstition... As people become educated, the need for a god deminishes....
  • Horace 2012/09/13 16:00:05
    People have been talking about the so called "secularization hypothesis" for decades, it hasn't happened yet and its showing no sign of it. Religion always adapts and society always adapts to it.
  • L1 2012/09/13 15:53:26
    I doubt it. You forget that Latin America is so predominately Catholic still, and this is a form of Christianity. Whether it will stay as such, remains to be seen.
  • David 2012/09/13 15:53:20
    It is a pity that more of those who claim to be Christian are not the genuine article!
  • Truth Matters 2012/09/13 15:18:44
    Truth Matters
    Christianity isn't a European religion anymore. Christianity is growing in Asia and Latin America.

    While Europe rejected Christ and followed Napoleon, Marx, Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini into socialism, Christianity did quite well in other places.
  • ALofRI 2012/09/13 15:16:00
    The best thing this world can do for itself is mix and mingle, The sooner we lose our ethnic identities, the sooner peace will come. We have had countries since civilization began, which has resulted in different religions, clumps of ethnicities and skin tones, different languages, etc. The human species does not do "different" well, and the sooner we get rid of different, the sooner we will have peace, and, I believe, the sooner we will find that we don't need "religion", which is the biggest cause of war and hatred among the "different", as well as being the largest "differentiators".

    We could take a lesson from the "Starship Enterprise", where so many "radically different" species worked together as a team.
  • Rude I3itch 2012/09/13 15:01:53
    Rude I3itch
    yes their time of power is almost over its time for the wheel to turn and someone else to take over
  • ray Rude I3... 2012/09/13 15:36:18
    South America , Central America , Middle East and Africa have had their opportunity beneath their feet for thousands of years.
    The Best the can do is the best they have done.
  • Rude I3... ray 2012/09/13 15:49:39
    Rude I3itch
    the romans and egyptians had their reighn of power history tells us that no empire lives forever eventuallythey all fall apart looks like che chinese are next
  • ray Rude I3... 2012/09/13 15:56:54
    The Roman empire lives on as Europe .
    The Remnants of the Ottoman empire is the Mideast.
    The Asian Cultures are virtually timeless in their adaptability.
    Lack of unified single government does not diminish the realm , they remain as states within a defined area.
  • Rude I3... ray 2012/09/13 16:19:11
    Rude I3itch
    oh we'll still be here we'll still be america
  • MeiLin ray 2012/09/14 23:15:29
    IMHO the Roman empire expanded to the limits of Western civilization. All these countries base their power jargon on Latin words, senate.....
  • BHGOzzy 2012/09/13 14:57:41
    Nah. People have been predicting stuff along these lines for years. As pointed out by the article. Hasn't happened yet.
  • Christian BHGOzzy 2012/09/13 15:10:13
    Wow, you read the whole article.

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