Will America ever be able to solve it's racial problems?

BlackSouth 2011/06/17 03:06:56
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  • NPC 2011/06/17 03:09:43
    Race activists, race haters and race baiters do not want to solve racial problems in America

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  • Michaelene BlackSouth 2011/06/28 13:54:00
    i can see why you feel that way. If I follow your example, I'd be whiteMichaelene
  • BlackSouth Michaelene 2011/06/28 19:31:15
    Plus the problem we're facing is an an American problem. Not racism in other countries or racial problems inside of a particular ethnic group. I drop the hyphen I am still going to be black. A Mexican person drips the Hyphen they are still going to be a Mexican. Dropping the hyphen isn't going to solve anything. Banning ethnic study programs aren't going to do anything either. That would lead to an American history without Mexicans, Indians, Africans, and Chinese that helped build this country.
  • Michaelene BlackSouth 2011/07/05 16:19:24
    No it wouldn't. I learned all about the contributions of immigrants 30 yrs ago. I also taught ethnic studies 10 yrs ago and included those who became Americans and are very proud of building America's skylines and rails.

    As long as we allow immigrants and illegals to have their own anti american studies in our schools there will never be a solution in America, just more racism and hatred against white Americans.
    I see you focused on one sentence I wrote and ignored the reality that there is racism against light vs dark blacks, and differing latino groups as well but each of those groups all have a common enemy, white people.
  • Tau_Seti 2011/06/17 12:32:58
  • KingdomNow 2011/06/17 12:23:57
    Never. As long as liberals profit off of the myth of racial inequality, there will always be problems.
  • BlackSouth KingdomNow 2011/06/17 14:31:13
    There was racial inequality long before political parties. The problem has been here much longer than politics.
  • KingdomNow BlackSouth 2011/06/17 14:33:59
    I agree that it has nothing to do with politics -But people in politics have kept racism alive, as another facet of mythical class warfare, for their own self-interests.
  • Silver Dew 2011/06/17 12:20:21
    Silver Dew
    I hope it does. I mean we still good with other races, but racism is still roaming around.
  • unclepat 2011/06/17 12:11:02
    NO! Not as long as todays brand of conservatism still exists.
  • SiliconSorcerer 2011/06/17 11:51:15
    Not as long as their is quota's etc.
  • gibyob 2011/06/17 11:21:55
    Not as long as jerks ;ike Al Sharpton can make millions from it it won't. That man has more dirt on his hands from stirring the pot with a dirty handle.
  • BlackSouth gibyob 2011/06/17 14:32:20
    This has been a problem long before Al Sharpton.
  • Zombie Cute Girl 2011/06/17 10:29:07 (edited)
    Zombie Cute Girl
    I hope so....I really hope!

    It's time to wipe all this prejudice! :) hope hope wipe prejudice no prejudice
  • Sister Hoover of the Immacu... 2011/06/17 09:50:05
    Sister Hoover of the Immaculate Conception
    yeah... as soon as the interacial copulas is complete and all the bigots have died out...
  • BlackSouth Sister ... 2011/06/17 14:33:56
    When every ethnic group has interbred. fascinating theory.
  • Sister ... BlackSouth 2011/06/17 18:04:42
    Sister Hoover of the Immaculate Conception
    The eyes of the world are watching.... waiting....

  • Mr.Steve 2011/06/17 09:49:17
  • BlackSouth Mr.Steve 2011/06/17 14:35:01
    I can somehow agree with this, or not totally disagree whichever is best.
  • Mr.Steve BlackSouth 2011/06/17 14:42:16
  • BlackSouth Mr.Steve 2011/06/17 14:54:59
    I can respect that.
  • Erok 2011/06/17 09:45:05
    That would be a negative....too many stupid people on this planet brought up in hate filled worlds at the hands of those who raised them. Then add in the factors of what happens in our day to day lives. I wish it were not so but unfortunately it is what it is.
  • cellophane 2011/06/17 09:39:29
    We have racial problems? ;)
  • Zozo 2011/06/17 09:19:00
  • Bob 2011/06/17 08:23:34
    YUP! When political parties and their joiners quit using race as a reason for to foster greater racial problems and social activists quit using race as a reason for all wrongs to their peoples situations. When entitlement programs are left to charities vice having taxpayers make their recipients livings for them. When all races can get equal access to programs for advancement not only a select few. When all races don't see inequities in the way their people are dealt with under all circumstances. OK, the true answer is NO! Not as long as there are differences of minds, religion, heart, and soul. And especially not until all races stop harming their own for greed sake. History says NO.
  • TimothyBrianFoley 2011/06/17 08:02:13
    I Believe It can don't give up hope hope gluttnoy hope greed hope laziness hope pride sin hope envy hope lust hope anger get rid of 7 deadly sins and aware of the anti christ hope rid 7 deadly sins aware anti christ anti christ 666 Then I think you have the hate problems solved humanity needs a new begininng somewhere the only race that matters Is the human race.
  • mrdog 2011/06/17 07:56:07
    Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson...etc...will keep it going
    for selflish reasons...mainly greed..... bark
  • conservyT mrdog 2011/06/17 16:29:44
    We meet again mrdog and this time I'm 100% in agreement with you on this one; those two guys have caused so much separation amongst races.
  • Kira 2011/06/17 07:38:39
    not really.
  • conservyT 2011/06/17 07:34:16
    Well, my husband is African-American, I’m Mexican-American and we have 3 beautiful biracial children, so frankly I could care less how people feel about my husband’s race, my race or my children being biracial. We have many friends of different races and we enjoy and respect everyone’s cultural differences. I strongly believe that it all starts with each and every one of us to end racial tensions. Also, it’d be nice if Politicians stop using the “Racial Card” for their sole gain.
  • BlackSouth conservyT 2011/06/17 07:39:28
    I agree with you whole-heartedly. I am African American divorced from German and both daughters bi-racial and I have many many friends from from living in different countries.
  • conservyT BlackSouth 2011/06/17 07:50:39
    I take it you were in the military? That’s our current situation, my husband will have 20 yrs this coming August. When I first joined the Army, I came from a predominately Mexican American environment and was put in an environment that was multicultural and different. However, once I experienced the wonderful difference of other cultures I began to understand that we are different, but at the same time, we are the same. Anyhow, they say money is the root of all evils, but I say Ignorance is the root of All evils. God Bless…
  • BlackSouth conservyT 2011/06/17 08:30:57
    God Bless you too.
  • Doug 2011/06/17 07:09:02
    As long as they remain ignorant of the Organic Laws of the United States of America, they will forever be forever enslaved to the system of government that thrives off of and promotes racism in this country.
  • BlackSouth Doug 2011/06/17 07:15:59
    So now the question is which side is that?
  • In vino veritas 2011/06/17 06:44:40 (edited)
    In vino veritas
    Not until we stop being in denial,88% of crime is gang related,prison population is 80% black and hispanic,I suppose the facts will make me racist, guilty as charged. population 80 black hispanici suppose facts rascist guilty charged rascist
  • BlackSouth In vino... 2011/06/17 07:11:55
    You are so very correct. Prisons are full at taxpayers expense. 80%, and I am going to use your numbers, are black and hispanic. Taxpayers money is also spent on teaching these same people trade and life skills so that they can assimilate back into society but even after all of that many won't be hired for jobs. What a vicious cycle. Are we in denial about that too?
  • In vino... BlackSouth 2011/06/17 07:16:03
    In vino veritas
    Will you hire a convicted felon over one that is not?
  • BlackSouth In vino... 2011/06/17 07:21:03
    I would depend on the type of conviction he or she has and whether they would be more qualified than the person that is not. The majority of convictions are drug possession. I personally could care less what a person does on his or her time as long as they get their job done on my time.
  • Jim BlackSouth 2011/06/17 07:51:22
    "Would be more qualified than the person that is not". - Really??

    That is not in accordance with "Affirmative Action" which in itself has angered many.
  • BlackSouth Jim 2011/06/17 08:29:03 (edited)
    If you read Affirmative action the person has to be qualified as well. He or she will be given preference to meet a quota., but we are not talking about affirmative action.

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