Why you're an idiot if you believe in God!

Cal Woodrow 2011/12/02 17:53:54
You're going to hell!
I completely agree!
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So, this is going to be a rant; if you think you're going to be offended, you probably will be. But, it's your choice to read this, it is your choice to comment. I will tell you, I am a proud Atheist, I use logic and science to drive my personal thoughts on our existence, not a god or religions that are more a type of mythology. To me, somebody trying to justify religious thought, sounds quite like a 6 year old proclaiming the existence of "Santa Claus". I think that for many, religion is a convenient way to solve the question as to why we exist, it's right in our face, we're exposed to religion everyday (in America anyway...); it has formed our system of "morality", and because of it, is the foundation of our legal system. The idea of "Religion" is not bad in and of itself, for many it attempts to give meaning to their lives (that isn't bad!), and I'm not criticizing those people. But, those people are not logicians, or intellectuals and they throw any idea of being "intellectual" out the door when they unequivocally do not question the existence of god (ignorance is bliss). We fight wars over religion (the Crusades, even our modern wars in the Middle East; it's a war of the morally "Good" Christians of the western world against the the evil and "extremists" Arab nations), some even justify oppression with religion (Colonialism, where Europeans felt that natives of their respective colonies were not 'Christian' and therefore not 'moral' and equal. Religion (in many ways) is a tool used to justify hate, without any true explanation of our universe (earth isn't all there is to it; also, in case you didn't know, the sun (or the universe) doesn't revolve around the earth!) So, when explaining the existence of our Universe (not just Earth), astronomical science demonstrates the existence of "Red-shift" which is observed when astronomical bodies move away from each other; we can observe that galaxies are moving away from our own. This is where the Big Bang theory comes into play, if galaxies are moving away from one another at a consistent rate, then there obviously had to be something that has propelled them to do so, and thus you have the Big Bang theory; admittedly neither modern science or logic can explain why a "Big Bang" wound occur "from nothing". However that is far from being a justification of a deity! I believe that there is a scientific reason behind the "Big Bang", but for a second I'll entertain the idea of a "god"; the universe is a vast place, even if there was an 'intelligent design' of our world, a deity would of created a vast number of other worlds (there are billions of star systems ('suns'), galaxies, and planets); if you know anything about statistics, then logically you'll know that a god's emphasis on Earth would then be very minimal, a side project; why then would an Earth, our world, be important to that God? And so, if there is a "god", it isn't an Earthly god, it isn't the God in the bible. Do you think that earthly religious thought would of spontaneously occured on billions of other planets (assuming that advanced life does exist outside of Earth, which there is a large chance that it does), are people on "Alpha Centauri" reading the 'christian' bible? Hearing about Jesus? Are they fighting the same wars because of religious factionalism? The whole of humanity tends to have a big ego, some people see and experience earth and think that is all there is to the complex universe. These people give earthly solutions to a "universal" question. Just think, how much of an ego do you have to possess to think that our earthly god, the god in the bible, created the entire universe. I mean come on people, religion is quite ridiculous. If you're religious and religion is how you have meaning in your life, then more power to you; but take 'God' out of the American pledge of allegiance, stop this "marriage is a religious institution" bullshit ( it's an institution built by humanity, flawed humans), stop the hatred of others because of their religion (or lack of), stop claiming that people that don't believe the bullshit you do are "going to hell", stop the "America is a Christian nation" crap; and most of all, stop thinking that you're some type of morally superior person because of your religion, because to me (and many other rational thinking Atheist (or theists), you're a blithering idiot that can't think for yourself, you can't see beyond your own little bubble of security (because when you die, you're going to heaven, right?)

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  • Mr. Rock "n" Roll 2011/12/02 18:20:14
    I see what you mean, but I disagree because...
    Mr. Rock "n" Roll
    I guess I would much rather live my life happy and optimistic based on faith and belief than angry and pessimistic based on logic and science. It’s my choice so why do so many people attempt to disprove what fulfills a believers life, it may be because something is missing in theirs. Thank you for renewing my faith in God; it always amazes me how he works though others to affirm his existence and brightens the day knowing He is with me.

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  • dhov 2015/01/02 03:12:34
    I completely agree!
    Religion does not form the basis of our legal system. Sorry but morality predates all religions as do most our basic laws. If religions are supposed to make people moral why don't they? Religious people commit most of the crimes in this country. A fanatical belief in religion has been the reason for murder and all manner of horrible deeds committed by the religious among us. Religions warped sense of morality and it's attempts to demonize sexuality and women in general is at the root of many of our social problems and the reason we can't reach common sense solutions for our problems. To put it simply despite most religions protestations that God loves you they themselves preach hate.
  • zbacku 2012/03/13 02:13:27 (edited)
    You're going to hell!
    I would have voted a different way, buy seeing you are a liberal warthog, you seem fit not to allow a civil answer.

    'rational thinking Atheist' That's the first laugh I have had all day. If that statement is not an oxyMORON nothing is.
  • Cal Woo... zbacku 2012/03/13 02:18:26 (edited)
    Cal Woodrow
    I hope you have a good day too!
  • ndaye 2012/01/09 13:04:22
  • sam123 2011/12/20 09:01:27
    I completely agree!
    if those who believe in God are idiot , what are you ?

    nice donkey
  • Cal Woo... sam123 2011/12/21 00:30:19
    Cal Woodrow
    Do you care to provide any real content?
  • kmay 2011/12/09 13:49:51
    I see what you mean, but I disagree because...
    I believe you're an idiot not to believe in God!
  • Cal Woo... kmay 2011/12/11 01:47:15 (edited)
    Cal Woodrow
    Okay, you have the right to your opinion. If you don't like the title of this topic, realize that it is a tactic used in journalism to get people like you to read what I posted... Do I necessarily think that you're an idiot for believing in a religion or deity -- no! But, had you have actually read everything that I said in the description, you'd realize that I was never criticizing religion in and of itself; I was criticizing the over emphasized aspect of religion in our lives -- in the pledge of allegiance, in schools, as policy (domestic and international), etc. I dislike how religion influences our collective conscious, and our perceived notion of 'morality', especially considering that religion is less than a scientific theory, but a general idea about a "god" based on events that are obviously distorted from reality.
  • kmay Cal Woo... 2011/12/12 12:41:34
    Your opinion noted however, we we are free 'individuals' [not a collective conscience] allowed to choose under our Constitution. Just as we are free to choose to express our religion in any way we choose under that same Constitution. You don't have to like it but that is a protected right.
  • Cal Woo... kmay 2011/12/12 15:20:16 (edited)
    Cal Woodrow
    I completely agree with you. But, just because free speech is protected under the constitution, doesn't mean that I do not have the right to actually demonstrate it. I mean, what you've said could certainly be turned around, especially considering you are not pushing or criticizing any particular ideology (you've said nothing that could be protected under "free speech"), and only I am (though I doubt your post was about defending my rights...), which is quite interesting because this shows that some how, for some reason, you feel threatened or defensive about what I said (even though you haven't really said anything to counter my argument, or truly displayed anything as to why you disagree); I don't think judging a post and claiming that I'm unequivocally wrong is supporting 'protected rights' under the constitution.
  • kmay Cal Woo... 2011/12/12 21:59:59
    Freddom of religion and the expression thereof is what I am referring to as a protected right.
  • AJ kmay 2014/06/18 19:09:44
    And so is the other billions of other people who believe in other religions
  • kmay AJ 2015/03/15 23:33:10
  • Dave kmay 2015/03/13 00:38:33
    And that is why YOU are a complete idiot. There is no greater example of a primitive mind or sheer ignorance than a belief in god. It is almost beyond comprehension how stupid a person has to be to think even a single passage in the bible is based in reality. As my dad used to say, religion is for idiots and losers... no truer words have ever been spoken
  • kmay Dave 2015/03/15 23:32:45
    Only the stupid believe your nonsense!
  • lyle 2011/12/05 14:35:24
    I see what you mean, but I disagree because...
    For the things he has hidden from the learned and the clever.....God is very much a part of my life today..................but once thought like you
  • Cal Woo... lyle 2011/12/05 15:31:23
    Cal Woodrow
    I once thought like you, I was raised as a Catholic...
  • lyle Cal Woo... 2011/12/05 17:00:53
    If I had been raised on the teachings of organized religion ....I probally would have ran too......the concept of God is very real, but have never viewed religion as a great path to that
  • Cal Woo... lyle 2011/12/05 19:31:52
    Cal Woodrow
    Just because you view the 'concept of God is very real' doesn't make it so. This is a story published by the BBC just today http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/sci... It is too oversimplified to assume that your god (the God specifically mentioned in the bible) created the entire Universe; the Universe isn't just Earth...
  • lyle Cal Woo... 2011/12/06 05:58:57 (edited)
    don't much care about who created the universe....I'm talking about the 'God' that is found in our hearts
  • kmay Cal Woo... 2011/12/09 13:51:23
    Just because you don't understand faith in God doesn't mean it isn't real.
  • Cal Woo... kmay 2011/12/11 01:51:11
    Cal Woodrow
    Even if there is a supreme deity (Deism) and creator of the entire universe (not just earth), it isn't the 'god' in the christian bible, or based on any other earthly religion; and therefore, why should we emphasize that god in our individual daily lives?
  • I<3HungerGames 2011/12/04 19:06:43
    You're going to hell!
    I'm sorry, but if you aren't saved, you're going to hell plain and simple
  • Radical Ed 2011/12/03 20:46:55
    You're going to hell!
    Radical Ed
    because wall of text hurts my eyes.

    wall hurts eyes
  • Scott 2011/12/03 16:30:39
    I see what you mean, but I disagree because...
    Some fair points here about people hating and warring against each other because of religious enmity. The bit about colonialism was very true. I still choose not to be an atheist however.
  • Charlie 2011/12/03 05:28:10 (edited)
    You're going to hell!
    I'm an atheist but I don't think a person is an idiot who believes in a god.My mom and girlfriend are both Christians and they are both far from being idiots.
  • JGF 2011/12/03 02:39:13
    I see what you mean, but I disagree because...
    You're proud to be an atheist, and that's fine. It doesn't, however, mean anyone who disagrees is an idiot.
  • Beat Magnum True Hero 2011/12/03 00:42:56 (edited)
    I see what you mean, but I disagree because...
    Beat Magnum True Hero
    You claim to have logic, but clearly you lack in people skills. Also, you really get worked up over something that you claim to be a "six year old's fairy tale."
  • Cal Woo... Beat Ma... 2011/12/03 00:44:27 (edited)
    Cal Woodrow
    How so? Why wouldn't I get worked up over it, people are actually believing fairy-tales as fact, I think that's something to get worked up over...
  • Icarus 2011/12/03 00:10:49
    I completely agree!
    Yep, sounds about right. We really should have grown out of religion long ago (Age of Enlightenment and all that).
  • Bocephus 2011/12/02 23:09:13 (edited)
  • Cal Woo... Bocephus 2011/12/02 23:15:30
    Cal Woodrow
    For the reply to this, just read (or reread) my description of this topic. Also, for entertainment, can you be more in depth on how those four things "let you know God is real"?
  • Bocephus Cal Woo... 2011/12/02 23:23:36
  • Cal Woo... Bocephus 2011/12/02 23:35:53
    Cal Woodrow
    I'm not going to engage in a discussion with you any further. My advice is that you begin to use your mind. I respect that you have differing beliefs than I do, but you're quite ridiculous, this is quite ridiculous.
  • I<3Hung... Cal Woo... 2011/12/04 19:14:34
    Just because he has a different belief than you, doesn't make it ridiculous! He may very well think what you're sayin is ridiculous. I beleive what he has stated! I'm a proud christian, as well as this man, but just because you beleive differently doesn't mean his opinion is ridiculous!!!!
  • Cal Woo... I<3Hung... 2011/12/05 00:53:25
    Cal Woodrow
    His opinion is not based on facts, but mythology...
  • I<3Hung... Cal Woo... 2011/12/05 00:58:30
    Well that 'mythology' is gonna cause you to burn in hell when you die
  • Cal Woo... I<3Hung... 2011/12/05 02:08:20
    Cal Woodrow
    You're quite sad, I feel sorry for you; the type of mind you posses, you have been brainwashed, frightened into believing something that simply isn't true. If you're so naive as to believe the idea that you're so morally 'good' and that you'll some how go to "heaven" because of your inherent 'goodness', then it's not in my place to engage in a rational and intellectual discussion with you. Facts are facts, myths are myths; the Universe is so complex, more so than you believe, and I think it's great -- what science can uncover. But, you're free to believe what you like.
  • I<3Hung... Cal Woo... 2011/12/05 21:28:53
    you don't go to heaven by being good, you go to heaven by being saved!
  • cici Cal Woo... 2013/04/04 01:34:44
    So is yours, bud. Just like people 'thought up' religion, people 'thought up' of all the scientific facts out there. Just like science has been proven to be real, so has christianity in all. And if anything, how did you expect this world to 'suddenly' come together? If there's one thing science can't prove, its that. And why do you feel the need to call us religious people ridiculous and sad? If anything, I feel sad for you. You choose to only look at the facts. Some times, you need to look even further than that. Don't know what I mean? You're smart right? Figure it out. And do you seriously have nothing better to do than to write a pathetic essay bashing out Christians?! Seriously, dude,you need tofind Jesus.

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