Why would people teach young children this?

Tarnjar.Jayne.Grainger 2011/12/11 16:44:54
I mean, the Bible says that gays aren't natural, and what, a talking snake is? I don't see why people would want to teach children this (In my opinion) bullshit. One of my teachers said that in some schools they don't even teach science, because they're that religious and they don't believe in evolution which has obviously happened because we are proof of that. I'm Atheist, hence why I don't agree with this, if lying and deceiving is so wrong, then why do people teach children that animals can talk?
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  • katiekat 2012/01/12 05:49:24
    Over 500 different species of animals have been shown to have homosexual tendencies. But only one is documented to have homophobic tendencies. Can you guess what it is? Humans. How is it unnatural if some many different species do it. And if your so called god made them all wouldn't he have made them straight if that is what he wanted? Any way isn't he supposed to love all his children even the ones who sin. Personally I would rather go to hell loving the person I love man or woman rather than living and being forced to love someone I can't. I am a proud bisexual woman and I will not back down until we get our rights. And to get on topic here it is because people are closed minded they only know how to Hurt and they use their holiness as an excuse to be rude and hateful.
  • Mustafa katiekat 2012/01/17 20:50:55
    the call to evolution is the call to satanism and lack of responsibility for our actions. We then call blame our desires, animal nature, Darwin or whatever for the nasty sins we did on the land. My mind is not closed to the call of Allah just to things that are based on our ignorance, and desires. In every divinely sent book homosexual is against nature and Prophet Lot bears witness to the destruction of a gay and gay tolerant society. Men and women belong to each other not men to men and women to women. The two never produce anything. If an entire gay society lived together for 200 hundred years in one city and never adopted or taught their evil way of life then they would all die out in those years!
  • Bocephus 2012/01/12 00:21:04 (edited)
  • Mustafa Bocephus 2012/01/17 20:44:21
    Truth!! Gay is disgusting and against everything good!!
  • Tarnjar... Bocephus 2012/02/10 21:14:22
  • Bocephus Tarnjar... 2012/02/10 22:09:16
  • Tarnjar... Bocephus 2012/02/11 11:27:44
  • ndaye 2012/01/09 11:23:54
  • Stephan Verheyen 2012/01/05 09:54:44
    Stephan Verheyen
    One thing people need to tell their kids is that the Bible is a book written about people who lived hundreds of years before the book was written. Over the years, kings and Popes have taken words, pages and whole books out of the bible. King James was the last to do this. That's why we have The King James Bible. Some of it is true, others are visions "god" had given to those who wrote the books. Tell kids they have an option to believe in what ever god they want, or lack there of. And let their hearts decide what game of Telephone is real and what ones not.
  • Amanda 2012/01/04 07:07:40
    if i may recall one time christians thought african americans were "Unnatural" too. history is repeating it's self.
  • Mustafa 2011/12/13 16:16:34
    Gays are unnatural and Allah destroyed them in the past and even the followers of Jesus spoke very low of unnatural sex and it's roots to evil. Look at our gay society and the mental problems and diseases the get passed around. The most basic point 2 girls or 2 guys can not procreate. It is not mandated by God [ALLAH]! This is a personal sexual problem not a genetic disorder.
  • Rainbow... Mustafa 2011/12/21 05:55:38
    The bible has been translated so many times its not even accurate. I don't understand how people can rely on a book to make all their life decisions. Homosexuality has been proven to exist from birth. It's nothing people choose, who would want to choose such a hard life? There is no proof that God even exists. Try being a little more open minded because its not like there are only a handful of people identifying as gay. A large portion of the population is either gay or bi, and that's only the people that admit to it.
  • Mustafa Rainbow... 2011/12/23 15:34:31
    There is more proof of God existence than the proof than man is genetically gay or the gay gene. No tolerance for this wicked life choose until they change.
  • Rainbow... Mustafa 2011/12/23 19:24:18
    It's not a life choice, i had no choice in my sexuality. If i did then of course i'd want to be strait.
  • Mustafa Rainbow... 2012/01/17 20:43:27
    You have a choice to who or what you do with your body parts. Finding something appealing is desire but freewill made man above this base instinct and we have intellect. That is another thing that makes man (humans) different than the animals and libel to be judged on the Final Hour!
  • Rainbow... Mustafa 2012/01/17 22:57:22
    Why would i force myself to do something i'm not happy with. I'm not going to settle for men because society tells me to. That's more of a crime than being homosexual is. If god does exist, i have no worries when judgement day comes. He knows more than anyone that i was born this way.
  • Mustafa Rainbow... 2012/01/18 14:08:58
    You will see how God (Allah) feels about this issue on that day. I pray you change.
  • Rainbow... Mustafa 2012/01/18 20:36:42
    If any one needs to change, it's you. I'm happy with who i am and my sexuality. I'm proud of it and i'm sorry if you're feeling a little insecure about your personal sexual preference but you don't need to take it out on me. There is nothing sinful about me being a lesbian. If there was, god wouldn't of made me this way, so get over it !
  • Mustafa Rainbow... 2012/01/18 22:15:46
    I am great about my sex and the reality of loving women. I don't hate you but hate your actions and your beliefs. Allah, Yuhuwa, and the God of Jesus, Elahi said this a major sin and will earn you hellfire for destroying society. I am not sorry for repeating the truth from every possible angle. Live your life is sin and wickedness mankind can never escape the Lord in this life or the next!!
  • Rainbow... Mustafa 2012/01/18 22:21:00
    You're sick in the head. Burn in hell
  • Mustafa Rainbow... 2012/01/18 22:24:16
    Your statement was the same thing they said to Prophets Noah, Moses, Abraham, Jesus and Muhammad. So to be in that same group of men for explaining the truth is a honor I am not deserving but thank you.
    May Allah give you guidance away from the evil of homosexuality and make you be among the righteous people.
  • Rainbow... Mustafa 2012/01/18 22:28:18
    Now you think you're a prophet? You need mental help, please see a councillor. I don't need to hear your preaching. Clearly you are wrong.
  • Mustafa Rainbow... 2012/01/18 23:11:17
    No I believe in all the prophets. I am not of that status. You grouped me with the Best People to walk the earth and I say thank you. Please read.
  • Rainbow... Mustafa 2012/01/18 23:12:41
    I didn't group you there. You are far from being a prophet. I think you are insane.
  • Mustafa Rainbow... 2012/01/20 18:07:33
    You are farther than I am from the path of truth because you openly reject the laws of God and His Prophets and accept the ways of the people that are guaranteed HELLFIRE.
  • Rainbow... Mustafa 2012/01/20 21:15:37
    We'll see who's farther from the path when the day comes. I guarantee i won't be burning in hell. im not a lesbian
  • Mustafa Rainbow... 2012/01/22 16:26:05
    We will see because the arrogant that are gay and disobedient will get what the people of Sodom and Gomorrah got! You will get what you desire in the hereafter!
  • Rainbow... Mustafa 2012/01/23 02:20:25
  • Bocephus Rainbow... 2012/02/10 22:10:47
  • Rainbow... Bocephus 2012/02/11 22:29:07
    Christians could learn a thing or two from a punch in the face. Your ignorance and intolerance disgusts me.
  • 8mariedawn6 2011/12/12 04:32:54
    I am also a Christian and the Lord made women for man the Lord made that very clear .I personally agree with the Lord and this person must have also.I personally do not see how any one thanks it is normal.However i also will not be mean or treat them bad in no way because that is not my place to do that is between them and the Lord.I have friends that have chose this way and againe that is between them and God.
  • Emily Elizabeth. 2011/12/11 19:02:57
    Emily Elizabeth.
    The aruguement of talking snakes is kinda invalid. Considering that talking animals are all over stories and fables through out history.
    Secondly, a private school has a right to change their cirriculum. If they teach their children certain things then that's what they probably learned as a kid. Thirdly, I think you are viewing only the extreme religious people.
    I am Catholic and went to a catholic school for 10 years. Though we didn't really go in depth about evolution we still touched on. Eduacation is key.
    Plus on the whole gay thing, Do you ever notice the only show people with extreme views on TV? I pinky promise that most christians/catholics/ lutherans etc do not preach to their children about the evils of it.
    My brother is gay and my mother is very religious.
    She said that she was sad that he was going to live a hard life of discrimanation, but in no way do we think he is evil.
    So all I can say to people who do that? To each their own. I feel sorry for them, but I don't let them effect my life.
  • Emily E... Emily E... 2011/12/11 19:05:03
    Emily Elizabeth.
    Also too add, did you know that those stories, such as adam and eve and noahs ark, are not meant to be taken literally. They are literally JUST stories to teach morals. Of course there were no talking snakes! That's an odd thing to believe.
  • Reality... Emily E... 2011/12/11 20:38:22
  • Emily E... Reality... 2011/12/11 21:37:50
    Emily Elizabeth.
    The bible wasn't meant to be taken literally I don't think. I do think that religion should only really be taught by parents and the church though. You go to school to learn about history and literature and all that good stuff. You go to church to learn about god. That simple.
  • Clay Slayer *Shotgun Guru 2011/12/11 17:25:01
    Clay Slayer *Shotgun Guru
    Conversation between mother and child.

    Child: Mommy I am afraid of the monster under my bed and in my closet.

    Mother: Dont be silly, there are no invisable monsters..

    Mother : Now go to bed and pray to God or he is gonna get you..
  • voodoo doll 2011/12/11 16:59:56
    voodoo doll
    i dont know what religeon i am maybe athiest/agnostic/thiest satanist
  • voodoo doll 2011/12/11 16:52:36
    voodoo doll
    the bible is not part of god it was created by humans to earn money if the bible is gods then its unfinished.the bible is quoting that god forgives everyone yet... he does not forgive satan or adam and eve for eating an apple .also the bible was not written until many years after jesus died so the information could have been passed around which could have twisted it like a rumour .god supposedly created the earth in 8 days but science shows the earth was created in an explosion(the big bang) and then slowly cretures formed from the one species .humans evolved from monkeys but god says they were created by him and adam and eve had 32 children which multiplied by them but if relatives have a child together they would be born disabled also how could different races come from 2 people their were chinese/japanese/irish/african these cannot have come from just the 2 people they would of haved to evolve from different species of apes ...well coment and tell me ur views n this
  • Tarnjar... voodoo ... 2011/12/11 17:00:15
  • Clay Sl... voodoo ... 2011/12/11 17:29:17
    Clay Slayer *Shotgun Guru
    No where in evolution does it say that Humans evolved from a monkey. What it does say is there is a Common ancestor between them..

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