Why? Why are we alive? I am not seeing what our purpose here if there is one.

SeekerQueen 2010/02/21 17:21:32
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  • scotty 2011/06/13 20:46:05
    Purpose of being here is to make world better place each one of use have the ability to dome something else in life to help improve life on earth now whats our meaning only you will know if not you will have to search with in your self what you feel is your right path within life, You can find your place in life if you only search it dose not mean it will tell you the purpose of life no one realy knows this is just what i think anyway if you use your heart to follower your path you will be on the right path your heart will tell you what you want the most if you use your heart and mind then you will find the right place for you your heart will tell you where you belong and your mind tell you if its right or worn use both you will be right with your self
  • Crusader7 2011/03/01 11:42:56
    Because God deemed it so! The purpose in life is to seek the Truth, not make one up.
  • somebody stole my name 2011/02/24 20:21:03
    somebody stole my name
    Neither do I; I try not to let it bother me, often times unsuccessfully.
  • SeekerQ... somebod... 2011/03/22 19:41:38
    yeah ha really
  • John Doe 2010/06/28 20:26:45
    John Doe
    Purpose only exists when one of us sentients asserts it does. Without observers there would be no given reason "why", but there would also be no voice asking "why?".

    If you need a purpose many "religions" are available for consumption in a wide varies of festive colors and shapes. You can also make your purpose. First simply make up a story of how you would hope to behave in day to day life.Then envision a better tomorrow and a means for you to reach that goal. Finally, tell people you are doing these things and ...Happiness!

    All in all there is no shortage on answers to "why?". Objectively correct answers are impossible. So pick one and act like its right, all the cool kids are doing it.
  • Caecilia 2010/06/12 14:59:09 (edited)
    Forgive my limited knowledge of philosophy, but as far as I know, this sounds like a question which realates to Aristotle's work (if you are searching for the purpose of your existence or the existence of human being or matters even). Yet it is true, I do not think it is possible for one in one's lifetime to see, to know, to understand fully in detail of one's particular life.

    One may have a general idea of what one wants to dedicate one's life for, yet when during the course of serving that objective, there is still yet a possibility that the outcome may end up serving other purposes. Such as maybe finding out that one had been looking at the wrong thing to dedicate one's life to or maybe one ends up as a warning to others.
  • SeekerQ... Caecilia 2010/06/13 21:38:54
    that makes sence thanks :)
  • Caecilia SeekerQ... 2010/06/14 00:30:11
    No problem. I am glad it made sense. I hope it helped too.
  • aphrothena~Nyx's beloved da... 2010/02/22 14:03:58
    aphrothena~Nyx's beloved daughter~
    something always needs to be there and we are a part of that chaotic something
  • SeekerQ... aphroth... 2010/02/22 23:54:51
    yes...thats right...but what? there has to be some exact reason why we r here.
  • aphroth... SeekerQ... 2010/02/23 06:27:57
    aphrothena~Nyx's beloved daughter~
    well i guess the guy sitting up there was bored and decided to have his own entertainment- humans
  • SeekerQ... aphroth... 2010/02/23 21:48:12
    thats what i have thought at times but...
  • R.J. Lupin 2010/02/22 03:02:42
    R.J. Lupin
    if i talk to ya in person, this would be easier to answer, friend
  • SeekerQ... R.J. Lupin 2010/02/22 04:06:10
    okay ill talk to tomarrow at school. ; )
  • The Winter Sodahead 2010/02/21 21:13:18
    The Winter Sodahead
    does there really need to be a reason?
  • SeekerQ... The Win... 2010/02/21 21:20:38
    I think that nothing happens without a reason.
  • Sufferer ♏ⒶRGⒶR☝†E 2010/02/21 20:02:50
    Sufferer ♏ⒶRGⒶR☝†E
    I would suggest looking at the Law of Entrophy versus Time, seeing the conclusions of that and then asking what use we could possibly have.
  • SeekerQ... Suffere... 2010/02/21 20:58:03
    Thank you i shall look into it.
  • Warren - Novus Ordo Seclorum 2010/02/21 17:38:20
    Warren - Novus Ordo Seclorum
    Purpose is a subjective concept. Purpose from who's point of view? Your own, your parent's, societies, God's, your gene's, Nature's?
  • SeekerQ... Warren ... 2010/02/21 20:58:52
    so r u saying that it depends on whos point of veiw?
  • Warren ... SeekerQ... 2010/02/21 21:10:51
    Warren - Novus Ordo Seclorum
    Definitely. Purpose is a concept we invent.
  • SeekerQ... Warren ... 2010/02/23 21:48:49
    ya thats true ; )

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