Why was the Printing press an important tool for spreading new ideas during the renaissance?

Khatera 2012/10/22 13:45:23
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Please write as much as you can/know. And also how it helped to spread new ideas? Thank you!!!!!
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  • addie 2012/10/30 15:38:06
    I know.....(plz write...)
    Are you trying to get us to do your homework? ;)
  • Khatera addie 2012/11/05 18:00:05
    Hmm....NO, I am just asking questions, isn't that what sodahead is used for, asking questions and sharing ideas??
  • addie Khatera 2012/11/05 23:01:39
    I was just teasing you a little. B)
  • Khatera addie 2012/11/10 09:19:15
    :D LOL, Oh, then....Sorry for taking it too serious. :D
  • MsDianna 2012/10/30 14:39:32
    I know.....(plz write...)
    made the printed word more available
  • santa6642 2012/10/30 12:11:23
    I know.....(plz write...)
    It was the start of being able to broadcast events to every by word of news papers I feel.
  • DS in Oak Ridge NC 2012/10/22 14:09:26 (edited)
    I know.....(plz write...)
    DS in Oak Ridge NC
    It was the birth of mass communications... enabling ideas, issues and perspectives to be recorded and shared beyond local town squares or 'watering holes' of that era.
  • Khatera DS in O... 2012/10/22 14:30:48
    Thank You so Much!!! ;)
  • Scandalf 2012/10/22 13:51:23
    I know.....(plz write...)
    Simple: it was a precursor of mass information production. Capable of doing the job of hundreds of monks in a very short amount of time.
    The cost of books decreased and their availability grew.
    A modern equivalent revolution is the Internet.
  • Khatera Scandalf 2012/10/22 13:55:39 (edited)
    Thank You. BTW it's not for school. Again, thank you. :)
  • Khatera 2012/10/22 13:47:01
    I know.....(plz write...)
    Why was the Printing press an important tool for spreading new ideas during the renaissance? - Thnx.
  • Scandalf Khatera 2012/10/22 13:53:24
    If you're asking this question for school, better start with Wikipedia and then check out the links at the bottom of the page.

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