Why is it that a women that chooses to stay home and take care of the family instead of choose a career are looked down upon?

Payton2.0 2010/05/05 21:01:51
It seems to me that feminism has made mother and house wife a dirty word. Without them the family will fall apart. Kind of like the 2010 American Family.
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  • brutusin~ Proud Apetheist 2010/05/06 13:41:49
    brutusin~ Proud Apetheist
    I don't think it the housewife in particular that offends a feminist. I think it's women that blindly think that they belong in the kitchen or are being oppressed by their husband.
  • me 2010/05/06 13:31:10
    I don't know
  • Bastion 2010/05/06 13:11:47
    Because the Con prefers women to want to be worker-drones, but many women feel more fulfilled in their traditional nurturing roles. So the worker-drones are programmed to look down on stay-at-homes.

    Not you succesful, happily-working ladies. I didn't mean you, honest.
  • MkB 2010/05/06 09:28:22
    Kinda like liberals who won't give conservative women credit for achieving the same things liberals want.
  • tewaz1 2010/05/06 07:45:04
    I don't think that housewives are generally looked down upon unless they tell other women that they should do the same. I can see how someone may be sensitive about someone praising the role of a housewife as superior to being a career woman seeing as the repulsive ideas of compulsory child bearing and "women's work" is still so fresh in our cultural consciousness.
  • Vincent 2010/05/06 07:16:01
    It's not that they choose to stay at home, it's the ones who choose to not go to college and don't try in school because they know they can get a man to take care of them. Some even get pregnant in HS.....
  • Desirae Vincent 2010/05/06 15:33:45
    That's not true. I told my husband at that time boyfriend I would like to stay at home and raise the kids. First I had to get my education on so I will be able to educate my children. Once we both graduated from college I had my daughter and I'm at home raising her.
  • Vincent Desirae 2010/05/07 03:37:03
    I don't think you understood my response. I said that I don't look down on the ones that that are educated and choose to stay home, I look down on the ones that remain uneducated because they know they can have/find someone to take care of them.
  • Desirae Vincent 2010/05/07 14:08:09
    Oh OK
  • Rainbow 2010/05/06 06:39:51
    Stupid feminism made it impossible to be a woman in America without having to try to be a man. Luckily we men are not only allowed to be women, but encouraged.
  • Kalayaan 001 2010/05/06 06:18:11
    Kalayaan 001
    Why else?

    So, that they will pay the Government more taxes.
  • freaky 2010/05/06 05:09:37
    idk, they dont want to work?
  • The Albertan 2010/05/06 05:02:22 (edited)
    The Albertan
    well its 2010 people its her choice, but really education is a universal need and women should be able to fend for themselves and balance between career and home, same thing with males, coz we are all the same race and we are all equal
  • Desirae The Alb... 2010/05/06 15:35:49
    Why does your post sound like there is no educated stay at home moms.
  • The Alb... Desirae 2010/05/07 04:25:17
    The Albertan
    i never said that. i said women should not be dependant on husbands and should balance their lives
  • Epistemically Justified -- BN7 2010/05/06 04:50:25
    Epistemically Justified -- BN7
    I'm not sure that I look down upon women who choose to stay at home...

    I do look down on women who have no education or learned trade of their own, and who need a husband to take care of them. But to have the option of being a career woman or a mother and choosing to be a mother? There is no shame in that.
  • ARoomWi... Epistem... 2010/05/06 17:37:02
    Very well stated.
  • InoYamanka 2010/05/06 04:47:36
    I love women, they always standing up for something.
  • jackolantyrn356 2010/05/06 03:58:54
    NOW. National Organization of (Lesbian, Marxist and orther Leftist) Women. Hate men and anywoman who would take the Anti Eugenics way and have childrena d love their children. Notoce that it is the Marxist Eugenids types who need to be ridicuiled instead of the Women and theos e who believe in mother hood. and all of that.
  • melly~t... jackola... 2010/05/06 04:42:55
    melly~thwarting Satan since 1971
    Have you ever said anything on this site without calling someone a Marxist? Just curious.
  • Puck ~PHAET 2010/05/06 03:57:54
    Puck ~PHAET
    I don't see why it's looked down on. My mother was a stay at home mom for years, until she was forced to get a job to support the family as a single mother. It's a lot of hard work, and not every woman wants a career outside the home. That's fine. It's not a reason to look down on them, but it's not an excuse for them to tell other women who do want careers outside the home that they're bad wives or something equally stupid, and I HAVE heard such things said.
  • ~1seahawksfan~ 2010/05/06 03:52:03
    I don't look down on them, I admire them.
  • Special K 2010/05/06 03:44:17
    Special K
    I know that a woman that stays home and cleans, cooks, take care of kids, mate house, laundry, ect. works harder than most people at any job!!! I will never "look down" on a any one that takes on that!!!
  • Bellicosepunk 2010/05/06 02:48:13
    You think that's bad? You should see how much I'm looked down upon for being a stay at home father!
  • Damaris 2010/05/06 02:41:31
    they are looked down on because they are scrubbing the floors and people need to look down to see them.
  • InoYamanka Damaris 2010/05/06 04:49:04
    heh. not if i'm on the floor with her helping her scrub the floors.
  • Damaris InoYamanka 2010/05/06 14:18:22
  • Desirae Damaris 2010/05/06 15:40:19
    That was a good one. See this stay home mom can take a joke.
  • Arse-Whole 2010/05/06 02:34:16
  • joshluvhalo 2010/05/06 02:33:48
    Idk... I don't look down on house moms! ... Can't say I know people who do... must be nice! :)
  • BlytheSpirit~bn0 2010/05/06 02:28:11
    You're wrong. Stay at home mother's are not looked down on. You've just been listening to too much Dr. Laura. Feminist's are all about choice. If you choose to work outside the home they support that choice. If you choose to stay home, and are lucky enough to be able to do so, they support that choice as well.
  • beachbum 2010/05/06 02:26:38
    There is no better job for a woman (or man) to raise children that are hard-working, contributing members of out society.
  • Shilo 2010/05/06 02:24:33
    I actually think it's ultimately going to have the opposite effect. When something is new, people tend to go overboard with it. I believe this is true of womens rights. I think with the advent of two-career families, people will eventually realize the importance of having a homemaker and show much more respect to the role. But, I also think that it won't necessarily be the woman who stays at home. We're already seeing the beginnings of this, I think. I know of some fabulous stay-at-home dads.
  • fairiefang -annoying fashio... 2010/05/06 02:17:23
    fairiefang -annoying fashion snobs everywhere-
    I don't look down on women who choose that...I just wouldn't want to do it myself. I think I would go crazy dealing with kids all day every day.

    I do think women should have something to fall back on though in case she ever loses her husband one way or another.
  • JarJarT... fairief... 2010/05/06 04:02:57
    Right you are! When my husband and I were talking about having kids, I couldn't imagine quitting my job to stay at home, I'd just begun my career, but when actually started trying to get pregnant, I wanted nothing more than to stay at home and raise my kid - I was ecstatic and felt like the luckiest chick to have the luxury - no one looked down on me. This worked out well for a short while, then life happened and I was left with an obsolete degree. a dusty resume, a young child to support and a shockingly inept financial situation I simply never thought to keep an eye on. I'm still a year away from breathing comfortably, but the struggles I've faced the last fews years has probably made me stronger than I could have ever imagined being. I am woman, hear me roar! lol!
  • fairief... JarJarT... 2010/05/06 04:16:21
    fairiefang -annoying fashion snobs everywhere-
    I wish you the best of luck with your situation, especially since you've got a little one to care for.
    Yeah, the hard stuff in life definitely improves our strength :)
  • melly~t... JarJarT... 2010/05/06 04:44:04
    melly~thwarting Satan since 1971
    You amaze me.
  • InoYamanka JarJarT... 2010/05/06 04:50:13
    hah you're fun.
  • R.P. Bliss.::ρнαɛт::.►Ѳиɛ Ħιт Яαɢɛ Ǫʋιт◄
    I don't look down on anyone, especially house wives. Feminists support a woman's choice over everything. She can choose to work or to be a stay at home mom. It's all her choice.
  • lee 2010/05/06 01:39:08
    I have no idea. I think it is wrong and I certainly do not look down upon stay at home moms.

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