Why is it ok for guys to be promiscuous but not girls

jennie.lloyd.33 2012/07/01 02:30:19
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  • ZeldaFan13 2012/07/24 17:20:35
    It's not
    Ew! >.> It's not okay for ANYONE to sleep around or have multiple partners! That's how Aids, HIV, and STDs get Spread! >.<
  • D D 2012/07/01 12:47:28
    D D
    Again it is nature and the human condition. Women are seen as bad if they sleep around. It isn't fair. It isn't right, but it is what it is.
  • blissful 2012/07/01 05:14:51
    It's not
    It isn't lady-like to just spread your-self around to every man you encounter. You will be called the town whore, while he will be called your Pip. I know it isn't fair but that's just the way it is..
  • Metaldane 2012/07/01 03:10:21
    It is
    It is just don't pay attention to judgmental prudes they don't know how to live life;)
  • Vitalani 2012/07/01 02:49:49
    Sex is just sex. Unless a person is producing children they can't care for like a rabbit, spreading disease, or hurting anyone, they should not be judged for it.
  • Scream 2012/07/01 02:43:25
    Double standards. It should be okay for anyone.
  • Kaimeso 2012/07/01 02:39:13

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