Why Furries?

AustinKendall 2010/10/25 12:36:48
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Why do lots of people have to disown furries? They did nothing wrong. Sure, some of them may be weird, but that doesn't mean you have to disown them. Sure, some may be dirty, most are clean, but they still deserve a place in the world. Ok. Let me "recap" on what furries really are. Furries, often referred to as "Anthros," are animals given the characteristics of humans (they walk on TWO legs, can talk, and can show emotions, as well). Now, as I recall, furries are also people who dress up as their favorite animal(s), they draw art of furries, some porn, some just clean pictures, they have fun with other furs, etc. There are even conventions specially made for this, which I would like to go to someday. I myself am in the furry fandom, by the way Last night, I learned of the Anti Furry Coalation, and that really set me off. I just don't understand why a lot of people feel the need to do this kind of stuff. It's like yelling the word "Retard" in front of a mentally challenged person. In addition, some people describe furries as being nasty and being into bestiality, which they aren't. For example, some people do dress up and have sex together, but so what! This has nothing to do with bestiality, and let me tell you all something. Humans have worshiped Gods and Goddesses in the form of animals since the "Biblical ages," and no one trolled them or disowned them. This is only natural. AND, people, such as Native Americans, even believe in animism, the belief that all things in the world have some sort of spirit or soul. No one made fun of them for THAT. So people, treat furries with respect, please. They did nothing wrong! Please leave them be.
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  • Platinum Fangs 2012/11/02 15:26:30
    Platinum Fangs
    CSI did it. It was that one episode where they found a dead guy in a fur suit, interrogated some others and showed examples of "yiffing" (fur suit group sex) and made it sound like it's a common thing amongst furries, when really, it's closer to 1%. Man, someone on the creative team was closed minded and insecure.
  • TIACrew2334625 2012/07/23 06:59:08
    I agree 100%. People can be jerks sometimes.
  • Jessica Schultz 2012/05/21 02:11:28
    Jessica Schultz
    I definitely agree.
  • cayden 2011/03/10 05:58:23
    I like furries but i have to say ( and i hope i'm NOT speaking for most humans) humans are afraid of anything different or not "natural" and often times they have to destory them to ensure their "safety" their "survival"

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