Why don't kids like to take baths?

Paranormal♥Spirit 2010/07/16 20:09:08
I have problem with that with my niece and nephew. They don't seem to want to take baths. Do all kids go through this phase?
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  • Mystical♥Gleek 2010/07/17 20:37:17
    I think they don't bathe because it's a chore to them. They don't like to do chores.
  • Aingean 2010/07/16 21:18:48
    My son is 8 months and loves baths, my nephew did too. Have you tried toys or anything like that.
  • Paranor... Aingean 2010/07/17 00:27:30 (edited)
    Well they are kinda too old for that. They are 10 and 13 yrs old. I meant to put the ages up there.
  • Aingean Paranor... 2010/07/17 00:54:45
    ooo. well some kids dont like bath baths because it takes to long, or if you mean bathing in general i dont know..Never came across that.
  • Paranor... Aingean 2010/07/17 14:17:21
    I meant bathing in general.
  • Aingean Paranor... 2010/07/17 20:11:25
    huh, well thats the first I've come across that...Maybe try being sensitively direct with them will help? Other wise I have no idea what could help.. I mean I would understand for maybe toddlers to go threw a stage like that kind of like kudies or whatever but they are a little old for that.
  • Paranor... Aingean 2010/07/17 20:32:07
    I think the only reason they do that because of where they use to live. Before they lived in a household where they had so much freedom that they can do anything they want. Their dad is raising them now and they still have that old habit. They are getting better though.
  • Aingean Paranor... 2010/07/18 20:41:19
    That could be it. Most kids, at least the ones ive been around have loved water.
  • Praise the Fallen 2010/07/16 20:43:39
    Praise the Fallen
    i dirrent i would love to take baths and still do :)
  • random thought 2010/07/16 20:20:35
    random thought
    i did not ive allways loved showers
  • tammerz/zɹǝɯɯɐʇ 2010/07/16 20:15:56
    I definitely did. Thank goodness I grew out of it, lol. I think it was because I thought baths took too long and I had better things to be doing. :p
  • Paranor... tammerz... 2010/07/17 00:28:39
    That could be it.
  • Wilde-Boy 2010/07/16 20:11:18 (edited)
    Nah...I always liked baths! My Mum made them fun...like putting food colouring in the bubble bath! Ahahaha... =D

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