Why do you Suppose Older PPL make believe they are Young/Sexy?

This is off my usual topics, but my friend sent me all these pics of older woman dressed like they were sports illustrated models. it was freaking scary...so...here goes...

Just wondering, what is it about the internet or life that make aging men and woman play like they are 25/30 again. They post pics on websites that do not represent them at all, play sex games, and overall tell beaming lies. Can anyone explain this phenomena... pics websites represent play sex games beaming lies explain phenomena


to make this fair.... Men
~~~~~~~~~~ websites represent play sex games beaming lies explain phenomena fair



A jilted lover, who blames me, yet I have nothing to do with it, someone on this site who is taking this personal and sending out the attack dogs.. now why would this person take this personal if they had nothing to hide or feel ashamed of.

So whoever you are this is about the collective consciousness of many.. it is not about one person on SH. So back off and stop the gossip and games and using Jesus as a weapon is never a good thing. Calling people non Christian is a game played by those who know not God, but use Christ as a weapon to try and hurt.

And remember gossip and trying to destroy ones character is a very bad thing and this person has e-mailed many gossiping, and you all played with that sin....

.. I know this because many of the persons friends have told me.

So I suggest this person back off, this was never about you, until you made it about you. But when you started gossiping about me 4 or 5 months ago.. you were the guilty one.. and all who gossip with you will be held accountable to GOD...

"Be Not deceived, for GOD is not MOCKED for whatever you sow that shall you REAP"
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  • Bodo 2009/11/06 04:49:07
    nice reviews and an excellent question. I don't have any problem with woman over 50 or even 60....grins I married mine 37 years ago and guess what.... mine gained 3 lbs in 37 years and they are all in the right place.. Me on the otherhand..well that another story. About dressing up.... I want her to but she says "thats for YOU" meaning me and no one else gets a peek.

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  • Lulu 2009/11/08 00:52:25
    Am "old" but sexy...my guy is the same !
  • dico Lulu 2009/11/08 01:05:33
    good for you!
  • Lulu dico 2009/11/08 02:39:43
    Life goes on ...you just have to talk and do your best at all times !
  • dico Lulu 2009/11/08 03:08:57
  • Lulu dico 2009/11/08 03:12:51
    Old is only how you behave and feel...always be classic, never a slut or something you are not ...that is just silly.
  • dico Lulu 2009/11/08 03:21:52
    well said!!!
  • Lulu dico 2009/11/08 03:27:57
    Thanks...my "boss" when I joined my firm..."No Color, No Clevage, No skin." , the second rule..."You have to be twice as smart, twice as tough and three times as discrete."....My life...now my firm. As a woman you are always judged on a different scale.
  • dico Lulu 2009/11/10 06:33:10
    yes.. true!
  • Lulu dico 2009/11/11 00:54:27
    It is tough, you can't be human....LOL
  • Bond Ja... Lulu 2009/11/09 04:23:50
    Bond James Bond
    Right. I have quit being a slut,. It was long hours,and the pay wasn't what I expected it to be.
  • Lulu Bond Ja... 2009/11/10 02:26:16
    And you are a guy? LOL....me never a slut.
  • Bond Ja... Lulu 2009/11/10 03:07:41
    Bond James Bond
    Wait a sec.,Lulu. Yes, I am! Sluts are ok,just a tad mis-guided..But thanks for asking,because sometimes I have an overwhelming urge to pee sitting,and leaving the lid down.Just to get a little respect! Know what I mean?
  • Lulu Bond Ja... 2009/11/10 04:22:59
    Bless you you think about the "lid".
  • Bond Ja... Lulu 2009/11/10 05:22:19
    Bond James Bond
    Only after I've had too many PBR's to stand up..Once ,after having a few,I was standing up putting the beer where it belonged:When I fell forward striking my head aganist a corner of the shelf behind the water tank! I was too drunk for it to hurt very much,but I was bleeding like crazy,everywhere.,the floor,the toilet,sink,in my eyes. I grabbed a towel wrapped it around my head,fell into the tub-where I decided to spend the night. My wife must have heard all the fuss,and came into the bathroom.,stepping in my blood;and standing in front of the stool-hands on hips,said " Don't you men ever put the lid down ?" True story.
    She wasn't always that way . Once,or maybe twice a month we would have sex. It was always-well,interesting. Just before we got divorced,during one of those Interestig times;She was sitting on the edge of our bed with a rolling pin in her hand,wild eyed,and looking hot in her walt disney pjs.She said(I'am not kidding) " I thought we would try something new " To this day I'am not exactly sure what she had in mind,but,I think It would have hurt.! .
  • Lulu Bond Ja... 2009/11/10 05:24:19
  • Lulu Lulu 2009/11/10 05:26:29
    Did you say rolling pin......? Oh my....I might be old.......
  • Bond Ja... Lulu 2009/11/10 05:42:45 (edited)
    Bond James Bond
    Like I was saying I'am still not sure what she had in mind,but I called myself a cab and lived in a cheap motel room until my lawyer said it was safe to come home.Seem like she took off with a big rig truck driver.Winding up in California,where she opened a sex toy shop,making a ton of money,and baking tons of apple pie:using an old beat up rolling pin.
  • justme 2009/11/07 19:40:20 (edited)
    How do you know how old this woman is? Her face isn't showing! Besides, she doesn't look sexy, just trashy. No matter what the age.
  • dico justme 2009/11/07 19:43:46 (edited)
    do you dress like that?? just asking....and you proved my point...trashy
  • Bond Ja... justme 2009/11/09 04:25:12
    Bond James Bond
    You ask.

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