Why do women shave their armpits and men don’t?

Foxiie 2010/08/23 16:53:49
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  • Jack Lambert 2011/02/24 23:31:25
    Jack Lambert
    Because women wear sleevelss garments that allow their underams to show. The public ,especially in North America wants to think of women as being dainty and delicate--or at
    leaset this man wants to believe that. And besides if a woman's underarms are very smooth ,
    all the better to be licked and sucked during sex play.

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  • Jack Lambert 2011/02/24 23:31:25
    Jack Lambert
    Because women wear sleevelss garments that allow their underams to show. The public ,especially in North America wants to think of women as being dainty and delicate--or at
    leaset this man wants to believe that. And besides if a woman's underarms are very smooth ,
    all the better to be licked and sucked during sex play.
  • Surgeon ~The Egalitarianist~ 2010/09/16 20:05:24
    Surgeon ~The Egalitarianist~
    Because a sign of masculinity is body hair - the more you have, the more masculine you are (a common sign to show how much Testosterone you ave in your body, among men).
    Most women don't like looking masculine. I know I don't.

    But the other way around, I like body hair on my guy, makes them look masculine!
  • frankie 2010/09/09 21:13:43
    FunkyMunky...there is no double standard here, women shaved on their own they only "feel" unfair like you do because they have to work on them. Very simply example, do women ever complain that it was not fair that men don't have to put on lipsticks but women mostly do??? NO you never hear this because putting on lipsticks is relatively fast and women have fun doing them. So it all comes down to making men suffer for something women have to do to. What's UNFAIR is how only women get to decide what is fair and unfair and then complain about them to no end.
  • i love sushi 2010/08/26 00:32:09
    i love sushi
    Being a female I don't like underarm hair the look and feel of it on me and other females too. Generally society thinks it's okay for guys to have armpit hair because well they're men and it's masculine to have it. I myself like it trimmed or no hair on guys but it's up to them.
  • sexy jouri 2010/08/25 20:34:34 (edited)
    sexy jouri
    coz women love to be perfect
    & beautiful
    & i dont know
    they want to be soooft every where
    but women is the best
  • Strato 2010/08/25 17:02:35
    well I don't really shave my arm pits, I trim them down a bit.
  • Laja 2010/08/25 16:15:51
    Most women don't have a lot of hair below the neck. Men do.

    women hair neck

    women hair neck
  • EarthGirl 2010/08/25 11:54:34
    Because hairy armpits smell more. On women that's gross, on men that's musk! Lol!
  • SimsNerd 2010/08/25 00:59:26
    haha, i always tell my cousin that when i get married my husband can keep his armpit hair but his stomach/chest hair must go.
  • i love ... SimsNerd 2010/08/26 00:27:19
    i love sushi
    Haha..I'm not to fond of chest hair or hairy guys myself.
  • Mithol 2010/08/24 17:32:31
    I shaved my underarms for the first time the other day and they hurt like hell the first day. Up until now I've always waxed because it stays smooth longer and the hairs don't grow back as wiry, and only when I needed to. But the other day I suddenly realised I was going to need to show my underarms in public (or rather in the girls change room during my musical production). I hate that society dictates that we have to do this. Shaving legs sucks too. Although a nice, smooth leg is nice sometimes.
  • nightlight 2010/08/24 10:54:55
    Not all women shave their armpits (unfortunately) and not all men don't (thankfully).
  • moomoof 2010/08/24 04:53:59
    women are held to standard like being hairless and we stupidley follow it because we ......have to look a sorten way in a few years or so maybe we will go back to hairy pits and women will follow that ...also depends on the cultures they are in.
    in asain cultures they like hairy women ...so oh as for men i don't know because women are too ...."nice" to them i guess and don't the same pressures on them on physical looks
  • AL 2010/08/24 03:27:50
    Only because men don't really give a pit I guess!
  • Ashley 2010/08/24 02:28:37
    Some guys do... I think men look better with hair there though :)
  • Zach 2010/08/24 02:12:02
    Why do girls wear dresses and guys don't?

    Its just the way the world works.
  • Bobby 48 2010/08/24 01:23:25
  • Moonwalkin' Enigma 2010/08/24 00:09:31
    Moonwalkin' Enigma
    I guess because it's more of a beauty thing with us women. We can't stand hair on our bodies.
  • Mithol Moonwal... 2010/08/24 17:34:16
    Women feel beautiful when they look the way that men decide they should. Hairlessness is not naturally beautiful.
  • Moonwal... Mithol 2010/08/24 23:15:57
    Moonwalkin' Enigma
    Oh, okay
  • paige♥ 2010/08/23 23:42:08
    It looks more feminine
  • FashionStudio7 2010/08/23 23:00:34
    Femininity in our society is associated with being hairless and smooth

    femininity society hairless smooth
  • colette 2010/08/23 21:29:38
    Mmm I love playing with men's armpit hair, some guys really like that too, you know playfully gently tugging on it, rubbing it between the fingers, just feeling it, ahhhh verry sexy!
    I dated a guy from Greece who had no armpit hair, I was shocked when I saw that. I asked why he shaved it, he said it was cleaner and he said most men in Greece shaved their underarms, ahhh.who knows if that was a truth since he is the only guy from Greece I ever dated. But I told him to grow the hair in, he said he would, but alas we broke up before I got to see his pits with hair, oh well. It turned out he was married so that took care of that relationship.
    And I had a female art professor who let her arm pit hair grow in and it was long and full, yikes!!! The first time I saw the hair there I thought she had Don King in a head lock!!
  • Foxiie colette 2010/08/24 01:06:48
  • Nikki 2010/08/23 20:18:36
    because, It just looks nasty! Women with hairy armpits... ugh.. nasty women hairy armpits ugh nasty women hairy armpits ugh
  • AL Nikki 2010/08/24 03:30:10
    Oh my goodness this looks just like a missplaced Bush!
  • nightlight Nikki 2010/08/24 10:56:43
  • Strato Nikki 2010/08/25 17:01:22
    OMG !!! the horror


    faints and dies.
  • Gwennie 2010/08/23 20:16:38
    let's face it, men can never be gentelman
  • Foxiie Gwennie 2010/08/23 20:18:00
    lol your too smart for 11 year old.
  • Gwennie Foxiie 2010/08/23 20:20:19
  • freakoutnow... cuz mom's here 2010/08/23 19:02:13
    freakoutnow... cuz mom's here
    It is #1) a cultural thing. Women are expected to do it. Face it armpit hair especially on women is a bit unattractive. Also hair traps sweat. Sweat stinks. Also "girls don't sweat, we glisten" is a popular female culture catchphrase. So since girls are expected to shave thier pits and it causes you to stink more than girls usually shave thier pits. Guys are under a whole different culture. It is manly to be hairy. It's okay for them to be a little stinky but they can't be too stinky. It's manly to sweat. Also men don't want to go through all this trouble just shave/look good all the time. This rule especially applies to anywhere other than the beard but it still holds true then. Thus creating a vastly different cultural expectation. It's unfair though I admit. Also plenty of straight guys shave thier pits but they just don't admit it!
  • Lil Koenigsegg 2010/08/23 18:51:21
    Lil Koenigsegg
    I believe I leave it up to her. Don't do it because you think I want you too
  • wombat 2010/08/23 18:42:46
  • hannah 2010/08/23 17:46:01
    idk. som guys do. but thn again it seemz a lil strange if a guy shaves his armpits. but not as strange as if a guy shaves his legs.
  • -3mily- 2010/08/23 17:43:29
    Because men only shave their face, if they shave anything else it seems 'gay' to them.
    However! Some men do shave ugh, everywhere.

    shave shave gay shave ugh

    (It's part of the rules) For those kind of competitions.
  • Bobby 48 -3mily- 2010/08/24 01:30:55
  • -3mily- Bobby 48 2010/08/24 06:05:52
    Gewd stuff
  • Linkums 2010/08/23 17:40:14
    Men don't care about looking nice. And since most men don't shave their armpits, it makes it manly.
  • hannah Linkums 2010/08/23 17:46:41

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