Why do we still allow cigarettes to be sold?

Calista ~ 2009/08/25 00:13:42
They want to take advantage of the addicts wasting their money and life on smoking.
They're just lazy.
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The goverment funds countless campaigns against smoking, while still allowing tobacco to be sold. Children can easily get their hands on cigarettes, people die from smoking-related illnesses all the time (it's the leading cause of preventable death in NZ) INCLUDING second hand smoke.
Why do we legalize tobacco and alcohol over marijuana (which is safer)?

What's going on?
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  • meeshuk 2009/08/25 01:52:16
    Where in the Constitution does the government have ANY right WHATSOEVER to tell me what I can and can not do with regards to smoking? It never ceases to amaze me how some people are SO WILLING to give up their liberties for the sake of having an ALL POWERFUL ELITIST FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

    Let's pretend for a second that you even understood the constitution................. you do realize that the 10th ammendment SEVERLY LIMITS FEDERAL POWERS.............. right? You do realize this, correct?

    With THAT being understood then you can organize a STATE BAN on cigarettes and live in some NAZI STATE if that is what you want. However, those that love LIBERTY will live in a different state and THEY can have FREEDOM to do as they choose.

    However, for people like YOU to project YOUR LIFESTYLE CHOICES on others at a FEDERAL level is RETARDED.


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  • Isma'ila (God has heard)! 2009/10/12 06:09:51
    They want to take advantage of the addicts wasting their money and life on sm...
    Isma'ila (God has heard)!
    Enough said! I am a recovering addict myself!
  • Brosia - KarmaRaven 2009/09/13 21:28:08
    Brosia - KarmaRaven
    Because the tobacco industry pays a lot of money to keep them on shelves. The find questionable people to swear that cigarettes have never been found to be a cause of cancer, even got the EPA to bury a report that stated cigarettes could not be definitively linked to lung cancer.
  • USAF Vet Dan 2009/08/27 19:29:49
    USAF Vet Dan
    It isn't illegal (yet) because this is America where people are free to do as they wish (er... well, it used to be that way). We have something called a "Constitution" which is supposed to protect us from an intrusive government (er... well, it used to be that way).

    Oh some will say we should let government protect us from our own vices like cigarettes. But then what would be next? High fat foods? Can you imagine having to submit your daily caloric / fat intake report to the health cop screening the lines at McDonalds? No thank you!!! I'll take the freedom and liberty guaranteed by our Constitution (er... the way it used to be).
  • true american 2009/08/27 10:02:55
    true american
    The government can not do without the taxes collected on them.
  • brian 2009/08/27 03:06:11
    They want to take advantage of the addicts wasting their money and life on sm...
    its so dumb how its not im straightedge which means i don't like anything to do do with drinking or smoking if you dint know and i sh it was legal i hate it it makes are world poulate and kills tons of people everyday
  • Sabrina~in my friends I trust~ 2009/08/27 00:57:01
    They want to take advantage of the addicts wasting their money and life on sm...
    Sabrina~in my friends I trust~
    Well, yeah its true, people get addicted, and with the high prices of Cigerette and Tabaco, those componies, which sell then make thousands to millions a year. Its also very hard to quit but it is possible.
  • Kennedy1st Sabrina... 2009/08/28 21:26:02
    I wonder why alcohol is allowed o be sold.That's a killer too!
  • NathanBedford55 2009/08/27 00:33:10
    People know the hazards...if they wish to kill themselves...so be it. Is this someone with communist leanings? Wanting the government to ban something which is no concern of theirs...I think they call that freedom of choice...something this country was founded on.
  • sarah 2009/08/27 00:07:32
    They want to take advantage of the addicts wasting their money and life on sm...
    well, I see it as the population of the world has skyrocketed 5billion+, which is a huge amount for the last few years.
    & so, people have to die, logically.
    so the people who are dumb enough to give themselves cancer can do so if they wish.

    -im a smoker.
  • PurplePenguin 2009/08/26 23:56:11
    Because it wouldn't be cost-effective. Even if they developed the ban, they'd spend ridiculous amounts of money trying to enforce it. And taking their cue from the Prohibition, plenty of people would traffic cigarettes and even more would start smoking when they could.
  • Louis Shipman 2009/08/26 23:20:09
    Louis Shipman
    I have no real stand on the legalization of marijana. But what I find funny is that alot of poeple who want to legalize and tax weed want to ban tobacoo.
  • kathleen 2009/08/26 23:14:52
    Duh?! For the millions in tax $$$$$$. You think we're broke now? If they forced the public to quit they would create an underground black market and lose out on all those tax revenues.
  • prometheus 2009/08/26 23:14:22
    They want to take advantage of the addicts wasting their money and life on sm...
    I think it's karma, The Feds own tobacoo factories and they pay Stop Smoking ads. XD
  • Will 2009/08/26 21:58:16
    FREEDOM - The one thing we all have in common. FREEDOM
  • amy 2009/08/26 20:59:20
    if you took it away it would become like drugs selling in the backstreet
  • Knot_RIch 2009/08/26 20:38:13
    For big money lobbyists and the government, both federal and state levels.
    Money is the fuel behind all that hot gas that rises out of Washington.
  • SuperCee 2009/08/26 16:50:04
    First of all, there is nothing safe about alcohol! Secondly, the anti-smoking campaign ads are redundant. Like you said, why pay for all those ads to get people to stop smoking when there are still cigarettes being sold. The only way people will stop smoking is to stop making cigarettes. Right now, there is BIG money in the sale of cigarettes. New York City alone charges $9 to $12 per pack. That's huge profit for the powers that be so of course they are going to continue to make them meanwhile pretending to be concerned about a smokers health. It's all just neverending bullshit IMO! Makes me think about the "Truth" commercials!
  • Fef 2009/08/26 16:27:12
    The government loves the tax revenue and Americans love freedom. Who would ever ban it except the fringe who value other people's health over freedom.
    I despise smoking -- I find it an expensive, ugly habit. But I don't want to deny them this freedom.
    fringe peoples health freedom despise smoking expensive habit deny freedom
  • Isma'il... Fef 2009/10/12 06:11:18
    Isma'ila (God has heard)!
    Amen to that Fef!
  • vogwawoman 2009/08/26 16:11:00
    Same reason you're free to abort your child.....it's called democracy, duh.
  • Fef vogwawoman 2009/08/26 16:29:45
    Except that we never voted on Abortion or cigarettes. The Constitution, according to the Supreme Court, guarantees a woman the right to an abortion. People tried to make it illegal through the democratic process (voting) and the courts overturn their vote.
    The courts decided -- not the people on the abortion issue
    democratic process voting courts overturn vote courts people abortion issue
  • Kino 2009/08/26 15:34:27
    Because they're not illegal.
  • Remedy 2009/08/26 13:45:20
    Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
  • MRbabyfable 2009/08/26 09:16:32
    Well, They keep selling Ciggarrets for MONEY!! All they care about is money and Richness!
  • Doreen 2009/08/26 07:53:48
    I have spoken to people who tell me how bad marijuana is and should be illegal while they sit there smoking and drinking and coughing at the same time. I find this extremely two faced.
  • SuperCee Doreen 2009/08/26 17:02:37
    You sure they are telling you it's bad because I don't see anything wrong with marijuana! They like it!
  • Doreen SuperCee 2009/08/26 18:22:39
    Sorry what I meant was they were smoking cigarettes not marijuana. It just annoys me that a cigarette smoker puts down marijuana when cigarettes are no better.
  • SuperCee Doreen 2009/08/26 20:11:10
    Oh! LOL! I'd rather smoke marijuana than cigarettes.
  • Jane_Doe 2009/08/26 03:24:52
    because the same thing will happen that happened during prohibition: people will ignore the law and find other way to get cigarets, and because it's an "illegal substance" more youth will want to try it.

    Also, the drug cartels in mexico will start smuggling that too, which will probably end up with more violence and more people getting killed.

    And also consider that Japan, the country with the highest life expectancy in the world, has a bunch of people who smoke, there are still tobacco commercials and it's quite common in other countries with high life expectancies, too. I think the FDA is trying to hide that it's our over processed food (and our crappy diets) mixed with smoking and no exercise that is killing people and not just smoking itself.
  • SuperCee Jane_Doe 2009/08/26 17:03:24
    People already sell cigarettes on the streets at cheaper prices.
  • Jane_Doe SuperCee 2009/08/26 22:38:36
    but if tobacco is completely illegalized that means that there will be a lot more of that, and thus a lot more violence and wasted government money.
  • SuperCee Jane_Doe 2009/08/27 12:11:21
    Illegal cigarettes are all over the 5 boroughs in NY. I'm surprised stores even make money. I would rather by from the street corner than give my money to gov't. They push the ads but meanwhile, they can't make cigarettes safe. Why not just stop making them!
  • Jane_Doe SuperCee 2009/08/28 17:23:21
    because of what I already said in my original post.
  • Old School Trucker 2009/08/26 01:55:41
    Old School Trucker

    It is NOT Uncle Sam's job to 'Idiot-Proof' life. ( Just ask the injury lawyers) Decisions HAVE consequences.

    Beware, some are trying to advocate 'rights' with no responsibility. That does not work.
  • julie 2009/08/26 01:11:39
    Maybe for the same reason why "we" still allow Obama lovers to walk on the face of the earth. Sure they are dangerous and bad for our health but it's not illegal.
  • Amy 2009/08/26 00:38:31
    I'm in the minority on this. I smoke. I quit before but I went back to it after 2 years. Dam it!!!!!!
  • Nicky me 2009/08/26 00:19:57
    They want to take advantage of the addicts wasting their money and life on sm...
    Nicky me
    My dad has smoked on and off for almost 30 years and it affects his life SO much in a negative way. We have spent SO much money on cigarettes. My brother has been smoking since he was 13.
  • Old Sch... Nicky me 2009/08/26 01:57:55
    Old School Trucker
    That's OK. I know of folks that have an alimony 'habit' that is WAY more expensive than smokes.
  • Nicky me Old Sch... 2009/08/26 02:04:31
    Nicky me
    Lol. True but smoking isn't exactly all fun and games. It can kill you and my dad has lung problems running in his family.
  • Old Sch... Nicky me 2009/08/26 03:07:04
    Old School Trucker
    Yes, of course. Best wishes to all.
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